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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend Report

Weekend's scores:
  • Gills: yes. I went with Grayum an Daddy an Gills LOST!
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: yes, evenchewally
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Weekend Score: 7 (only just)/10


I'm sorry I cuddent post on Friday. I had a lack-ov-beads-in-arm day. Do yu ever get dat, wen yu wayk up an yor arm's gon num? In yor cayse dits probly where you've been lying on it funny. Well in my cayse dits yusually becos sum grayte big Not-A-Bear has been lying on ME funny. Sept dits NOT funny cos den I go round all skew-wiff awl day. But dit probly was best dat yu all had a rest arfter that long blog about my sister, so no real harm dun.

And so to der weekend. We all went to Granny's house were she kept talking about her not-a-bears, specifikelly cats. Wun ov dem, Mr Scooter, has taken to sleeping in der shed. We don't no wy. He has a perficktly gud bed indors, an his own blanket. But we suspect he is on hedgehog alert. Mr Scooter is a very LARGE cat an he likes to hav snaks about der playce. Well, der hedgehogs hav been sneeking up to der house and pinching Mr Scooter's midnight snaks. Sevrall times he has gon to his bowl an found just ground-up crums. Granny sez dis means hedgehogs becoz if it wer anuver cat, it would just snaffle der lot, wivout leaving crums. SO, I think Mr Scooter is on sentry out dere.

photo: wun sneaky hog

Enyway Mummy just thinks he's got too fat to fit in der catflap.

Meanwile, in der midst ov all dis fasinayting filosophy, me and daddy an Grayum went to see Gillingham lose 1 - 0 to Nottingham Forrest (full name: Nottingham-cuddent-find-a-twig-in-a-forrest-scum). I tryd to cheer myself up an sed, at leest it wozzent an own-goal, like England did ha ha. But den Grayum remindid me dat der player hoo got the goal yused to play for us, so it was really LIKE an own goal. So I had to have dubbol porshons ov choklit peanuts to compansate. Wych was nice, but I wish we wud win, den I cud hav a sellybraytory banarnana.

Bye fer now!

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