WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Friday, March 09, 2012

MAIL catch-up!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: No, but weev bin winning laytely!
  • Simpsons: No but I did see American Dad an the Alien had diarrea it was so funny.
  • Tesco: No
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10 got Mummy coming in the front dor /10
  • Overall Score: 7.8256/10

My sekritry has wunce agen been under the wether, or at leest that's her excewse for not helpin me get on heer. I tell her, I hav a following, yu noe, abowt twice as menny as yu hav on YOR blog, so I need to tell them wats on goin on! I am agen considerin sakking her. Well, I meen, she sez thare is no time, then she spent all yestaday defrosting the freezer. I'm far mor important than that. If the food defrosts, just mayke a big stew wiv hewge dumplings an invite mor Bears. Simpol. Now get over heer an type :@}

I hav reseevd TONS ov grate stuff theez larst 2 weeks!!!! Me an Dilly ar so lukky ot hav grate frends all rownd the werld, an our postman thinks yu all hav intrestin naymes.

Ferst, Beanie went to Brussels an sent this hilarius postcard-Hehehe! It's a statew of a littol boy peeing! An look at all his diffrent owtfits! He eevn has wun for footie!!

Wen he got bak, Beanie sent me this beermat. It's so funny getting beermats in the post- just like this, no envelope! Ha! I sent him wun a littol wile ago wiv a story on it....and...wow! Anuther Beanie card!
Hurray! BADGES!!!! Mine sez "KING"!!!! An Dilly's haz a dragon on it!

THANKS BEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEXT thare is this cewt postcard from HAMMIE...
Next cayme this....
a parcel? Oh my! This is from Hammie too!!!!!!

I think the edges on this envelope look like pawprints!Wat a jolly card!Oooooooo likerrish sweets! Theez ar so moreish!...and yummy buttery sweets!An I got this grate VAMPIRE TEETH AN TUNG! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!Oh! MOR sweety stuff! I bet this is for Mummy cos it's CHOKLIT!Wat else is in heer???Napkins....an STIKKERS! We lov stikkers! Mummy sez this bloo an wite style is calld Delft.Ooo wat's this, Dilly?She sed it's a magik cloth- yu hav to put it in water an then it grows. HUH?Ooooo sumthing's hapnin....it's like that film, The blob!AHHH! I can see wat it is now! It's a CAT! Hehehe. Weer keepin this for Scooter. Sumtimes he gets a bit sniffy an snotty, so Mummy will yews this wen his nose needs cleening. (He mite eevn be happier abowt that, if he noes it's his own cat-pikcher cloth from Hammie.)THANKS HAMMIE!!!

Next, cayme a postcard from UtrechtIt was from SULLIVAN MCPIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hurray!THANKS, SULLY!!!!!!!!!!

Then, yestaday, we got this grayte card from Di. She mayde it herself.
Wat a fine Bear! An she has dun the whole card in wite, gold an green, the cullers ov my nose!!She sent it along wiv tons ov crafty stuff for Mummy!!
THANKS, DI!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hav such grayte frends, we do.

I'm sorry if we sumtimes delay in showing all the grayte stuff we reseev. Sumtimes it's so exsyting, an I hav to frolik for a wile!

Thank yu all so much!!!!



Jerry and Ben said...

Awesome presents Bob! It looks like Christmas at your house there are so many cool gifts!

Di said...

Hellooo Bob - so pleesed you lyked the kard wot I mayde. It came wiv luv and big hugs, as always! Di xx

chicamom85 said...

Bob T, what great cards you got. You are so lucky to have cool friends like that. Bob, I agree with you completely that defrosting the fridge is far far less important then spending time with you. Sheeesh, the nerve of some people. Thank you for sharing all of your goodies.

Loveys Sasha(onerary bear)

Found art blog said...

Oh what fun!!!! You must've been doing a huge enormous frolic after all that brilliant mail!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Wow! you got lots of cool mail!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Bob your cool. Could Charlie and Taddy send you a bear card?
Sally Ann

Feronia said...

Wow! Some great giftees there for you, Bob!!

BumbleVee said...

oh wow....was I a slow slug..... I was just in Portugal....and actually pretty close to you compared to being as far away as I usually am.... and totally forgot to send a postcard! MY only excuse was....and still is....I am good and sick. I got a sore throat by the time I got off the plane flying there...and then..it just got worse. Yesterday in my coughing fit I think I tore something in my chest...I can hardly breathe today....oh, man....I need all my bears 'round here to cuddle me now...I'm feelin' pretty poorly and sorry for meself...It's weeks now....and I so want to just feel healthy once again....

Hammie Hamster said...

Glad that you like our mail!

Hammie Hamster said...

Glad that you like our mail! :-)