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Sunday, October 22, 2006

More on Synchronized Sitting

Yesterday's scores:

  • Gills: yes. we drew 2-2, even tho' de other side lost their goalie and had to play with 9 men on the field. Still, could be werse......
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: yes
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: still suspended/10
  • Day Score: shut up!/10


I have received a queery about that great Bear sport, Synchronized Sitting. Wookey Bear's mum, Audrey, writes:

Bob it was really interesting reading about the window sill family of
bears..........Sometimes Wookey and I do some sychronized sofa sitting, Honestly
a bear and a not a bear synchronized sofa sitting, it can be done.........
Excellent team work although it has to be said Wookey has a much better
attention span than I do....he can sit all day, but I unfortunately usually only
manage 5 hours at the most.........any tips?Audrey (not a bear and not a

Well, Audrey, Mummy carn't do it. She's a real fidget. Dilly can. 'Speshelly if it also involves staring. Dilly is good at staring. She's been known to outstare cats, goldfish and statues. Daddy is quite good at it. I thought he had beaten me the other day but then I noticed he'd fallen asleep infront ov his computer agen and so wasn't really taking part any more. As fer tips, practice practice practice. And always hav a dam' good scratch before you start. Hav yu ever seen a group of not-a-bears having a good scratch before settling down? Dey were about to do synchronized sitting. Meerkats are quite good for remembering the scratch part, and the synchronized part, but alas, usually do as daddy does, and fall asleep.

< - here some meerkat Synchronized Sitters have started well but we see dem as wun got distracted.

Here some meerkats are getting de hang ov it- >

Bye fer now!


Mousie said...

you know what I love Bob? life here, we can exchange so deep thoughts and then share so good belly laugh...these two photos are so funny...next time you should take a photo of your dad sleeping in front of his computer...my mum did it once too...
I love you all

Mousie said...

I forgot to say thank you for your visit...very much...
and i 'm thinking about the hat...it's getting colder you're right...see what i can do...

Anonymous said...

LOL Bob was going to ask you how you managed to get photos of my children, but then thought better of it, they really put a big smile on my face sooooooooo cute~but not nearly as cute as bears I hasten to add in all seriousness...Thank you for the tips on synchronised sofa sitting......will try them out tommorrow got a day off work so lots of time to practice


Audrey (not a bear)

Carolyn Manning said...

Evidently bears aren't allowed to have email addresses, so I must talk to you here.

Plan B had to go into effect with Write Here Poetry. Your Write Here Poetry is up now with what I'm hoping to be a post-your-own format.

Neat blog you have here. And that's coming from someone who has no children.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Mousie, Dilly & I are doing our letters to Father Christmas this week. Are you going to do one? Why don't you ask for a hat? That's how I got my first scarf....
Audrey, best of luck with the Synchronisity. Grayum's been doing it all day but forgot to ask anyone to join in so I'm not sure that that counts. it was more playing "Statues" really, but I didn't like to say anything. I didn't notice for the first three hours and after that I didn't want to hurt his feelings.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hullo Carolyn,
thank yu fer putting my muumy's poetry on yor blog. She duzzent hav human kiddies either. In fact, she often finds them rather scary. Especially when the nephews move in herds.

Our email - sure it was on the site somewhere- I'll hav to investigate. But it's skutter8@hotmail.com. Oh! I know! It's right at the bottom in the footer.

Bob T Bear (esq)