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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dragons, or, My Familee Part 3


My parronts hav been in heer looking at my blog an hav, in deyer infinit cheek, suggestid that I tell yu mor about my littol sister. Oh well, at least then yu'll no mor about wot I hav to put up wiv round heer. So heer goes.

Like lots ov littol sisters, Dilly is very into the following things: pink, carsols, princesses, pink, dresses, pink, kittens, frilly stuff, pink, Tommy Lee Jones and pink.

Wenever we awl go away, no matter where, if there iz a carsol within a 30 mile radius, we end up in it. Here is a momento ov our visit to Arundel:
and here is wun of a visit to a littol town near home:

yu get the idea.

Dilly likes dragons an sez that wen she grows up sheez goin to be wun. Lots of things are relatid to dragons, apparently. All lizards are dragons, obviously, as are dinosaurs, which are dinowagons. Birds, also, are dragons because they desended from dinowagons (apart from in some parts of America, where dey just appeared wun day wen God was getting bored wiv the walking things an decidid to try attaching wings). All dragons are nice, except for red dragons. Granny has a red dragon that sumwun brort home from Wales. The wun time Dilly got into trubbol badly woz at Granny's an she sed that it woz cos the red dragon had been a bad inflooence. So we now avoid red dragons. Her Tommy Lee Jones obsession comes from seeing Men In Black, in which, in Dilly's vershon at least, he fights the bad dragons and looks arfter the nice littol wuns.

She likes to dress up as a princess. Dis means pink. She tends to wear a lot ov ribbons (sigh).

Music-wise, she likes heavy metal. She sez this is dragon music. I don't think that's very princessy at all but I'm not allowed to tell her cos it 'winds her up' an sheez smoller dan me. Enyway she likes watching CSI becoz "Der Hoo" play the theme tune. Unfortunately she likes to sing along.

Well, other than the yewsual girly thing ov saying that awl boys smell WHICH DEY DON'T, I think that's all there is to say about Dilly. At least fer now. Right. Can I get on wiv my blog now pleez?

Bye fer now!


Margaret said...

Thank you for sharing more about your sister, Bob! She sounds like a typical little girl and very cute. Not sure about the heavy metal though. How come they didn't adopt a bear for a sister for you? (Just wondering)

The World of Sebastian S. Sturgis, Cabin Boy said...

Hi Bob, I share your enthusispasm for siblings. At least yu have sumone who is a dragon or is she really an alligater? Like I told you, I have a Bear Wanna Be for a brudder - its disgustin when he trize to growl like me. Koalas! But we have to make the best of it Bob becuz no matter what we are familee and familee is always dere fer yu no matter wut. Rite?

Mousie said...

too girly isn't she??? it's not always easy to be a big brother...be brave, she'll grow up, and maybe improve, who knows..
you're in my thoughts, my dear little one, if you have any problem, tell me...as a grandma mousie, maybe i could help...
i kiss you good night.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry Bob,but as a little sister all my life I have to agree with Dilly~ BOYS DO SMELL!!!!!!!! HONESTLY THEY DO SO


Audrey ( not a bear)

P.S. Dilly seems highly intelligent your lucky to have such a sweet sister