WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Monday, June 02, 2008

That waz a grayte weekend!

Weekend's scores:
  • Gills: resting
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: yes
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: too bizzy wiv berfday party gaymes for this wun/10
  • Overall Score: 8.99999999909/10


WOW! Wat a grayte weekend!

Thank yu for all the berfday messidges. Ms Creek sent me a grayte E-card wiv a Bear on it wich waz reelly nice to find in the eevnin, wen things wer carmin down a bit. Hehehee!

I mayde a video ov the day. Just as well, as I seem to hav forgotten alot ov it. Funny that. That happend larst yeer, too. Still. Leest I dident looz my party hat this time. Larst yeer I fownd it down the end ov the garden on the bird-tabol. Wiv a traffik-cone.

Hope yu like the vid. If yu carnt see it heer, try on you-tewb, heer.

I've had a few kweerys abowt me berfday, naymely, wen is it eggsaktly, Bob? an how old ar yu, Bob?

Well, as I waz adoptid, they desydid that the May Bank Holiday wud be my berfday, as it waz the ferst day we all went owt together. Mummy adoptid me ferst, yu see, an sent me off to Ekwador to liv wiv Daddy for a wile, cos that's ware he livd an werkt in thoze days. Then he cayme bak heer for a few weeks to vizit, an brort me bak wiv him, an we all went owt together, an it waz May Bank Holiday.

Now, May Bank Holiday allways lands on a Munday, so the akchewal dayte chaynges. Well, I told them, if the dayte can chanyge, my dears, so can the blinkin day ov the week. I don't much fansy havin my berfday on a Munday agen, thank yew very much. So this yeer I put my furry foot down an sed I'll hav it on the larst Saterday in May. An I think that'll be a good day to stik to. In fakt, if I had stuk to the REAL Bank Holiday (larst Munday) then it wud hav rayned all day on my berfday jus like it did larst yeer.

Now! My age. In hewman yeers I'm abowt 8. I waz abowt 8 larst yeer too. I waz a tad yunger befor that. Bears don't get older till we want to. I'm jus fine bein 8 at the moment.

Lisa Simpson's 8, by the way. Just thort I'd menshun that.

Bye fer now!


BumbleVee said...

What a great party! I felt like I was right there with all the bears. I could almost taste the little cakes... darn it... my tongue was hanging out... must run upstairs now to see if I can find a biscotti or something to nibble..it'll have to do.

oh, and... good job blowing out the candle too!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wahayy Bob! What a grate party you had! You lucky bear! I love your videos! Post birfday nose hug from me, GrannyK

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Mummy Windowsill Bear mayde the caykes They wer sponge, an wer reelly eggy. YUm! She put icing on them an littol Winnie-The-Pooh icing piktchers. We cuddent wayte for the icing to set we wer so eggsytid so we bitinto them an it skwertid owt! It went all over the payper cayses so we et them too.

Wen I next hav a poo I sharnt need eny payper!!!! HEHEHEHE!!!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Thank kew!!!! It waz tremenduss! I still hav lots ov ginger gummy bears left but most ov the uther stuff is all gon.

I had a wee bit ov beer too. Hehehehe. (John Smith's. Tho hoo he is an wat weer doin wiv his beer in the howse I don't kno. But there wassent eny Guinness. So I nikt his insted.)


Becky said...

Great party, Bob! Lots of nice gifts, but I liked your new trousers best - they are very snappy and you will be very handsome in them (even if they are a little starchy-stiff) :)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Those trousers ar very grown up, arnt they? They're sort ov Vizitin Granny trousers. Not the Granny I See Lots, but the uther wun. SOrt ov Vizitin Branny Ireland Trousers.


Yeah, they do cramp my er.... style, a bit. Hehehe! They ar very snug!


Meanie the baby dragon said...

Happee Buffday Bob! Me doh darwee mee didunt mayk it tu yo pawtee butt me wiesh u uh happe buffday annee way! Yo pwezuntz wook yummee an dat wuz niz ov yo pawpaw tu div u uh torch foh yo buffday!
Dilly wookz vewee pwettee in huh buffday pwinzzee hat!

Guzzisue said...

belated happy birthday to you,what a wonderful party you had and so many prezzies. I like the musical candle, have you kept it for next year?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bob!
I enjoyed your video. You always bring a smile to my face. Lots of pressies you have. Many people love you.

I was away on holiday in Boston, the capitol city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I'll try to write up some of it on my blog for tomorrow.

CherryPie said...

Sounds like a really fun day :-) I love picnics :-)

i beati said...

you do not look a day over 7 1/2 really!

No Cool Story said...


I love this Secret World of Bears insight we get on your blog, Bear don't get older till they want.

Stardust said...

Dat luked lyke a great party! I wish I was there, but thanks for sharing the video! All those gifts you've got, Bob, I'm so happy fer yu...

Alex L said...

Well then Happy 8th birthday Bob. I'm glad you had a fantastic time.

San said...

Bob, that's one of the best birthday parties I've ever attended. A brilliant affair. The cakes were beautiful and tasty. And those folded party hats--simply stunning!

BIG HUG to you and Dilly and your beautiful mom who put it together. She is quite special, isn't she?

Harry said...

That looks like quite some birthday! I hope you didn't eat all those biscuits, gingerbread, ginger bears, banana bears etc all at once!

Toodle pip
Harry x

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I did hav a torch a few yeers ago but I lost it. This wun's better as it's smaller an I can grip it better wiv me paw!



Hullo! I don't remember yor blog, I'll hav to nip over an investigayte! Enyway. Yes, an we yewsd the mewsikol candol larst yeer too!!! It's larstin kwite well. Mummy gets it owt on Daddy's berfday, too! Yewzerly on a carrot cayke.




I'm glad I mayke yu smile! I'll nip over soon an chek owt watcha upta.




Yeah I luv them too, but had to hav an indor wun cos the rayne had mayde the grarss too soggy for bottoms. I hope it gets sunny agen soon. In the summer we go an piknik neer a field where we see skylarks. It's grayte to lie bak an watch them.




Heheheheheh!!!!!!! 7 1/2!!!! HAHA!




Ah yes, yu see, there is mor to us than meets the eye! Wa-hey!



Ahhh THANK yu!!!




Thanks too! Nose hugs!




Yeah, sheez ok. She helpt mayke the hats

It waz a grayte party!!



Yup! HAHAHAHAHAAAA! All together an wiv sum beer. Daddy ate kwite a lot ov the banarnana bear biskits, come to think ov it. They wer nice an shortbreddy.



Spauld and Ted said...

Whoa! You're burffday flew rite by us! Sorry -- we were gonna come and visit, but bearcaregiving dutees aboundeded -- Mom and Dad have been getting bouts of feeling-bads (we had a heat wave for 4 days -- in Abearica that means the temperatures were above 32(.2222, since we do fair and height, and it has to be ober 90) for 3 or more days, which makes the parents quite tuckered!

Looks like a good partee, but we are SHOCKED you got no hotdogs! Then again, your country uses so many odd words, it must be hard to no the rite word for "hotdog" so you don't end up with a panting pug!

We have to thank you for ur info 'bout teddy aging. Spaulding is 8, and going on 9 in December. We have had a firm beleef that old age starts at 9, even if Axlerod's been celebrating anniversaries of his 39th burffday for a few years now! Good to know, we don't have to get older, less we wanna! Thanks!

Happy Burfday late, but if you get to decide how old you are, you get to decided how long your burffday is!

Your Abearican Buds,
Teddy T. and Spauld

PS....ummmm, did you get the info 'bout your sunflower problems from our Garden Gals a while ago? They fear y'all gavied up! Our sunflowers are under a meter now, but will be 5 meters when they grow up -- at least the big ones!