WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Allow me to introdews meself!


Bob's still a bit sniffy from the cold that's goin rownd. I dident get it, bein az I am an Older Bear, an havin mor emewnity. So he sed that I cud pop in an do a post fer him on sumthing intrestin. So I thort I wud tell yu a bit abowt me.

I waz born in Lundon, not far from the Tower. My Dad waz a Beefeater Bear. This ment that he waz a Bear of Sertan Clarss, an I hav inheritid the letters BSC arfter my nayme.

Heer's a foto ov him in his yewniform:

We wer very prowd ov him. I dident hav eny brother or sister Bears but I dident get lonely cos there ar always lots ov torrists at the Tower. I don't hav eny pikchers ov my Mum becos she waz the ownly wun hoo knew how to yews the camra.

Wen I left Bear Collidge I becayme a Teacher Bear.

At ferst I tort lots ov subjekts to small Bears, inkloodin reedin:
an art: Wen I retired I thort it wud be nice to go an liv wiv an old man sumware, sumwun hoo had a kwyet howse an a rockin chair. So I arskt a Bear Adopshun Senter if they cud help playse me. They gayve me a chair to sit on in their window, an put a notiss on it to tell peepol that I wantid to go an liv wiv a grand-dad: Bob's Mummy sor me, an adoptid me. She waz goin to tayke me to her Dad's howse. Her Dad is an ex-Navy Grand-dad an haz sevral Bears in Aran Jumpers, so she thort I wud fit in well.

But Bob took me to wun side an warnd me that ther waz a Poodal at Grand-dad's howse hoo chewd Bears' eers.
So I desydid to stay wiv Bob's famly insted.
It issent as kwyet as I thort my new home wud be, but I've mayde sum good frends heer. I thort I waz dun wiv teechin, but I enjoy showin Bears (an Not-A-Bears) how to play "Bear! Not-a-Bear!", an this yeer they eevn got a rockin chair.

All in all I am a happy Bear.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey, gud job, Grayum!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hope Bob is feeling better soon, say I stopped by!

Just going in the bath now! Been working in the garden, an jiggered! Still, some wine chilling!


Come to me great white dry white wine!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Hello Grayum, so pleased to make your acquaintance - we've heard so much about you from lil' BT - you've been quite an influence on him, what with the footie team he supports, and down to all the brilliant games you play with him. You are quite a role model you know, I hope you realise that! Anyway, BT is much loved around these parts, so anyone who is loved by him is always gonna' find a warm welcome around these parts. Welcome aboard, bonny lad, here's hoping we'll see a lot more of you in posts to come, eh? (Smile)

Sandy Kessler said...

ay I link on I love this blog so much

phaseoutgirl said...

Good post, Grayum, but I hope Bob's getting better....


Catmoves said...

Grayum, very good post. Sorry about b.t.'s cold. Maybe he could get some green chili. It not only prevents colds, but cures them, too. But since he is the official tisshoo ishooer, I'm sure he'll be better soon.

Asta said...

Grayum I'm honowed to meet someone with such a distinguished family histowy and caweew!
You cewtainly desewve a wocking chaiw..I'm suwe glad you finally got one!

Pleez tell Bob I hope he feels bettew soon..I have to go to the vets tomowwow..my Eyes awe all gunky
smoochie kisses aand choklit peanuts to you

Alex L said...

Well hello Grayum its very nice to meet a bear of such distinction and intelligence, and good job on keeping all those young'uns in check

Anonymous said...

Hi Grayum. Stay away from any snot rags. You don't want to catch that cold.

Rachelle said...

Dear Grayum,
I am so honored to make your acquaintance! hmm... did I spell that right?
You are so handsome! Especially in that graduate hat.
Kisses for you and B.t.!

Anonymous said...

Hullo Mrs Nesbitt!

I hope yu enjoyd yor wine an ar feelin much betta. Bob likes to sip sum beer wen his Daddy haz sum (not very offen).

I must say I prefer a wee drop ov brandy, meself. It's good fer wormin the bits wher yer ferr iz a bit thin.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Hullo Mrs Shrinky!

I've herd alot abowt yu from yung Bob.

I am indeed a roll model. A jolly gud wun at that. Bob eevn likes my jumper.


Anonymous said...

Wy, hullo Sandy,

I'm glad yu like it heer. Bear blogs ar always very frendly playsis. I hope I can pop in agen too.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Phaseoutgerl!

Yes, Bob seems to be gettin bak to normal. He stampt his fut twice today, wich iz a gud sine.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Catmoves,

I'm afrayde this howse iz compleetly owt ov tishooes. They've rezortid to toilet rolls. Bob issent best pleesd. Wich is a gud sine. The other day he waz too snotty to care less.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Asta,

I do hope yor ize ar better. It's not nice to hav gunky ize. Speshaly wen it spreds to the ferr arownd them.

Thanks fer the choklit peanuts.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Pope Terry,

Ah, I see yu an I ar on the sayme level. Worry not, I'll keep an I on them!


Anonymous said...

Hullo Chewy!

I've herd alot abowt yu.
Hehe. Snot rags. Hehe. Don't worry, I've ownly tucht a few; the wuns the wer in the way wen I went to get a biskit. But I ownly tucht them throo Bob's hat, wich I yewsd as a gluv.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Rachelle!

Wy thank cu! Hehe. I still hav that hat. I mite start wearin it agen now....



B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Wat the????


I ownly sed yu cud post!


POST, Grayum!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey Bob Great news over at Shrink's blog!


Off to pick some sloes now...sloe gin! Shlurp!



Unknown said...

Hello Grayum - I hope I'm not too late to say "pleased to me you".


Anonymous said...

Wy, hullo Phyth! I've herd alot abowt yu. Yor eevn smaller than me. But as I get older, I rekon I mite get to yor size evenchewally. I enjoy yor blog. Ahhh I remember wen I waz yung, an yewst to go travling on traynes in the skool holidays....grayte days. I do like yor rucksak, by the way. I think I shall arsk Farver Crismos fer wun this yeer. Bob haz wun, an Dilly has an overnite bag. But I yewzerly haff to stuff my bear nessessitys into Aunt Helena's handbag...


Anonymous said...

Mrs Nesbitt,
ferst wine, now gin.
I think I shall hav to come over to your playse wun eevnin!


david mcmahon said...

Welcome, Grayum,

Helena is very dear to us all, and so is Bob, so do take care of them both (as you always do) on our behalf.