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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9.5/10
  • Day Score: 8/10


Dit was another warm day yesterday (what's happened to autumn? Did dey ferget it?) so mummy went into town an fed der skwirrols in der park.

a Not-A-Bear ov skwirrol type genus >

I've notist dat mummy seems to like a lot ov Not-A-Bears, espeshally der stoopid wuns. Take deez skwirrols fer instance. She givs dem two hazelnuts at a time. Sheez been doing this all summer. Dey eat wun, den run off and bury der uver wun in the flower-pots round der band-stand. Den dey run bak fer more. Now, not all deez skwirrols are dis year's batch, so they must hav dun this larst year, an der year befor, too. So how come they don't realize dat der counsil will com and empty all der flower pots an tayk dem away at der end ov der summer? About 70% ov wot dey have skwirroled away fer der winter iz going to be nicked by der counsil workmen eny day now. An der magpies yewsually nick der rest. See? Not the sharpest pointy stick in der forrest, are dey?

Dits like granny liking English Bull Terriers cos deyer ugly an she sez she feels sorry fer dem. (Maybe I hav uncuvered der reeson wy my parents adoptid my little sister.)

Enyway, mummy ended up wiv muddy skwirrol foot prints all over her cos wun partikularly gluttonous wun kept climbing up her fer mor hazelnuts. Now if I did that wen she got der choklit peanuts out I'd be told off, but not der skwirrols, oh no, she thort dat was cute! Dit's species-ist, I tell yu.

Bye fer now!


Mousie said...

I have a friend called Squirrel!!!in America, may be she knows your Squirrel, i'll ask her...if you need nuts for your friend I still have plenty at home

mousie said...

oh carrot cake, please come, i'll organize a pic nic...but a big carrot cake...it's so delicious, i tasted it in england the first time i went there...that was...mind...44 years ago!!!my goodness me, you weren't born...
so waiting for you on the beach, don't forget to put something on your head, and take your scarf...i'll make tea...
see you

Margaret said...

Ahhh what a lovely squirrel. Do you ever go and help feed them, Bob? Be careful if you do. I think they bite! Please post more photo's of where you live!

Anonymous said...

Awwww Bob arent the squirrels just so sweet, Im not surprised mummy likes to go to the park to feed them so much. Dont you just love their big bushy tails....

Squirrel hugs from

Audrey ( not a bear )

Battle Damsel said...

Haha Bob, I see ur "silent protest" ova the koala-not-a-bear issue, with the pic permanantly posted at the side columm of ya site.. hahaha

BTW Them squirrels sure r cute, but I agree they ain't quite smart... haha & boy the one u show in the pic is sure fat. The ones in my country r a bit scrawny...