WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pressies, an der Grayte Scarf-Went-Missing-From-Der-Bannista-Mystery


I hav receeved emayles from two French Laydeez. Wa-haaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!! Dis iz shor to mayk Henri jeloss.

Dey are from Mousie an Sisabeille, who live in a smoll village called Plumpiemousie.

friendly Snowy-Bear wiv new scarf fer me!>>>

Well, Mousie says she got a young bear friend to make me a scarf, if I would like it. Hmmm........can I still hav it if I tell yu dat I did get a scarf in der end?

I wrote to Farver Crismos, yu see, an his missus mayde me wun. Dit was bloo wiv blak tassols, cos dats der colours ov my favrit football teem. Enyway wun day I caym bak from Tescos and hung it on der bannista. Der next time I went to put it on DIT HAD DISAPPEERED!!!!!. Dit is known in our house as Der Grayte Scarf-Went-Missing-From-Der-Bannista-Mystery.

As yu may imagin, dit woz verry stressful an I sat fer long owers on der hall carpet wiv wun foot behind my ear becoz ov it. In der end mummy sed, "dere dere Bob I'll mayk yu a new wun." (She duz patronize me a tad at times but I humor her.) So she did. An do yu no, dit woz EGSAKTLY DER SAME BLOO MATEERIAL??? But wiv bloo tassols, not blak. Dit woz neerly as good as der wun from Mrs Crismos.

So yu see, I do hav a scarf now an I keep it well cleer ov der bannista. Re. der Grayte Scarf-Went-Missing-From-Der-Bannista-Mystery, mummy sez dat sumwun probly pikt it up wiv dere coat an den droppt it. In wich cayse I rekon it woz daddy. Heez good at dropping things. He droppt me in der road wunce in I-Er-Land. Den a car run me over and burst my bum. Mummy had to operate and do a bead transpant. But dits OK now. An I'm not bitter. I jus lyke to remind him abowt it from time to time. Lyke der larst time he wozzent goin to buy me eny choklit peenuts coz "dere are sum in der dror allreddy". Well wot good iz dat wen yur in a shop, nowhere neer der dror?

But I digress. Yu hav made a very fine scarf in a partikulully nice shayde ov brown. In fact I know a whole bear family dat colour, who I shall be introdewsing in der coming weeks. So deer Mousie, yes pleeze! I wud very much lyke der scarf. Thank yu VERY much fer caring, and for caring espeshally fer my nek.

Mousie's friend Sisabeille sez she has mayd me a nyce jar ov hunny. WOW. I wud love to com rownd an eet it, yes pleeze, but can I hav a spoon? Iyve seen pikchers of Pooh eeting it wiv a paw but dat looks like it cood result in a march to der barth and I don't lyke dat.


Beth said...

Dear Bob - I can't believe your father dropped you in the road and then you got run over! You poor poor bear. Hugs and kisses to bum!
And you aren't bitter either?! What a sweet disposition you must have. No wonder your fur is a bit bedraggled compared to when you were born. I have a bear that I will introduce you to soon. I want to take a picture first.
Hugs, Beth Not a Bear

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Dear Beth Not-A-Bear,
Thank you for yor kind thorts. And kisses to my bum, hehehee.... dits ok now, exsept for der odd itch. But bears do get itchy bums enyway. As do daddys, I ahve observed. I look forward to meetin yor bear!
Nose Hugs,
Bob T. Bear Esq.

Mousie said...

thank you so much for your kind words, I found the spoons, Docabeille hadn't washed up, and they were still on the beach in the picnic basket...if you go to the beach one of these days you'll notice I've a new bathing costume..eh eh very sexy I am...
see you very dear friend
Mousie(if you hav eproblems to leave messages on blogs who turned to beta like me (beta mousie lol)leave anonymous ones I don't care...bye my dear

Anonymous said...

Oh Bob just read about the car incident in Ireland, you are such a brave bear. Just a thought ~just as well Daddy is a teacher and not the goal keeper for Gillingham Football club eh!!!!!!!!!!

Its says a lot about you that you are not bitter and thank goodness you mended, we need bears like you to keep us not bears educated on bear rules and ways

Much love to the botty

Audrey( not a bear )