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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Email to McVities


Following on from my post on my favrit foods, an my shock discovery of the demise ov my favrit biscuit, I hav today emailed the manufacturers:

Dear McVities,

I have heard a terrifying rumour that you have stopped making Plain Chocolate Hobnobs.

Can this really be true?

This was mankind's best ever biscuit and if you have decided to remove it from the face of the earth then I must give up my faith in Mcvities, if not in all humanity.

If the doom-ridden news is true (oh how can it be?) is there anywhere I can buy a crate of them from? At least then my family and I will be able to wean ourselves off them gradually....

You are all very, very cruel.

Yours, (not very, not fer much longer) faithfully,

Bob T Bear (esq)

Fello Bear biscuit dunkers, we can but join paws an hope agenst hope that it is but a cruel rumour....

Bye fer now!

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