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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Quick Query about Charmin....


I have reseeved an urgent queery about the Not-S0-Charmin campaign:

Teddy and Spaulding want us to stop using Charmin, but I have a question, and they just give me THAT look when I ask them -- The bears are only on the packaging, not the paper itself. I'm not using bears for my bum, do we still need to stop using Charmin?

Confusingly Yours,

Lynn aka Mommy to Teddy and Spaulding*

Hmmm....... well, Lynn, here in the UK Charmin has pikchurs of Bears ALL OVER the toylet paper itself, hence my campaign to stop this abusive use ov Bear pawtraits. But if you can get hold ov stuff that only has Bears on the wrapper, well I think that is probly OK. So long as yu don't yews the wrapper wen yu run out.

Maybe this means we are finally getting throo to them, the scowndrels!

Bear Power!

Bye fer now!

*Teddy an Spaulding hav their own website an hav put up a poll to arsk wat peepol think about Charmin's wiked ways. If yu click on this link yu can go there an join in.

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Margaret said...

WOW Bob! Maybe your campaign is working!