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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great Weekend!

Weekend scores:
  • Gills: YES!! We won!!!! We beat Bristol City (I'll let yu guess what their full name is) by 1-0
  • Simpsons: no. They don't seem to like weekends.
  • Tesco: yes
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Overall Weekend Score: 9.1379/10


I hope yu all had a good Eester. I was up erly on Sunday cos I knew they had a Choccie Egg fer me an Dilly, but they hid them. So I had a good spy arownd while Daddy was asleep. I fownd them but still feigned surprise wen they brort them owt layter. Well, yu hav to, don't yu. Enyway, I got one with Mr W. T. Pooh on it, an Dilly got a sissy pink wun. Here we are:

Mummy made an Eester cake. It had 12 small choccie eggs on it. Daddy sed it shood hav ownly 11, as they represent Jesus's frends, an he yewst to hav 12, but wun did a bad thing, so yu ownly get an egg fer 11 of them. But Mummy sed she dident care an that he was set up. So she gave him an egg too. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

In the end she ate it so it dident matter, an we awl went to Granny's where we ate roast pork. I think people mostly eat lamb at Eester, but lamb makes Mummy poo championship rates, so we had pork insted, an then looked at the cewt lambs in the fields an went "Ahhhhhhhh...." with clean conshonses. (Dident see eny pigs.)

Bye fer now!


Monkey said...

poo championship rates

It seems that everything does that to the woman these days. Good Lord. We need to set up a library in the "personal room".

So glad to hear you had a splendid Easter. Dilly looks fabulous next to the bright pink card.

I'm always impressed by how well loved you look Bob. I too, have a "lived in" look. I used to worry, but seeing you makes me feel better.

Happy Belated Easter!

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Hullo Monkey!

Yesss.... but it does mean that she gets through copious amounts of PANTS so I get to see them dance on the washing line, then swing in one or two gussets, then frolic them into the airing cupboard and lastly dance them into the drawer, all for the wondrous cycle to begin all over again.... ahhh....

That isn't a card next to Dilly, it's her Easter egg. And the worst thing is, she still has it, whereas I ate mine ages ago. She's a tease, I tell you. It aint fare. I want some of hers now. An I won't get any. So hide it, you cruel croco-dragon, hide it! ARGHGHHHGH

"lived in". YEs. I prefer "well hugged".

Tis a great sacrifice we make, when we live among humans.

Bob :@}

Monkey said...

Oh my! Does she go through pants. Yes, she does. The most recent escapade was an evening when she was driving home from the airport and thought she could make it without stopping.

Oh the fun we had calling her appropriate names. Calzone is the best for that.

"Well hugged" it is.

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Was it number ones or twos?


Hope you were able to open the windows.


Mousie said...

now you feigned surprise, that's so nice of you my friend, our parents are so happy to make surprises...I think sometimes they are the children and we are the grown ups...glad you had some chocolate for Easter...and lamb...and you and Dilly are so beautiful near the cards...I wish I could live near you ...but nevermind my friend you're in my thoughts all the time...

B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Yes, Mousie, I think that we are the mor matchure wuns....

margaret said...

Ahhhh what cute little eggs! But just your size!!