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Thursday, October 19, 2006

More on "Lost" Bears

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: yes! me an Mummy wolkt there an bak cos Daddy haz lost his car keys.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: suspendid (mummy has got a snotty nose)/10
  • Day Score: 8/10


I have received a message regardin' my recent post on "Lost" bears. Here it is:

Margaret said...
Thank you for explaining where bears go when they are 'lost'.
I will remember to tell my
little ones this if they lose any more of their cuddlies. It is very
traumatic when one a favourite bear jumps out of the push-chair and runs
off, though, Bob. I think there should be a rule that you don't do special
missions when your human is very small, at least not till they're grown up,
as it is too upsetting.I am very glad your mumy and daddy got you back. How
long would you have stayed there, otherwise? (Not wishing to pry into the
nature of your mission, obviously).

Well, Margaret, I wouldn't have stayed there any longer than necessary 'cos they all supported Chelsea in that house. Yuk! Luckily I had just finished my work when my parrents came to get me.

As fer your little wuns, I am very sorry fer wen little humans (I mean young, not little like my Granny, hoo gets littler each year) get upset. I am, honest I am, they make a horrible screeching noise an I've only got small ears.

Unfortunately a Bear's got to do what a Bear's got to do, an sometimes this is a poo in the woods, an other times, a "speshol misshon". May I suggest non-spy Bears fer very small persons? That way they shouldn't need to nip out anywhere.

If you do get a non-spy Bear (check ears fer one-forward-an-one-back-ness, if this feature is absent, he is not a spy) an' he STILL goes AWOL, then he is very probably workin' for the other side (he's come in to spy on your spies). An' so don't worry about him. Adopt another one.

Bye fer now!


Margaret said...

Thank you Bob. Wow! I 've had one of my messages featured on a Bob blog!!!

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Yer welcom.