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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Secret Shopping Mishons


As it is coming into the Crismos Shopping season, I thort I had better warn yu all about the number ov Bears yu might encounter on yor shopping trips. For example, I hav reseeved a note from Ruth about spotting me while shopping in Colchester:

I hope you feel better soon. Nothing worse than a cowd in your dose. Will
look out for you next time I'm in Colchester as we dont live far away. I will
rcognise you as I you dont see many bears in town.

Aha! There are more bears about than you think, Ruth We ride in our mummy's handbags. Yu will sumtimes be abol to detect this if the sed Bear is at all eggsited, for example, while passing through the lingerie section in BHS, M&S, or while walking past Anne Summers (wa-heyyy!!!). At this point yu may be abol to discern the bag jumping up an down, or hear a faint giggling.

Also check in car parks: sumtimes Bears stay behind to guard the car. Yewsually Dilly duzz this job, so if yu see a gold Punto wiv a growchy looking croco-dragon in the front (probably in her green headscarf), that's probly us!

Bye fer now!


Margaret said...

Hmm... yes, I think I've seen some bouncing bags now I come to think about it. And I've definitely seen car guarders.

Spaulding T. and Teddy T. Bear said...

Although we agree that Australia isn't the bestest place in the world (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA is), we have a beary good bear buddy living there. His name is Mawson. Mawson doesn't visit his web den anymore, but any bear can visit it, if we want to -- http://www.bearjests.com/mawson.

But we really wrote to ask, "What is Marmite? What is hobnob?"

We know hobnob has to be good, since it's made of chocolate. Oh, and something you might want to try for breakfast some day -- a beary BIG mug of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee AND biscotti (make sure to dunk the biscotti into the coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.) It's a beary exciting breakfast that keeps us wide awake for hours (until our next mug.)

Excittedily Yours,
Teddy and Spaulding Bears