WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Lakes of Killarney

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: - we wun 3 gaymes in a roe, then me an Daddy went to see them play larst nite an they lost!!! POO! It waz retchid! Onnistly! The mannidger ov the uther team yewst to play for US!!! We eevn cheerd him! Well poo to him!
Seeriossly, I waz well unhappy abowt it. I felt lower than a dach-hund's nippol today, I did.
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10 ha! They're all owt ov praktiss rownd heer.
  • Day Score: 7.53986/10



Study this map!!!!Bowt time I put my furry foot down an got custerdy ov the compewter till I postid sum stuff abowt our trip to Ireland!

(Hav yu studeed it yet?)

On the map yu can see ware Granny an Poppa liv, an this is ware we stayd. We had Crismoss dinner an New Year's Eev at Arnty Anna's howse, wich is neer. Dilly haz postid sumthing abowt Arnty Anna's howse, but I can asshor yu it issent all as pink as she maykes owt. It's kwite nice thare, in fakt.

Enyway. We went on a long long drive from Granny's howse to Unkol Tony's howse. It waz exsytin cos I haddent been thare befor, but it waz scary too, cos that is ware the kidnappers liv.

On the way down to Unkol Tony's it gets mor an mor mountenny. We stopt neer the laykes ov Killarney, wich will be famillyer to yu if yu studeed the map, an I mayde a video to show yu rownd:

(If yu carnt see it thare, try HEER!)

On the video yu mite hav herd Mummy menshun that Dilly an Chuck wer still sittin on sum roks by the layke. Heer they ar, on a rok-

close up- oh good greef!

Heer's Mummy tellin them not to sit arownd on cowld roks:
Good job she dident see me erlier!!!!

Heer ar sum mor seenery pikchers tayken from the jerney-

Mummy! It's blown me hood off!

How menny horsies can yu see?
(sy...) Yes, we sor sum carselly things along the way, wich kept the dragon-types entertayned:
Daddy fownd this weird Druid type. (Daddy's the wun on the left.)

Heer's Mummy. Looks like sheez smylin, but reelly sheez sayin, "Hurry up! I'm freeezin!"

If yor wundrin wy Dilly is blurrd in this nex wun, it's cos she thort sheep wiv pink bottoms was so brillyent she cuddent keep still from chuklin.

I say, hooz that hansum fellow?

Heer's ware they cut throo the roks so the rode cud go throo.
They did this all by hand hundreds ov yeers ago!-
(Well, hand an poynty stik, I rekkon.)
Oh boy. I'd fergotten abowt this wun! This is ware we had to awl try to convince Chuck that it waz just clowd on that mownten, an that NO, It's NOT a "smokey cayno", Chuck, no.
Lots ov mowntens....

poynty wuns......

rownd wuns.....
poynty AN rownd wuns....
Took this wun from hi up...

-tho Dilly waz mor intrestid in how the LITTOL roks seemd to be ternin green!
(Sumthing ov wich she hilee approovd)
Evenchewly we mayde it to Unkol Tony's howse! Heer it is-

-The howse ov the kidnappers!!!!!!!!! (Cue dramatic mewsik: DAN DAN DAAARRRRR!!!!)

I'll show yu sum fotoes from inside nex time.

Bye fer now!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Luverly post Bob! Made me smile an smile, big smiles. So glad you're back wiv us.

Asta said...

Gweat Twavelog..I specially liked youw video and of couwse the close ups of yo, and since I'm such a womantic..I weally loved seeing Dilly and Chuck ovewlooking the lake ..Iweland suwe is pwetty..you awe so lucky to have aunts and unkels and gwamies thewe
smoochie kisses

Alex L said...

Well be careful Bob, we'd hate for you to go missing again. Wonderful photos aswell.

Stanley said...


As always, your travelogue makes me feel like I was right there with you, which makes me a little jittery since you left off with us right outside the door of the kidnappers.

C'mon, man! I've got to know what happened inside that house. (Obviously you're okay since you're back and blogging.)

Loved the vid, loved the greenness! Loved the photos of your sweet mama & daddy and Dilly & Chuck.

Goober love & smooches,

CherryPie said...

That scenery looks really beautiful. It also looks rather chilly!

Julie said...

I loved your post Bob. Thank you for all the lovely photos, I really love Ireland and I've been to Killarney lots.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Ah good!
I like maykin peepol smile!
I espeshly like maykin yu smile!
Tho I'm a tad worreed that yu wer up at 2.50am. I hope yu got yorself sum hot choklit to drink!



Ah, hullo littol Asta! I do think abowt yu, yu kno. Eevn tho I don't get to vizit mutch laytely. Must do sumthing abowt that! I do like yor coat. It's red, like mine!


Alex L,

Oh no! I wuddent be kidnapt agen. I'm reddy for 'em!


Stanley, me old Chum,

Hehehee.... wayte for it, wayte for it!!! HAHAHA!


It waz VERY chilly!!! But it dident rayne all the time we wer thare, wich waz a miracol. I'm glad I pakt me big coat tho.


OOOO! Yu;ve bin to Killarney? WOW! Did yu stop at Moll's Gap??? We fownd sum yummy choklit thare! Hehe!


Becky said...

Hi Bob! Just a quick note to say hi! I've been reading your and your sister's blogs regularly, but I've given up on mine for the time being... All is well here - just struggling to get through the winter blues/blahs. Your trip looked lovely - thanks for differentiating between the Druid and Your Dad - I would have been confused elsewise - LOL

Ms. Creek said...

WOW BOB! awesome pics! love the landscape!

i haven't watched the video yet because husband is sitting here and gets irate when the tv and the computer are both playing at the same time...i'll check in the morning!

are chuck and dilly falling in love?

Celebration of Life said...

Those are great pictures of your trip in Ireland! It looks like you all had great scenery! Do you play and interact with Chuck or do you just tolerate him? Did Chuck say when he is wanting to come home?

i beati said...

breatakingly beautiful and mummy too!!

What adventures you have- my life is somewhat dull in comparison