WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh goody! I've got the compewter at larst!!!

Recent scores:
  • Gills: Wow! Yes! We playd on Saterday AN Tchewsday and won both times! Wa-heyy!!!
  • Simpsons: yes, an Family Guy too, wich waz very rood! Hehehe!
  • Tesco: Oh boy! Oh boy!
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 20- me an Sam both went fer Chuck at the sayme time, an reelly got im! It waz a pincer attak!!! That meens dubbol top scor. /10


It's still bizzy rownd heer- Daddy is at werk an Mummy still haz the narsty bug. She still haz self-ishooin privillidges over the tishoos (utherwize I'd get nuthin else dun, to be onnist.)

The uther day, me an Mummy had plannd to wolk to Tesco's an do sum shoppin, then get a cab bak home. I waz lookin forwerd to it. But then it pord wiv rayne! Poo! But then Mummy sed, let's order it all on the compewter, Bob.



I had fergotten they did that.

I had a grayte time puttin in the shoppin. They hav cewt littol pikchers ov evrything. I enjoyd a vertewal stroll down the choklits an biccies an caykes. I did a darnse over the keys as I put in the order to mayke up for the fakt that I wassent gettin a ride in a trolley. Then Mummy took over an payd for it all.... she sed the delivery charge waz less than our cab fare wud hav been so that waz ok.

They cuddent bring it all till 9pm an it waz exsytin waytin for it; my bum neerly berst from the exsytment!!!!

Heer yu can see the Tesco van owtside. I wantid to show the man my Tesco lorry but he dident stay long, so I showd it to him from the windo:I think he waz well imprest.

I hope it raynes agen nex time we need to go. I'd like to arsk him in fer tea nex time.

Rite. Now I reelly hav to get sum Ireland fotoes organized for yu. An it waz Granny's berfday larst weekend so there's cayke fotoes, too, to do. I am sutch a bizzy Bear!!!!

We also want to get owt sumtime an tayke Chuck a few mor playces before he goze home, as he is gettin a bit home-sik for his Mawmaw. He wants to buy mor sooveneers to tayke bak wiv him, ferst!!!!

Bye fer now!


i beati said...

I'm pretty sure I was wearing blue pants both days of those wins- See Sebring Blue Streaks are blue also!!

I want a Tesco here.If I scream loudly enough will I get one??

Mummy be well all..sandy

BumbleVee said...

new what?

Hiya Bob... check out this little guy's Flickr photos especially this picture and explanation of something that happened to him...lol...

Julie said...

Compewter shopping sounds fun, Bob. We have a Tesco delivery van here too.

Well done the Gills! Yay!!

CherryPie said...

Virtual chocolates sound so much fun!!! Much better for the waste line ;-)

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Just thought I'd stop in & say Good Evening old chap, nice to meet you too.
Very impressed with you having your own Tesco truck & a private delivery - not sure Harrods do that sort thing!


Joe Stains said...

Now if only our Tesco owned store in the US would deliver, Mom and Dad would be so happy! That is just because they are lazy, not because it rains here, as I do live in the desert. I can't wait to see the cake pics. yum.

Stanley said...

That was a FABulous idea your mama had, Bob. Will you be ordering in like that from Tesco from now on, or just while your mummy is feeling poorly?

Please, PLEASE give her loads of healing goober smooches. Sounds like she needs them. Hope the poo olympics is over by now. We hope she's feeling better, and PRONTO!

Goober love,

Stardust said...

Bob... tight hugs.

I can't find eni uther bear cute like yu, or yur lorri.

Heer's lotsof e-tishoo fer mummy. Pleese get well dis very instant!

Nose huggsss

Amy said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks for asking if I'm ok. I'm doing alright. TB, too. We just aren't on the computer as much, but we are always reading your blog!
(((bear hugs)),
Amy & TB

Lynda (Granny K) said...

You was mist very much! I love your truck. I bet the delivry man is glad of his truck so he doesn't have to deliver the groceries in a basket on the front of his bike like in the olden days when I was ickle! It would take him ages and he'd be pretty fed up I think.

Alex L said...

Still sick... Well I've joined them Bob, dam colds. Of course he was impressed he's only human.

Sir Woodstock said...

Good Afternoon Bob!

I'm the new bear in blogshere.
And, since I recognise quality, as a tocken of friendship have passed on my very first award to you.


Asta said...

I've missed you tewwibly..I don't know whewe Mommi's head is..I told hew to put you in my blog list so I would see if you post, but cleawly she totally fowgot..sheesh...good help is hawd to find.
I think the Tesco man would be vewy impwessed wif youw twuck..I would cewtainly appweciate an invitatshun fow tea if I was him.
Hope youw Mummy feels bettew soon..mine has a nose tht's wunning awound a lot too
smoochie kisses

BumbleVee said...

the trouble with trousers

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

i beati,

thank yu for yor unfaylin loyalty to the corze! I ownly wish Mummy was as loyal, then we mite win mor!



WOW! That waz reelly funny! Thanks for puttin me on to this chap!! I hav fergotten my Flikr parsswerd. I shall hav to arsk them for it. Agen. Oops. I must do. It's a wile since I uploded eny fotoes thare, an look at the fun I'm missin! Wy, that waz ware I met Pytheas! Gosh...


Across the road they hav Asda deliver. Poo!!!



I'm havin lots ov choc at the moment cos Mummy is on a diet. Wa-hey! All the mor for me!


Poopsie Blue,

Ah! Woodstock! I forgot! Yu hav yor own blog now don't yu? I must go chek it owt...


Joe Stains,

I am very sorry for yu all, I troolly am. (Sy.) Oh my! Yu liv in the dezert! Duz that meen the lanscaype is all hunny cullerd? WOW! Slurp...



Mummy's lots better. Still a bit sniffy an sleepin lots. Sleep olympics in fakt. Never mind. Wat wiv that an her new diet, I get a charnce to eet mor choccie :@}

Ah! STARDUST! Duzz this meen yu ar home? We bort yu sumthing in Ireland! I'll chek yor blog to see if yor home an then I'll send it!!!:@}

I'm glad to heer yu ar ok, an TB too. I hope yor both keepin warm! Nose hugs!

Hehehe... like on Open All Hours! Hehehe... yes, an all our stuff wud hav blown away, I rekkon! :@}

Alex L

Oh deer! Yoov got the bug over thare as well? Narsty! Well I hope yu have lots ov tishoos, toylet roll, biccies, an ginger ale. Oh yes! Yu must hav ginger ale! Mayke shor it's a good wun wiv reel ginger in it. It helps yer tummy. Nose hugs (if yor not too snotty. If so, pleez put to wun side an appy at a layter time. Ahem.) :@}

Sir Woodstock!
I waz just talkin abowt yu!
I dident realize yu wer a sir!
In fakt I thort yu wer a gir... ahem! Sorry bowt that. Gosh an award! Brillyent! How kind! Thank yu! I must get over to yor blog pronto!!! Sorry I'm layte! :@}

I'd like wun ov thoze blog lists too. Then I cud see wen peepol hav bloggd. I shall hav to arsk Mummy to find owt how to get wun. But yu kno yorself how por they ar at fillin our rekwests! TSK! They don't seem to realize that we hav a public.
As fer runny nozes, yes, they reelly do get skustin don't they? We peeps wiv fur under the noze ar far better ekwipt! :@}

The trubbol wiv trowzers??? Oh boy, this I hav to see!!!! Thanks!