WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Saturday, February 24, 2007



It's been so cold rownd heer, we had to hibernate fer a while!

Wen I got up, I made a snowbear. Wat do yu think? I think he looks rarther fine. Only larstid a day, poor thing. That's the trubbol with snowbears.

Thank yu fer all the emails an messidges. It's nice to be a Thort-Of Bear.

We're off to see my Granny at the weekend agen. Wun ov her cats, Mr Scooter, is now so fat he carn't fit throo the catflap. I'm thinking abowt getting all Granny's bears together and chasing the wobbly blighter rownd the howse fer sum exercise.

We're brayve, we Bears, yu know.

Bye fer now!


RUTH said...

Great snowman Bob. Hopefully the weather will start warming up well nowand you can get outside more. We have a windy front garden like your Mum so we only grow the dwarf daffodils. Have a great weekend at Granny's and be kind to Scooter.

Mousie said...

I'm happy I'm happy a very happy Mousie!!!My friend is back....your snowbear is very nice but must be so cold, in my tiny country we didn't have any snow...have a very nice time with Granny.
love from YOUR DEAR DEAR four-legged friend Mousie

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hullo Ruth! Lots of daffodils out in Colchester now. All over verges an roundabouts. Mummy goes "AHHH!! DAFFODILS!" every I mean EVERY time we go out in the car now.

Hey ho.


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hullo Mousie!

I'm glad yu dident get cold. I worried about yu but then I remembered yor big coat an hat.

Grayum sez he's sending yu a nose hug.

Mummy's still feeding the mice that live under the kitchen floor. Now they're into brazil nuts and baby spinach leaves.



Spauld and Ted said...

Wow! Y'all have beary early springs! We'll be lucky to see daffer-dills when we go on vacation in mid April!

We aren't in a hurry. We had our second almost-acceptable snowstorm last night. Only an inch, and it's already melting too much to play in! We had to go north into the mountains to play in the snow one night (when Peoples were sleeping, so we got the slopes for ourselves.)

What's a wobbly blighter? Sounds scary!

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Well he's wobbly because he's SO FAT and he's a blighter (er, that's polite for sneeky fiend)



Monkey said...

Impressive snowbear Bob! Come to Maine next winter for a visit, and I'll let you build snowbears all over our lawn with proper snow.

(That snow you had to work with there in the photo was pathetic. Pathetic I tell you!)