WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things from the Post Bear!

Recent scores:
  • Gills: HORRAY!! We did so well we ar the champions an we ar going up to a hiyer level next seezon!! Wa-hey!!
  • Simpsons: I've seen a few lately, an even sum new wuns. Mostly I watch Big Bang Theory now cos I like to sing along.
  • Tesco: I havent been much recently as Mummy is trying to empty the freezer. Pah!
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: Daddy has had a cold so I've kept clear!
  • Overall Score: nearly 9, considerin the Gills! /10

Gosh it has been a wile since I posted (agen) (I am goin to sak my sekritry)

I am unhappy wiv Mummy for uther reezons too. Most spechally cos it is my berfday on Monday (it's allways the last Monday in May) an I hav allreddy got 2 cards-
I got 1 from Jerry an Ben, an 1 from Beanie. But she won't let me open them an sez I hav to wayte till Monday.

It shuddent be up to her! Snot her berfday!! I don't try to tell her wen to open her mail, do I?
An I don't even shop her wen she eats bits of her berfday cayke erly and sekritly, by curbing a bit off the bottom edge wiv her fingernayle ware no wun will notiss.

She must hav fergotten wat I did last yeer wen she tryd this- I put a beetol in her pant dror hehehe. I think I'll haf to think of sumthing to do this time that is werse so she duzzent ferget it! Eny ideas?!!

Meenwile we hav had uther things in the post too. We had a big parcel from Feronia last week. It had lots ov goodies in it!!! An then we had a postcard from Buttons! I want to show yu but Blogger won't let me put pikchers on at the moment. I'll try agen layter or tomorro... if it duzzent werk then I shall fart in Blogger's generol direkshun!



Sally Ann and Andy said...

Hi Bob,
Charlie and Taddy think you should get some early birthday treats. Mommy should let you have a bit. Charlie and Taddy send you big birthday hugs from the states.
Sally Ann and Andy

Found art blog said...

WEll, that's not on. I specifically said to your Mummy that those watercolour paints in BEAR BROWN was for your birthday and you could have those early which would mean you'd be able to create some masterpieces. Fart indeed......

i beati said...

Hi Bob don't come here without your swimming suit real hot!!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Perhaps you Mum is trying to instill patience in you? Although I've never met any little bears who were all that able to practice patience all that well! Tis a genetic flaw (or benefit) I think!