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Monday, January 14, 2013

wa-HEY!!!!!! New Yorkers in theyer underware!!


Gosh I havent blogd in a long time hav I?

I hav bin doin lots ov carftering still- Daddy was sik at Crismoss, then Granny was sik, now Mummy is sik. She is coffing an coffing an keepin us all awake! The dokter thinks it may be hoopin coff!! Hoop hoop! So enyway, I am tishoo ishooing and fetching blankets an cups ov milk..... I also bort Mummy sum new big fluffy slippers an she even wares them in bed cos she sez they ar so snug.

A side effeckt ov Mummy's bug is that she carnt larf. If she larfs she coffs an coffs an carnt stop an sumtimes is sik. SO! I hav had to sneek in heer an post this in seekrit cos it mite be dayngeruss for her to watch this!!

They hav had a day in New York calld "Ride the subway with no pants day" !!!

Oh my beads!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Woof! 
For a minit thare I thort... BUMS ON SEATS!! HAHAHAHA!
But then I rememberd that in Abearyka they call trowzers "PANTS".
But in a way this is even better cos it means THEY TRAVELLD WIV THEYER PANTS ON DISPLAY!

Hav a look!
Heer is a link to the story on the BBC an yu can see peepol in pants on the tewb.

It is snowing heer today. I wonder how cold it is in New York!!! HAHAHA!!



Bob T Bear (esq)


BumbleVee said...

not quite cold enough I guess.... and even if it was frigid.... you know some folks.... just can't get enough of the good ol' ...yoohooo .... look at me part of life...

hope you are all better over there and very soon.... our city has a huge number of people down and out with the 'flu.. oh...and ...the mayor of New York just proclaimed a health emergency... so many cases of 'flu. Gee ...ya think? ..ahahhahha...idiots....

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh Bob, BOL it sounds like a coughing mess over there. Hope every buddy feels better
Benny & Lily

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hope mummy is better soon. Give her a big hug from me.

I don't think I could ride the subway wiv no trousers on. Where would you put your loose change and your ticket? :o) xx

Buttons the Bear said...

Hope you are also running around with sanitizing wipes De-germing everything. It would be just awful if you bears were to catch it next.

We here are trying to avoid the flu that according to the news is running rampant.

Just shaking my furry head over those people in NY minus their pants! Oh my! Bet you were tempted to run around with yours on your head in solidarity with them. LOL!

Buttons the Bear said...

Make mummy some extra tea and some chicken soup. Tell mummy to feel better soon.

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Well... that would never work in Canada!! Underwears are not warm enough at -30C! Mind you... here on the island, it's only 0C so maybe... for a little while!

Get better soon! And Buttons has a great suggestion... sanitizing wipes!

Jerry and Ben said...

Hope you all feel better! If you need snow, we'll be glad to send you some!!!

Found art blog said...

Wa-hey!!! Bob's back!!! That's a funny story about Pants there!!! Hope you're doing well....

chicamom85 said...

Bob T, I have missed you something awful. I am sorry about your sick humans. I know how it is, my Mommy has the cough thing also and it is quite annoying if you ask me. She can't laugh either or she turns all purple and coughs and coughs and coughs. If you find a cure, will you please let me know. I hope you don't get it, I have been ok so far. Sometimes when I sneeze it comes out of both ends, but that is just normal for me.

Loveys Sasha(onerary bear)

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We don't wear pants, but we're talking the British version on "pants." Over here, wearing trousers (aka pants - it is confusing for us too) without underwear/undies (pants over there) is called "going commando." We figure, if you have pants or trousers, it keeps the bum warm enough, so why wear both? Just saying and hoping your mum doesn't laugh at our logic.

For some reason our mommy seems to have a need to tell you that most humans over here wear both, particularly in public. She doesn't want you to think we're New Yorkers. ;)

This reminds us. We haven't blogged since before Christmas, and we got good stuff on Christmas. (The three brothers even all got pants/trousers.) The youngest brother (yup, four of us now), didn't, but only 'cuz he isn't shaped right to wear them.

We certainly hope your family gave you a day off from tissue-issuing on Christmas and New Years, or you should talk to your union rep.

gerald majestic said...

so sry your mum is sick,and whooping cough at that! im so glad to come back and find you still here.

gerald the majestic goat

i beati said...

Ley's go ride that subway