WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jus pootlin'

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: yes... we lost! To Port Vale, wich issent eevn a playse. An they're bottom ov the leeg so it's reelly hewmillyaytin. Poo.
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: yes- we ran owt ov cow joose
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9.5/10
  • Day Score: 7.3411111117603/10


Not much hapnin here today.

Mummy haz gon on anuther diet.

She haz been doin lots ov walkin cos she is doin a charity run in May. Arfter she syned up, she rememberd that for the larst 25 yeers she haz ownly ever run wen the bus pulls away erly; an she thort "Oh blarst!". Ever since then she is tryin to run agen.

So far there has bin walkin, walkin very kwikly, walkin very kwikly wearin sports gear, an abowt 30 seconds ov wat horses call "canterin" (wen she needed to get to the Kemist an it waz clozin).

The result arfter the ferst munth is that she is hevier, not smaller or fitter. Hence the new diet.

It's seerius. Sheez got a new book an evrything. "I'm goin to do it!" she sez, "Just yu wayte an see!" So that's wat weev bin doin today, waytin an watchin, praktissin for wen we can see:

Hey ho!

I carnt do the charity run wiv Mummy cos it's for gerls ownly. But Dilly is goin to do it! That's if she ever finishes "inkewbaytin" her Eester egg.

(Sam waz a bit nervoss abowt that. Then I explaind that "inkewbaytin" had nuthin to do wiv "Bear baytin" an he seemd to carm down arfter that.)

Bye fer now!


Ms. Creek said...

lmoa Bob, you are so dang funny. I'm sure your mom is getting onto shape and she'll do great on the run. I started walking a bit. I think I need to start going longer...perhaps next week.

david mcmahon said...

Yes, Mummy can and WILL do it. She is a terrific person.

Asta said...

I'm sowwy I haven't witten fow a few days..I just wead up on youw posts.I liked youw snow beaw a lot, and youw simpsons egg..I hope youw Mum has good luck wif hew diet..today, Mommi looked in the closet fow ouw twip, and she came out saying"I have nothing to weaw",well I think that's a fib..she has plenty of clothese, they just fit diffewent hoomans, not hew.
Hope you have a successful wait
smoochie kisses

Animals with Opinions said...

your mum will do it. my human said it is normal to gain weight for the first month or so when you start doing that sort of thing. it can be very discouraging but don't get discouraged cause it won't keep doing it. does dilly really got an egg in an incubator? we have some. i hope they hatch cause my human doesn't remember what they are so they will be surprise chickens! tell your mum good luck! she will do great!

notice i put my picture in place of geralds!

Stardust said...

Gee Bob,

Mummy's great! Et leest she's putting in airfert. Gotta encarage her! WOOHOO! Is Dilly really inkewbatin the eester eggs? Dat saunds taff!

BTW, Bob, ar yu annoyed with the way I rite in broken Bear English? But I thot it's cute... Heheh. Bunny luvs Bear English ! =)

Gotta go! Hungrey.

Harry said...

Ma does that run. This year will be year 5 apparently. She has done a faster time each year so far, so the pressure is on this year! We will go and cheer her on with pa, I reckon with our support she'll d great. If not, I'll send cassidy around behind her to nip her heels!

Oh, and I have never tasted dog chocolate either, I am a poor deprived dog, sniff!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Mima said...

Good luck with the training and with the diet, its an impressive challenge to take on, so well done!

No Cool Story said...

There's so much goodness in this post that I don't know what to comment on.

I'm cheering for your mom. Last summer I decided that if a monster came after me I wouldn't be able to out run it, because last time I ran was...well, I couldn’t even remember, so I started walking, walking and the fast walking until I could jog for about 10 minutes without dying.

See? I bet she can do that too (especially since it’s for charity and not because a monster is after her.)
It's awesome that you guys are practicing for when you can see it happen; your mom needs that encouragement.

i beati said...

Good luck Mummy

Turbo the Sibe said...

Humans are strange. Mine sure is!

A.Bananna said...

Good morning bob! That is neat that your mum is getting into shape. maybe you should walk with her....I think that would help her!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi BOb, i just thought of something yu bears can do to help mummy - eat up everything norty but nice and and jus leave carrots and stuff, so she won't be tempted.

CherryPie said...

Thank You for visiting I have learned from Ted how to do the links properly now ;-) Hopefully I have got the following link right this time!

Ted's Summer Adventure

So Hi from me and Ted :-)

PS: I know how mummy feels about dieting I am trying too!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been eating waaaay too much chocolate. I've started walking again. I'll be doing the Relay For Life walk again, for Cancer in May. I need new walking shoes.

Ms. Creek said...

my foot needs surgery again!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ms Creek,

I think Mummy will get rownd the corse in the end. Not shor abowt Dilly!!!



Hehehehe! Sheez ok!



Ah Asta, worry ye not yor fuzzy hed. I kno yu've bin bizzy arfterin yor Ma.
An...hehehee... lots ov Mummy's clothes fit uther peepol too! :@D



Ah that's a better foto!!! Very nice!!! An very intrestin ears. I'll be postin abowt ears layter today. Then yu'll see wat I meen. Hehe! Nah, Dilly duzzent hav a inkewbaytor, she haz a big green cushon an a fluffy pink blankit.



Ah no, I luv the way yu ar lernin Bear English. It is always good to kno uther langwidges. I do English, Bear English, an Spanish. Mummy wants to lern Norweegan but carnt find a teecher. She has seen clarsses advertized fer Chineez tho an she is thinkin ov doin that.



Oh my! I don't think she haz thort abowt timing it! She is still tryin to think ov a way to sneek a bike in. Maybe hide wun behind a bush along the way? Hehehee... snap at her heels hehehe....



I hope she duzz ok. She haz Arthur-eyetis so I hope her bones hold owt. I shall just hav to be on paw wiv tea reddy at the end! Nose hugs to yu!


No Cool Story,

No she duzzent hav a monster chaysin arfter her but she will hav Dilly runnin along an that is enuff to keep enywun goin! HAHAHA!
Thanks for yor emayle. A ponderuss problem. Hmm... yes I shall do a post abowt that wun ;@}


i beati,

Thanks I shall parss that on!



Don't yu find that the gerl hewmans ar the most odd??? They don't eevn understand football.



YES! Sumtimes I go along wiv her- she haz her MP3 player on an we hav wun ear-peece eech, an we jog along to The Travelling Wilburrys or James Brown. "Hit me! Get down!"



dietin mite be eezier if yu wernt calld Cherrypie. Thanks for the link agen. I don't kno how I lost him larst time! D'oh! :@}



Yay! I think yu ar doin simlar things. Mummy's is calld Race For LIfe an it's fer a Cancer Charity. Wun ov her frends died ov cancer an 2 ov Daddy's arntys hav it :@O

She haz her walkin shooz but now she is lookin for new laydy-bumo-pants. Sumthing abowt not wantin eny bownce. What the???


Ms Creek!

Good Lor! Wat HAV yu dun? I'm comin over to find owt....



B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


that shud hav red "laydy-bump-pants".

NOT "laydy-bumo-pants".



BumbleVee said...

I think I like lady bum-o pants better...it give special meaning dontcha think? hahhahahhah...... that was funny. Must have been some sort of Freudian slip.....

way to go Mummy... you can do this. I am just getting back to walking too...after my broken foot all last year.... it ain't easy ..but must pesevere.....must.....huff..puff.....thinking of pulling out my bike too instead of the treadmill... nah.... I like walking much better than riding....