WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Sunflower Challenge Begins!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: yes- we playd Bristol Rovers (meenin they cheet, as they bring on dogs calld Rover, an evrywun knoze that dogs ar the best at playin ball. We got a not-a-looz) (1-1)
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: the littol wun rownd the corner, for the payper
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: suspendid dew to snotty colds in the howse.
  • Day Score: 6.359750001/10

Heer it is! We plarntid our sunflower seeds on Friday an heer is the video. This is to show that we plarntid the sayme type an number ov seeds in the sayme sort ov soyle. (Well, all apart from a dash ov my own speshol fertilizer in my wun. Hehheee.)

If it won't play there, click heer.

Weer puttin them on a windo-sill at ferst, cos it's still cold owtside. Weel post updaytes eech week on how they're doin.

Bye fer now!


Asta said...

I folowed youw planting wif gweat intewest..You cewtainly did evewything vewy faiwly, but I think you do have an edge wif youw special fewtalizew...Good luck to bof of you!! I can hawdly wait till we see the sunflowews.
Hope youw Dad is feeling bettew!
smoochie kisses

Blue said...

OK, tomorrow, I'll look for seeds & plant mine...


Maggie May said...

That wos kwyt ecksiting! Naughty bear to poo in pots of plants. Ask mummy for another kind of pot or wear a nappy!
My little Millie was watching that. Give her ideas!

We have been looking after a bean plant for school and it died! Just a stalk left! Daddy went & bought another one but it looks quite different. I wonder if they'll notice?
P'raps we'll be luckier wiv sunflowers! Bye bye!

CherryPie said...

That looked like a lot of funny. I have never seen magic fertiliser before!

CherryPie said...

I mean that looked like a lot of fun!

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Dat wuz doh funnee tu wahch! Mee fink u ah funnee Bob butt mee wootin foh Dilly!

BumbleVee said...

dirt flying everywhere...hahahhah ..... and your very own brand of fertilizer.... great!!

mrsnesbitt said...

Where did I go wrong......the colchester accent is soooooooooo obvious!


david mcmahon said...

Did you get a seed grade, sorry, I mean a C-grade?

You are a VERY busy bear, Bob and you always bring a smile to my face. Say a very big hello to Mum for me.

Stanley said...


I too watched your sunflower seed planting with great interest. I'm not so sure that you haven't already won, what with the special fertilizer and all. It does seem to me that your fertilizing cost you a great deal, what with all the grunting and all!

Hope your daddy is feeling better real soon. Tell your mama that kitchen tables can be washed off, not to worry.

Goober love & sunflower smooches,

Anonymous said...

This will be fun to watch them grow. If your special fertilizer works, you may be able to sell it. My neighbor put llama poo in his garden last year.

Stardust said...


I'm not feeling well at the moment, so I'm not blogging today. Dropping by your place cheers me up, cos I love to see you move. =) So is the pot with your poo going to win? =D I shall be checking it out. Hmm... I better start planting my basil soon too. =)

See? I'm not feeling well indeed, I talk strange today. =)

Anonymous said...

I thought bears pooped in the woods. :)

Alex L said...

Nice work Bob, girls and there nagging hey... I'll be barracking for you to win.

Chalkhills Collective said...

Go Bob, go! I didn't know chocolate biscuits could turn into compost - very interesting! Have you thought of applying to take over from Monty Don on Gardeners' World while he's away?


Shrinky said...

aaaah you've inspired me lil bear -I'm off out to inspect the greenhouse, see if there's any room left to squeeze the odd sunflower seed in.

I think it's unfair you've given yours an edge though, what with special ingredients n'all - but still.. all's fair, huh?

Ms. Creek said...

thanks for giving me some smiles and laughs on my tearful morning!

good luck and may the best (fertilized) seeds win!

Becky said...

Bob - it certainly sounded like that was a lot of hard work for you. Did you need a nap after you finished planting? LOL

Dilly - you count very well! But I don't think you should let Bob fertilize his flowers anymore!

can't wait to see what happens next--
Until next time,

Cassidy said...

Oh Bob, you be a rude boy pooing in your pot! Daddy's girls wanted to plant sunflowers, but daddy said me would eat them all, how cheeky!

Cassidy x

San said...

Well, Bob, I do believe your sunflower is off to a head start, what with that incredibly rich fertilizer.

Rachelle said...

Dear Bob,

Now, as for sunflowers, I am planting somemyself this year! Every year I have many 'volunteers' that spring up, but this year I wanted some special ones, so I will have them in many different colors this summer!
Hugs for you,

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...




Yup, me own speshol fertilyzer defnitly givs me the edge!



Good luk! Hope yu find sum!



But but but! I'm a Bear! An we ar yewst to pooin in woods! But if we liv indors we hav to yewz the nex best thing- wich is pot plarnt!!! HEHEH! Good luk wiv the bean plarnt imposter. I hope yu don't get discuverd. HEHEHEHE.



Yey, magic compost- wassent that amayzin?



Well yor on to a loozer cos I shall win fer shor cos ov my speshol Bear Fertylizer!



Wa-heyyy! I'm a top gardner, I am!



I don't kno wat yor on abowt! I say my T's I do!



So I got a A+. Phwarr! I sed hullo to Mummy for yu but she jus gruntid. Sheez cort the cold too.



Exactly! I dunno wat she waz maykin all the fuss abowt! As fer me gruntin, I haddent had me soda bred an hunny that day so things wer a tad slow at the traffik lites that day.



HEHEHEH! LLAMA POO! I shall hav to confer wiv Rachelle abowt that. I wonder if she yewzes the alpaca poo. That read well on a box, wuddent it? -"Paca-poo"! HAHAHAH!



Ahhh I do hope yu start to fell better soon. We ar all snotty an feevery heer. Evrywun is coffing. It's a bit worrying. If Dilly catches it she mite start coffing fire.

AN yes, my pooed-in pot will defnitly win! Hehehe!



Hullo! I like skwirrols but I don't chase them. We feed them hazelnuts in the park. I've just bin over to yor playse an it looks mor like yor eetin them not chasin them!
Enyway. We BEars luv to poo in the woods, but pot plarnts ar like indor toylets to us so watch out if yu hav Bears in the howse. Wa-heyyy!



Yep, nag nag nag! HEHE! Thanks fer yor serpport an understandin there!



Akchewly I've always thort that Monty Don waz kwite a good Bear nayme, issent it?



It's absolootly fair! Dilly can always do a poo on hers if she wants to!!! Not sharin mine tho! HEHE!



I'm sorry yu had a tearful mornin-? I hope yu ar feelin better. Hav yu had the choklit Hobnobs I sent? They ar very good for upsets. So ar hed hugs, wich I'm sendin.



It sertenly waz. I hav to do evrything rownd heer!



Yu wud EEt them??? REELLY??? Or is he jus bein cheeky? Weer hopin ours get big an then the berds eet the seeds. Maybe yu shud plarnt sum marigolds insted. Mine got kwite tall larst yeer!



Absolootly. No sine ov them yet, but they ar still bizzy absorbin the Beary goodness. HEHEH!



Put sum paca-poo on them! (see messidge from Chewy, abuv) HEHEHE!


Thanks fer all yor serpport! I'm gonna win, ov corse! HEHEHEH!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


on second thorts, an further to wat me an Chewy wer on abowt (see abuv) I think yu cud markit it wiv the slogan "Pikka pak o' paca-poo!"

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

Bob I really think that was cheating (re: your special fertilizer) but oh so clever too!
I was laughing at the "nag nag nag" at the first part when your Mamma was asking you kindly to set the equipment out! naughty tt!

Rachelle said...

Dear Bob,
I hope you are feeling better! And as a matter of fact, they will be planted in paca-poo!! Well, composted paca poo.
We plant and feed everything that grows around here with it.
It is great!
(kdncddl) Ka-dink-ki-diddle!!!!! HA-ha!!!!!!
Word Id

Rachelle said...

........... ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!.......

I just read your "Pikka pak o' paca-poo!"

Frog said...

Marvellous planting things