WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bear Sports


I thort I'd tell yu a bit abowt Bear Sports. There are a few sports dat bears excel at. We don't offen partisipayte direktly in Not-A-Bear sport an wen yu look at der type ov thing yu human not-a-bears get up to it's pritty obvious why. Tayke der "Javilin" fer instance. A man in a leo-tard runs a bit, trips, den launches a big pointy stik throo der air at a few men in soots running abowt wiv tape mezzures. I havent seen anyone manage to akshually hit wun of dem yet. If yu ask me, dey shud giv it up an try sumthing yewsful like nitting scarves, fer exampol.

Like Not-a-bears, we bears vary in preferences wen it comes to wot sport we do. Some bears are good at fishing, Grizzly Bears are good at hoo-can-find-der-biggest-burger-in-der-rubbish, and Pandas are good at Extreem-meditating.

Mungshon-Choo Esq. is a gold medalist in Extreem Meditating>>>

We smoller bears are pertikulally fond ov Synchronized Sitting. Here is a photo ov me an my team:

synchronized sitting

Me an my Sychronized-Sitting team

Dit iz kwite hard nowadays to find good Synchronized-Sitting trayners, as most ov der profeshonals hav now retired to Der Baharmaz. But yu can help yor local teams train by doing der following:

  • Help yor own team get motivaytid by sitting dem in a row. If yu like, copy der pose dat my team is demonstrayting above.

  • Try leaving yor bears in groops near der Sports Sekshon ov yor newspaper. I dowt if it will be as inspired as to include dis sport, but it will remind der bears dat dey hav a sport, too.

  • Wen yu visit Bear Adopshon Centres*, yu will offen see bears hanging around on shelves. Arrange dem into organized teams ov Synchronized Sitters. Mummy always duzz dis. Apart from in der Co-op, cos dey started wotching her a bit funny.

I hope yu will encurrage yor bear in dis fine sport. I wud be delyted to reseev photo's ov other teams rownd der werld.

Layter in der week, I shall introduce der International Bear Anthem, wich we sing at all our Bear Sports Days.

Bye for now!!!!!!!!

*human not-a-bears offen call deez "shops"


Mousie said...

Please Bob T Bear, I'm an old Mousie, would you like to give me advice? what sport could I do?
I really need help...especially because last night was very difficult in my french blogs, boys and girls quarrel and boys opened a new place, girls forbidden...You could go as you're a boy...
take care of yourself don't do too much...and have a good breakfast in the morning.
all the best from Grandma Mousie

onemargaret said...

Aw!!! This is a cute! I like your website. You have done such a good job and it is so cute! Keep up the good work.

Margaret said...

I think my bear does a sport called 'lying on the bed all day'.