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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Catch-up... wake up shocks!


Ok time to fill yu in on sum of the stuff that's been hap'nin round here.... alot changes wen you're in hibernayshun, yu know. Like, where did that tree go?

Wen I was larst awake, we had a big bushy tree here. It had bloo flowers in summer (wich, if yu HAVE to have flowers, is the best colour wuns to get). Now we just have a bunch of twigs!Apparently there was a big wind the other week, and this is what it left behind. It larsted a whole day.

I'm glad it didn't larst eny longer. We Bears need woods, yu know. Yu think yu hav environmental problems now? Imagin the same world wiv Bears all pooing without woods to poo in. HAHAHAHAHA....

MEANWHILE Mummy's gon all nocturnal agen. She sleeps from 8am to 1pm, then yawns all the time. ("Go figure" as my Merrykan Bear cuzzins might say.) BUT as yawns are con-tay-jus, this sets the rest ov us off yawning too. But we've all slept, so we're thinking, "why am I yawning? I must need more sleep. Better go to bed earlier!"

The less mummy sleeps, the mor she yawns. The mor she yawns the mor we yawn and the mor we yawn the mor we sleep becos we yawn. Soon she'll hav driven us all back into hibernayshun.

It all leads me to wonder what she gets up to wen we're un-con-shus........ was it really the wind or was it sum wild pant party that we Bears didn't get invited to???

Bye fer now!

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