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Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Report

Weekend's scores:

  • Gills: yes. POO. We lost 3-1
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: no! An they took me into a Sainsburys! Urghh! I feel sullied!
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: still suspended cos ov colds
  • Weekend Score: 6.3654921/10

My futball team, Gillingham, lost on Saterday 3-1 to Bristol. (I beleev their full name is "Bristol Sh*tty Cheating Scum".) So I had three choklit peanuts. That's the rule, yu see.

If Gillingham win, I hav a sellybraytory bananana, an if they loose I hav a choklit peanut to make up fer evry goal that the cheating opposition got. If it's a draw I hav wun ov each.....

The rest ov the weekend wossent verry eggsiting. The days are lots shorter now. It's verry confewsing fer a small Bear, even wun wiv a brain the size of the moon. The clocks say it's the middle ov the arfternoon but outside says, "no it issent, it's the middol ov the night", cos it's all dark by 4 O' clock. An then what do yu do? The Simpsons aren't on till 6, an not at all on weekends.

My parrents managed to distract themselves by rescueing a small hedgehog. Not that I'm shor he wanted to be rescued mind, as it looked like he was just out fer a stroll to me. But Mummy sed that was the point, that he shud be sleeping. Onnistly it's embarrassing! It's bad enuff wen yor mummy nags YU to go to bed but now she's starting on evrywun else too! I'm jus glad we don't look alike as sumtimes I don't want peepol to no we're relaytid.

Mummy took the small hog to a rescue centre. I wantid him to stay an play. He looked like a cool dood.

Bye fer now!

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Margaret said...

Ahhhh....... what a cutie!!! I'm glad he was found and tucked up warm somewhere.