WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Holiday log part 2: animols

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no. Mummy went to the co-op insted. I refewsd to go. Arfter all, they've got a Tesco Loyalty card. (As hav I.) Duzz loyalty meen nuthin to her? I onnistly don't think so. She eevn tryd to bribe me wen she got bak, wiv co-op choklit.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9.5/10
  • Day Score: 6.83621/10


Ferst ov all, heer's a foto from my beer seereez that got left owt from yesterday's post. I think Mummy waz edittin wen I wassent lookin. Hehheeee....HAAAAAA! Bottoms up!!!!

Enyway... on to part 2, animols.

Animols hav rite-ov-way in the New Forest, across all the roads an traks evrywhare. Thare ar ponies (all diffrent sizes an cullers), deer (ditto), cows (boy an gerl wuns an sum so hairy yu cuddent tell) an in the ortum there ar also piggys. They let the piggys owt in the ortum to roam free an eet the haycorns, cos the haycorns ar bad for pony-tummys, yu see.

Watch owt, Daddy! Cow at 3 O clok!!!

"Wy, hellooooooooooooooooo thare!"

We sor lots ov ponys wondrin abowt. They can all roam free. Wunce a yeer they ar rowndid up, all 4,000 ov them, an chekt by pony-doktors (theez ar peepol hoo want to help ponys, not ponys in wite coats an glarssis). But arfter their helth chek they ar let free agen. They hav littol cotton collars to show they've been chekt an theez fall off arfter a wile but sum we sor still had them.

I luv the chestnut brown wuns. I think it's a grayte Bearish culler.

Sum ov them wer frendly, but we wer told not to feed them as they ar mostly wild.

We red that the New Forest Ponys hav been in the Forest for hundreds ov yeers. WOW! I had no idea that ponys livd that long!

Now they think they ar a diffrent breed all ov their own. They ar mor musselly an they hav thik hair, like fur. It is fuzzy an fluffy an keeps them warm owtdors.

This wun waz goin shoppin. We layter sor her goin along the street lookin in the shop windoze. The laydy in wun shop just wayved at her. Maybe she waz a regular.

We sor donkeys too! Just wondrin abowt, nibblin stuff.

An deer.....

Theez wer my fayvrit ponys as they wer mor my size. They lookt like "Thelwell Horses". Hehehe!

Arent they fat???? I wunder if it is pies or if it is eevn smaller horses inside......

We sor lots ov berds too, but Dilly wants to blog abowt theez. Sheez got to go owt wiv Mummy now, but they mite blog layter. But I did jus want to show yu this happy duk!!!

I think it is luvly that there is sumwhare whare animols come ferst an hav rite-ov-way over evrywun! Eevn on the biggest roads the top speed allowd waz 40mph. A lot ov playses it was 10 or 20 an yu wer told to be very slow wen yu sor animols. I think evrywhare wud be better if animols cayme ferst like that. An thare wud be lots ov intrestin poo arownd too. HAHAHA!

Tomorro, I'll post pikchers ov the woods, inkloodin a big Giant Sekoyya that I gayve a wee help to.

Bye fer now!


Stanley said...

Hey, Bob!

Love all the photos, and thanks for including the edited "Bottoms Up" photo from yesterday's series. Bottoms up, indeed!

My hoogirl has only been to England once, and when she was there she visited her friends who live in New Forest. Since it's one of the only places she's been, it's one of her fave places in your part of the world!

We like the wee ponies too.

Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

Goober love & smooches,

Harry said...

I am in horse and pony heaven! Thanks for all the glorious photos Bob, I'm most jealous!

I agree, us Airedale's do seem to make people smile. We get stopped by so many people every day on our walkies!

Toodle pip
Harry x

BumbleVee said...

love all the photos.... I, too, wish animals came first in more places.

Maybe that little fat pony is pregnant? ...

All the horses here are pretty fluffy during winter...they need it when it gets to -35C !! then... they shed that stuff in spring and we see a glossy short coat all summer until the fall.(hair comes off in hunks and chunks and a million pieces with plenty of brushing!)

CherryPie said...

Now those photos make me want to visit the New Forest :-)

I am not sure about you mooning at me in the first photo though ;-)

Stardust said...

Hello Bob!

I'm so glad dat I'm heer todae! Oh, I enjoed yur pikchers so much! I luv animols and enjoi watchin dem. I luv dose ponies, perhaps yu can ride dem, huh? =D The cow nids a haircut, dontcha think? I wunder can it see...

Dis is so much FUN! And of corse, not forgetting yur pants undone.

Alex L said...

That is a happy Duck

Sandy Kessler said...

Love the horses and a fascinating story Tesco boo Mummy how was that co op chklit by the way

Phytheas said...

Wow Bob, you had such a great time! (Thanks for the postcard.) I really liked the look of that beer stuff, must go and try some!


Blue said...

Now, that was SERIOUS wildlife!
Glad you servived...
Really enjoyed the photo's


Ms. Creek said...

great shots!

your deer don't look anything like ours, especially their antlers!

david mcmahon said...

I've got buddies who have VERY similar pictures of themselves under the influence of beer!

Jackson said...

Hey Bob, I've been to the New Forest too but I didn't like the ponies one bit. So everytime I saw one I barked for England. You can imagine how delighted the humans were! J x

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

It looks like you had so much fun on your Holiday Bob!! I agree with everyone else, the "bottoms up" picture is my favorite! I like all your animal pictures too, those ducks are so cute!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Bottoms up! Hehehe! I think the New Forest is goin to be wun ov my fayvrits, too!



I think yu Airedales ar very smart. I wish sum livd rownd heer. I'd like to meet up wiv wun. It's mostly grayhownds rownd heer, cos Colchester haz a greyhownd reskew playse. THey're nice too, tho.



I wud never see yor horses an ponys in winter cos at -35 I think I wud hav to hibernayte!



Wa-heyy! Hehehee! I don't eevn remember that pikcher! Hehehe!



Sorry the next instalment waz layte. Blogger wazn't behayvin very well. I kwite liket that hairy cow, akchewly. I don't think it matters if he cud see or not cos evrywun jus got out ov his way!!!


ALex L

It waz wun MAD duck, that wun. He waz bigger than all the rest an thort he was King Duk.



Mummy sed the co-op choklit waz horbol.

Oh ok. It waz allrite. But she bort a 85% cocoa wun, an it waz a bit bitter so she gayve it to Daddy cos he duzzent mind that.



I'm glad the postcard reecht yu. I put that in the box wiv my own fair paw yu kno. If yu try the beer don't climb in. Remember yor smaller than me.



I luvd it! There waz loads ov intrestin poo arownd....



They had 3 types ov deer an sum wer very small an sum had big choppy antlers. We ownly sor them from a distance an on the larst day.



Wen I ferst red that I thort yu sed influence of BEAR! HAHAHAHA!



Mummy waz a bit nervoss ov them too, she liket them but waz a bit scared ov their bak legs. But she dident bark at them!



Well hoo am I do disagree. HAHAHAHA! I had a good time but do u kno, wiv all those horses I fergot my cowboy hat? How the? I carnt beleev I fergot my cowboy hat! I fergot it! Wahhh!!!