WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Friday, July 25, 2008

A bit mor craftyness

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no, and they went to Aldi. I refewsd to go. Dilly went tho. Huh.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9 LBBBJ is gettin farster /10
  • Day Score: 7.2122257 /10


A cuppol ov yu sed they wud do butterflys for my crarfty challenge.

This is Chewy's butterfly! Good, innit?An this wun waz mayde by Rue, a.bananna's dorter! (Note the perpol eyelashes.) Yu can see mor imidges of Rue's grayte crarft day on Velvet Ginger's blog.Now, I'm SHOR that sumwun else told me they had dun sumthing for the crarfty challenge but I carnt find it now. I bow down to the flor in appollogy..... wunce agen I spot a choklit that's rolld under the taybol.... I shall nab that layter! Ahem! An if yu hav sent me a note ov yor fine werk, I'm very sorry- an pleez pleez pleez send it agen!


Meenwile..... skool broke up for summer! So Daddy is on hollyday now at larst. Heer ar sum ov the Thankyu Cards an notes an presents he got from children in his clarss:Our fayvrits ar theez choklits cos they ar Bear-size bars:Daddy's larst nayme is a long Irish nayme that starts wiv "Mc". It's hard for children to say, so he tells them to call him "Mr Mac". Wun ov them had it payntid on sum choklit, in icing:

Sam waz kwite tayken wiv the box ov choklit eclairs. Theez ar toffees wiv Cadbury choklit in the middol. Yum!

Wun littol gerl calld Elenor bort a present wiv her own pennys. She choze a pot ov her fayvrit jam. I think it will be yummy on sum freshly bayked soda bred (hint hint, Mummy!)

He also got a cuppol ov new ties. Daddy Windowsill Bear put wun on:

Wen I cayme downstares this mornin this is wat I fownd. LBBBJ is waring the uther wun!! He wants to be like his Daddy! Hahaha!

Dilly sed she liket the labol on this wine best, cos ov the "wagon berd".

All in all not a bad stash, an we hav allreddy eeten lots ov the choklits!!


Still no washin masheen.

Daddy haz tryd to chayse them up on the fone. It terns owt that the delivery men ar baysed heer in England but the company we bort off from the internet ar baysed in France an -wayte for it!- their custermer serviss peeps ar in Romania! An nun ov them ar talkin to eech uther.

So Daddy got annoyd on the fone an tryd to sort it all owt. THEN they sent an emayle to say they ar refundin his munny. He rang an sed, I don't want my munny, I want a washin masheen! An they sed a soopervizer wud call him bak. That waz abowt 3 hours ago....... methinks we mite go to Granny's for the weekend, an kidnap her masheen!!!

Bye fer now!!!!


tb-superstar said...

Hi Bob! My mommy is very sick, so she had to call into work today. I'm going to do my best to take care of her. My mommy has a "Mc" last name too! A lot of people call her
Amy Mac :-D we have to be related! Hope your washing machine gets there soon. I know you must miss watching the pants go around. Take care!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW! We jus HAV to be cuzzins!

Wat's it begin wiv?

Daddy's is Mc El-sumthing.

Hope yor ma is gettin better.

Buy yes, I do miss seein the pants owt on the line, too, darnsin in the breeze.....

Blue said...

Seems Daddy has lots of really nice treats to enjoy - lucky him.

Red Tilapia, is a new fish to me.
I love nearly all fish.
Now, please don't tell Dilly, but I don't actually like Dill!!!


Ms. Creek said...

chewy and rue did great! glad SOMEONE in our family is crafty!

what does dad teach? i teach choir to 7th and 8th graders...we don't have school june, july and most of august. i'm just getting ready to go back. he sure got lots of gifts, he must be really loved!

BumbleVee said...

Take the refund....before they change their minds or don't offer it again! then.... go get one nearby so that the service department doesn't live in Tasmania. Sure, it may cost a bit more...but there is something to be said for picking up the phone and getting somebody to stop by in a day or two if you have problems....

love the crafty goodies... the purpol eyelashes... lol.... cute...going over there to check out the other stuff now... tx for posting all the goodies... sure thanks a lot...now I must go in search of a glass of wine and some choklit...wonder if I can find some with no months in .... oh, yeh... choklit chips in the freezer..I know just where they are actually....

BumbleVee said...

no moths...no moths..not months.... hahahhaha ...... although it probly would take months to get a moth in it eh?

CHEWY said...

Mine's more of a drawing than a craft. I know... It's a crafty drawing!

That Rue is quite an Artiste!

Someone's pants must be falling down cuz Rue has all the buttons. (hee-hee)

Velvet Ginger said...

Your Daddy Mac sure got lots and lots of wonderful presents, those kids must love him!
chewy & rue are very talented!
(Maybe Rue took her Gramma's buttons that's why her frilly bloomers fall down & have to hang on the line!)

CherryPie said...

All that chocolate looks delicious. The washing machine saga sounds like a nightmare!

Becky said...

I like the ties! Bob, why don't you wear a tie sometimes? You would be a very handsome and distinguished bear with a tie around your neck. Be careful of the wine in combination with chocolate - could be very dangerous!! Maybe Dilly should send some dragon friends over to the washing machine people to shake them into action. Hope you get a machine soon.

tb-superstar said...

Mommy's name is McM...something. It's pretty common, but I still think we must be related. Cuz you are B.T. Bear and I'm T.B. Bear!

Stardust said...

Great crafts!!!!!!!! Wonderful...

I miss Thornton's choklit...

Nope? The masheen isn't heer yet? This is awful... But you'll be a good Bear to leave granny's alone, right? Enjoy granny's place!!!

Alex L said...

Crikey it does look like a fair haul of loot, maybe teaching is the way to go.

i beati said...

suave bears in ties- I heard choklit mysteriously gone during the night ???is this true???

Bear Naked said...

Hello Bob
Daddy must be a special teacher because he received so many wonderful gifts from his pupils.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your get well wishes.
That was a clever idea you gave me about hiding some snacks in my sling.

Bear((( )))

TB Superstar said...

Bob! I finally decided to get off of LiveJournal and use blogger. I have a lot of work to do on my blog, but mommy said she would help me. It looks like fun.

CHEWY said...

Bob! Bob! Bob!
Come see your portrait.

Velvet Ginger said...

I love that portrait of

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I told her. JHEE JHEE JHEE!! Sorry I cuddent resist it. She gayve yu a hard stare. Did yu feel it?


Ms Creek,

Daddy teaches year 2, kids age abowt 8. He duzz all subjekts. He eevn did Spanish as a extra subjekt for them. He sez his fayvrit sunjekt to teach is syence (I jus arskt him for yu).



We havent tayken the refund YET- Daddy sed if taykes a refund he wants extra compensayshun on top for them bein such eejits.

An no, thare's no way eny ov that choklit is goin to the moths! LOL!



Drorrin's still a crarft! Hehehehe bloomers maykes me larf. Mummy yewst to be traynin to be a nun (befor she waz a heathen) an sez that she had to werk in the lorndry an sum ov the nun's wor bloomers an they wer eNORmuss!!!


Velvet Ginger,

Iver they luvd him or wer jus pleezd to see him go (he won't be at that skool next term) !!!!

-Wen he reeds that heel showt "BOB!" at me. Wa-hey!



if it is wun ov my nitemares then weel soon be all watchin Gillingham play at Wembley an neerly win, ownly for Man Utd to cheet (agen) an rob us at the larst minit.

If it is wun ov Mummy's nitemares sum 3 hedded spiders dresst like stockbrokers will knok on the dor in a minit an offer to shayve her hed.


If it is wun ov Daddy's nitemares then nun ov it matters cos he never remembers enyway.




Wotchoo meen I WOULD be very hansum an distingwish????



Tb Superstar,

TB an BT- maybe we wer conjoyned twins!!!!

Good luk wiv blogger!!!



Granny's washin masheen wassent harf as much fun cos it waz much kwyetter an dident vibrayte an mayke us Bears jig abowt the flor as we watcht it.

Sorry yu ar cut off from Thorntons. How ar yor customs peepol? If we sent yu sum, wud that be allowd? Find owt. If so, weel send yu sum!



Alex L

Daddy told me to giv yu the followin messidge in reply to yor comment:

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i beati,

Mummy's bin eetin it. She went off it for a few weeks (an we wer all worreed abowt her) but now she is eetin lots ov it. But she shuddent cos it maykes her poo.


Bear Naked,

Yes, a sling is a grayte playce for seekrit stashes ov choklit peanuts. Just don't let them roll into the elbow or they mite get too warm an melty.



I jus lookt up "Chewy" in the dikshunry an it sed "FANTASTIK" !!!



Velvet Ginger,

WAT the?

CHICK A BOB????????



TB Superstar said...

Conjoined twins? That has to be it! I can't wait to tell Grandma, I have a twin!!!

This blog stuff is fun.