WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: No, but weer playin today so pleez get yor lukky bloo pants on!!!
  • Simpsons: No, but I've recorded it an I'll watch it layter wen Mummy an Granny hav gon shopping.
  • Tesco: Yes!!! I rode in the trolley on top of the kitchen payper.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9.26893 /10- I jumpt owt in front ov Daddy's nose but dident giv him a nose hug. However, he THORT I waz goin to an he waz very serprized that I dident. Tharefor, arfter extended negoshiayshuns, I got a 9.26893 by default.
  • Overall Score: 8.0001/10

My good Bear chums, Jerry an Ben, hav ritten in wiv a poser ov a kwestchun an arskt if I can help:
DeeR Bob:

Ben And Mee hav a kweston four You: what doo you think Bout Yucky Brussal Sproutts that Papa maKs you eet four dinner. Ben And Mee think they Be beary Yucky And stinky And wE think Bears nott hav to eet them. We wate four yor amswur, your pals, Jerry and Ben.

Hmmmm.... this is an intrestin wun! I must poynt owt that as Bears yu shuddent be mayde to eet or do enything yu don't want to do. It's like wen Mummy tells me I shud hav a bath. Well, I'm a Bear so nowun's the boss ov me! So I hope they ar not reelly MAYKING yu eet theez things.

As for sprowts themselvs, if yu cook them by steeming them, an grate sum nutmeg on them wile theyer cooking, this helps them not be bitter an yukky so mutch. Thare is also an entertayning aspekt to this ear-wax ov the vegtabol kingdom, an that's farts.

I speshly consultid my fart reference cards for yu:
Ah! I fownd wun that spesifically talks abowt sprowts, an it's calld the SBD: Silent-But-Deadly:
Heer is wat it sez:

A good way to overcome a dislike ov sprowts is to begin to appreeshyate the distinktiv fart odor that they develop into... it starts harmlessly enuff, sidling up to its victims as if to say 'be my frend' befor delivering a repellent, demonic pestilence that'll cleer a room in seconds.
If yu reelly don't like the tayste, hold yor nose wile yor swallowing them. If evrywun else is eeting them too, hold on to that nose layter!!!


I hope I hav helpt yor dilemma a littol bit.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Winnie T Pooh's!!!!
He waz 85 yeers yung!
I sergest we all go arownd in just a T-shert an nuthing else all day (bloo lukky pants on heds, oviosly) in onner ov this grayte Bear!!!!



Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Bob you always crack us up..Happee Birthday to Winnie
Benny & Lily

mrsnesbitt said...

Our late border collie Tess finished off the pan of sprouts many years ago.....then lay at the vicar's feet & farted all afternoon! How we laughed! (Not the vicar lol)

Jerry and Ben said...

Thank Yoo Bob!!

Ben aNd mee theekns that We juzt hiDe thoze yuky sproots unDer the sofa When Papa noT lookeen, cauze thEy are yuky and wee not Like them much.

your pals, Jerry and Ben.

i beati said...

I eat everything but am not loving the sprouts

Buttons the Bear said...

Not a big fan of the sprouts either. But I heard that if you saute them in a little EVO and garlic, instead of boiling them till their limp and bitter, they're palatable. But still I think they are one green veggie to steer clear of before during and after!

BumbleVee said...

I've got a great recipe for sprouts...wiv bacon and some other yummy stuff..... but, really....I'm one of those people who actually likes sprouts...... silly I know..but, there it is.....

Di said...

We love sprouts here - but that's 'cos they look like baby cabbages. Sprouts are great for making bubble and squeak after Christmas too. I might just start up a campaign to protect the much maligned sprout Bob. Wanna be the Patron? :) Hugs, Di xx

Found art blog said...

Winston T Bear's Birthday??? Oh I must tell Tango..... He'll wear pants on head for AGES!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Bob, Hmm, sprouts are an 'ackwired taste' methinks and definately only for grown-ups. I fink small children can be forgiven for throwing them at the ceiling to see who can make them stick. Good game.
I did as you suggested to celebrate Winnie's birfday, spending it wearing just a tee-shirt. My case comes up next week! :o)

Feronia said...

You are a shocker, young Bob! Brussel Sprouts are yummy with melted butter on them. Happy Birthday Winnie!!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

You know it's a good post when we can laugh and Daddy is willing to skip his TV show to find out what we're reading.

BUT, we have another take on the sprouts! We didn't like them, until we grew them. Seriously, grow some sprouts. They aren't what you expect and make for some really cool looking plants.

Yeah, we know, we know. "If you grow it, you gotta eat it." BUT we have that covered too. Cut them up (in half, if they only grow to the size we grew them. Quartered, if they grow to grocery store size), cut up apples to the same size, add onions (bite size too), and then saute with cinnamon. Add lots of butter, before serving. The apples make them sweet, and the onions give a little woo-wee factor to it. It's fun going in and fun watching everyone else's faces when the warm breeze comes out.

That's how Daddy gets us to eat our veggies - apples! Can't go wrong.

Hammie Hamster said...

G. has a recipe that is very tasty. Harr didn't want to eat sprouts but now he loves them!