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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marigolds Week 2 & Silly Bearded Twits

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10 -based on ONE attack only, on Mummy, cos Grayum is refusing to join in
  • Day Score: 7.39/10

As promist larst week, I am here with an update on my marigolding. Here's how they were looking this eevnin:

I have 13 shoots. They've had a sprinkling of fresh water every day, an 2 tastes of my own speshol fertilizer. All seems to be going well. To compare with larst week's photo (which is basically just er, mud,) click here.

I'd hav posted this vital informayshun earlier, but we all went off to a Nature Reserve today, called Minsmere.

The jerney is a bit of a trial, becos it's in Suffolk. Now, Suffolk has a strange tradishun of painting its houses PINK. And yu remember about Dilly & pink????? Yep, that's right: obsessed. So evry time we drive past one she shouts out "PINK HOUSE!!!". It's loud enuff wen she's right next to yu shouting it down yor ear, but her long snout amplifies it by several times. I'm surprised I've got eny fur left on my ears at all.

Speaking of amplified booms, Mummy spotted a weird bird called a bittern. It duzzent churp or enything, it BOOMS. It hides in reedbeds an is very, very elusive. There aren't menny of them in the country, ownly about 20 of the booming boy wuns, so wen she spotted it arfter just a few minutes, lots of the old guys with beards, an huge cameras, hoo'd been sitting there fer hours (hehehehehe), got a teensy bit narked.

Wen the time came to come home, the people in charge were arsking all the men if they saw the bittern, but no one asked Mummy. She sed it was becos she didn't hav a big camera or a willy. But I didn't even no they had THOSE on display, an told her, nah, it was probably the lack of beard.

Here is a mercifully short film of Dilly looking at the birds. You'll hear her calling them wagon-birds. This is because they descended from dinosaurs which, she says, are wagons. (Sigh...)

(if you carn't see it here, try here.)

Obviously, you'll hav realised, her coming along with us today means that she has finished inkew-baiting her egg. More on that, tomorrow......

Bye fer now!


The Prodigy Bear said...

haha, "didn't hav a big camera or a willy". So funny. Just as well that you mommy spotted the bird (not the willy. hehe).

Keep me posted on the marigolds. It's a lovely and durable plant. We have those some time ago until everything in the garden dies. Huh, that reminds me it's time to go back to gardening! Yay!

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Larst year's crop were still flowering one week befor Chrismoss!! It's magic!

Phytheas said...

Are you a twitcher Bob? The Joint Chief Bear in Charge I travel with takes me to places like Minsmere ALL the time. She says it's for business, but I'm not so sure!

How are you going to use those marigolds of yours for washing up - look a bit strange to me?


margaret said...

Oh yes, I can imagine that possession of a willy is quite important among serious birdwatchers...poor mummy. But she saw the bittern! Well done!

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hi Pytheas,

no I'm not a twitcher. I usually stay and guard the car in the car park. Mummy an Daddy go off wiv Dilly.

Daddy was a bit of a twitcher in his yoof. But now they just like the birds. They don't tick them off in a book or enything.

They also saw a lizard (oh boy, Dilly got soooo excited, she nearly peed over me on the way back)and a grass snake going for a swim, and squirels, hares, bunnies and a muntjac deer.

Mummy gets just as happy over seeing a wren as she did about the bittern. An her favrits are the blackbirds cos they look funny, chasing each other rownd our garden lawn.

And woodpigeons are funny too- we call them BFP's, short for Big Fat Pigeon. The ones rownd here look enormous.

I'm excited that I might bump into yu at Minsmere now!!!

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

maybe they use the willys as perches.