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Monday, October 09, 2006

Sum Advice (4)

Yesterday's scores:

  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Day Score: 6.73291/10

I hav reseeved an important qweery from Canneletto Bear. He writes:

hullo Bob i simpafize wiv you abowt your sister. I got one too. I wontid a hat
to keep my eers warm. But insted they brort home anuver bear. Sheez pink and
curly and smells of "Lavinda". Wot's rong wiv another brown bear? I still havont
got a hat and Im worryd abowt my eers in de winter. Wot advice can yu give me?

First of all, Canneletto, are yu by eny charnse Italyon? I hav an Italyon bear cuzzin. He graduaytid der sayme day as me from spy college. He's called Paulo. Terribol story. He was adoptid by a gerl an she maykes him wear a dress.

Enyway. Do yu hav a scarf? If so, try wrappin it round yor hed in a bandage motif an tukk it in under yor chin to stop it blowing away. Dis can act as an emergensy hat, as in "Oh deer, I brort my scarf but I reelly need a hat".

But yes, yu reelly shud hav wun fer winter. Try telling yor Not-A-Bears dat yu will refuse to do yor navigayting dewties on der car dashbord untill yo get wun. Dat'll scare dem, cos Not-A-Bears hate to get lost. Dere's allways sumthing on telly they want to get bak in time to see. If dey still won't tayke der hint, write to Farther Crismos for wun. Dat's how I got my first scarf. Lie down on der paper an get sumwun to draw round yor hed so dat he gets der rite size. I did dat fer my scarf an as yu can see from my photo, he got it rite.

Mummy bort me dis fetching hat to keep my ears warm in der winter >

As fer yor "lavinda" smelling sister. I agree, wot would ever be wrong wiv a brown bear? Wy did dey need to adopt a pink wun? I suspect dat dis poor bear was brort home from a rescue sanctuary, where stray bears go to get new homes. There's wun fer cats near where we liv. Try to remember dat she is BEAR first, an silly pink gerly sissy thing second. Yu could encurrage her to write to Father Crismos too, perhaps fer sum bloo clothes or a haircut.

Bye fer now!


The World of Sebastian S. Sturgis, Cabin Boy said...

Hi Bob - Nice hat! I wontid a hat, but I got sumthen else which I will tale you bout sumtime latur.
My name is Sebastian S. Sturgis, a bear. I have a blog like you at http://sebastianssturgis.blogspot.com/

My adoptiv parent is Beth Not A Bear. She taut me to tipe resently so I cud talk to U.
Come see me at mi place. bi fer now

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hullo SeaBass! I've just been over to yor blog matey. Left yu a post about pants. AHaaa!

Bob T Bear (esq)

Mousie said...

take care of the sun, that's wise, but autumn 's coming though...yesterday i needed a woolie, so i went to my cupboard and found my old one from last year, the one i prefer, and guess what...there're two bears embroidered on the back...true...so you don't live me sweetheart...
see you and take care
mousie your old french friend

Anonymous said...

Hello Bob I have written to my local newspaper, you know the bit where you write in if you cant find something you want...So I wrote asking where I could buy a hat just like yours but they said they couldnt help me........ Can you tell me where I can buy one the same as yours........I adore it its soooooooooooooo cool

Audrey (not a bear )

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hi Audrey.
I will answer this in a blog. Watch dis space!


(well not DIS space, obviously, but on the front page would beyer best bet...)