WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Holiday log part 4- speshol playses

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: yes- we went to the farmasy
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: suspendid- Daddy has pikt up anuver bug from the kids at skool. His hed is full ov snot. I'm seeriossly considerin givin him self-ishooin rites over the tishoos: it's that bad.
  • Day Score: 6.83296/10


I wantid to giv yu the video ov the start ov our Sunflower Race today, but it won't upload. I've tryd it on YouTube an Blogger but they both fall over. I don't kno wy. It issent as big as sum ov my uther videos. Hey ho! I shall keep tryin.

Meenwile then........... on wiv the holiday snaps! Today the theme is Speshol Playses.

This is a cafe that waz just rownd the corner from whare we stayd. Look at the nayme! The Brock And Bruin! That meens badgers an Bears....

This is whare I had that luvly carrot cayke....

Thare wer lots ov Bears an badgers on shelves all arownd. Look up thare! It's Paddington!

I like how yu get the waiter to com over:

But Dilly fownd it a bit temptin. Huh!

It eevn had speshol Bear wallpayper in thare! Wa-hey!

Thay had very big Bears in the windo an they agreed to sit for a foto wiv me. Thare wer 2 laydys neerby hoo spottid my kit an sed "Hey! That's a Gillingham Bear!" an so Mummy introdewst me, but we wer fergot to arsk fer a pikcher for my blog. Poo!

Anuther speshol playse waz The Rufus Stone. Heer it is:

Rufus waz a King a long, long time ago. His reel nayme waz William The Second. Kings always hav numbers fer naymes like that. Enyway, a man calld Sir Walter Tyrrell tryd to shoot a stag wiv a bow an arrow an mist- the arrow bownst off an oak tree an hit the king (wich I think serves them rite cos yu shuddent be owt hertin stags. Onnistly.)

This marks the spot whare the old oak tree yest to be. I don't kno wat happend to the tree! But they put a stone heer to mark whare it had been. Then in 1841 they stuk this metal thing over the top ov it to protekt the stone. It waz kwite cold on my bottom! It is tryangewlar, so heer ar the uther 2 sides:

There waz a pub up the road naymed arfter Sir Walter Tyrrell. Nuthin naymed arfter the King tho. He must be pritty mifft bowt that.

Then we went to a littol villidge calld Minstead whare they had an old church. Mummy sed thare waz sumthing speshol in the graveyard. (Mummy's into Histry. Yu may hav gest.)

An look!It's the grave ov the man hoo wrote Sherlock Holmes!!!An look! Sumwun's left a pipe! Hehehe!That's abowt it reelly.

Next time I'll tell yu abowt a grayte playse I went calld a Bear Spa An Hotel. Yu jus won't beleev it wen yu see it! It waz the best playse ever! Hehe!

I'll hav anuther go at gettin that video uploaded now....

Bye fer now!


Stanley said...


That's great that Gillingham fans are everywhere and that you were recognized by that lady. Maybe you can get a gig as their spokesbear!

I think it's funny you went to Minstead, because that is where my girl stayed when she went to visit friends. Her friend is a member of that church, and she too took a photo like you did at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's grave. How serendipitous! Great minds and all...

Goober love & smooches,

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW! STanley! That is amayzin!

We went inside the church. It was reelly small.

There waz a notiss that sed that the font (that bit whare they dunk baybeez) was pre-Norman an so reelly reelly old.

The ownly uther church that old that weev been in is on the Isle ov Sheppey, whare Granny livs, an that wun is still lit wiv gas-lamps!

Nose hugs


Alex L said...

That was a big bear Bob. I almost didnt see you. Fan of Sherlock Holmes are you?

i beati said...

these photos are grayt!!!I want to go along next time- Sir Arthur Connan Doyle Geez!!!

Cassidy said...

Oooh, me loved seeing the bear cafe, how cool! I hope mummy didn't smuggle any bears out in her handbag!

Cassidy x

Stardust said...

Bob! I lyke de speshol playse so much, woold lyke to be dare! So much farn! Yu're so tiny sitting wiv de bigger bro.

England has many ausome ritters an I'm glad to catch wun ov de graves thru yur playse. Good holiday you had there!

No Cool Story said...

That's so cute I can't even tell you how cute it is.