WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Chekkin in, from Lincoln!


Well heer I am, in Lincoln, an it haz been sunny an intrestin.

It's not reelly a hollyday. IBeati sed that it happend kwite suddenly for a hollyday. But it issent wun reelly, not for Mummy an Daddy, enyway! No. They are heer on a corse. They ar lernin things and then tomorro they hav a test.

But us Bears- oh yeah, an dragons (tsk!)- WE see it as a hollyday, cos we don't hav to do the corse or the test. We get to hang owt at the hotel all day, or stroll to the carsol an cathedral, nearby, an go investigaytin stuff.

In the eevnin we all go fer walks together. On Therzday thare is no mor corse or tests so we can awl go abowt together, investigaytin stuff sum mor.

On Sunday we went to see Julie, wich Dilly blogged abowt allreddy (wen she do that? I dident eevn see the compewter switcht on befor!). It waz grayte at Julie's. I got to meet Bertie Bear, hoo haz an ace bloo jumper.

Then on Munday Dilly had a berfday. Wish she AWLSO bloggd abowt. (WHAT the?? I must hav bin distraktid wiv the cayke......)

Note I say that she had A berfday, not HER berfday. This is becos she haz 2 berfdays a yeer. Like the Queen. She haz her hatchday, wich is the ferst Munday in April, then she haz "wagon day", wich is 23rd April. Or, St George's day, to thoze ov us hoo ar still the matching-socks side of insanity. (Sigh.)

I will pop in again an put sum fotoes on heer for yu. In the meentime, think ov cobbol-stone roades, steep hills an the biggest cathedral yu can imagin. Oh! An a littol ginger cat livs nex dor to this hotel. A fakt wich Mummy, ov corse, thinks is the best bit ov awl.


Michael House said...

Hi bob,

i hav bene keping mi uprites (mostli i corl them uptites, butt i am being polite, as i du not no yu veri wel and this is publik) up bi not coming in wen thay corld. i am orl wet. Im sorri i corld you stufft, ov corse yu ar not. yu ar nerly as reel as me. i hav 4 nees. how meni du yu hav?

Joe Stains said...

You need to keep a closer eye on Dilly apparently. I wish I could have two birthdays, I need to work on this. Enjoy your hollyday.

Stardust said...

I woold gladly atten eny corses lyke dat!! Hope dat dad an mum do well fer their tests!

Luking ferward to yur sharin soon. Have fun an a good time!

Julie said...

It was fab to see you on Sunday. Wa hay! I had Bob T Bear in my house! Yay! Bertie says he will never tayke his bloo jumper off! (I might have to persuade him about that for hygeen purposes).

I hope mummy and daddy get on ok today. Enjoy a lovely day tomorrow and safe journey home.

Jackie said...

Don't wear yourselves out climbing all those steep hills, and mind dilly doesn't get lost when you go out on your own.

imac said...

Elo Bob, tis Mr Julie ere, to say ope yer ad a gud tyme in Lincoln, yu not far from ospital if yer tak il or fell down off carsle wal.
enjoyd seeing yer all Sunday.

San said...

Wow, Bob, that must be a lovely place. Cobblestone roads, steep hills, and a big cathedral.

Good luck to Mummy and Daddy with their course and their test.

i beati said...

You made my holdiay so lovely with your card, just perfect. and a little boy gave me an easter egg candle that is stirring the beauty in my heart..Sandy

Ms. Creek said...

miss you, bob!