WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Friday, January 04, 2008


Overall Scores for Larst Year:
  • Gills: sor most ov the home matches, an wunce my blogger frends startid wearin bloo stuff on match days, we startid to do better. Speshly pants, I yet agen stress- wearin bloo pants on match days reelly duzz help, so if yu dident get eny fer Crismoss, get owt in those Janury Sales soon as pos an stok up on em.
  • Simpsons: sor lots ov them, but we don't get Sky, so I dident see the new wuns. But I don't care. The oldest wunds ar akchewly betta, cos in the start credits yu see Lisa ride her bike over a bump in the road an for 0.136598 ov a second yu see her pants. It mite not seem much, but beleev me, it's werth it. I'm gettin kwite nifty on that paws button....
  • Tesco: Daddy haz a loyalty card for Tesco but continews to occayshunly ferget wat loyalty meens an so I sumtimes catch him shoppin sumware else. Mummy duzzent hav a card at all an I'm not lettin her ride the trolley till she gets wun.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: I think yu will agree I remayne the Champyun in this sport ahem/10
  • Averridge Day Score: 8.197321746537973174876100000000001/10

Heer's me, sellybraytin New Year by Big Ben just arfter midnite, wiv lots ov firewerks, in among the crowds ov thowsands.....

Oh, allrite then, it's me in frunt ov the telly! HEHEHEE!

We dident go owt for New Yeer. In fakt, for the sayme reeson for me bein a bit absent rownd heer- Mummy has had a bad bug, wun that so menny peepol hav had it's been on the news. She has been sik an pooey an sed she felt like she had been run over by a horse. A BIG horse, she stresst, like bein run over by a littol wun wood jus be a bit itchy. So me an Dilly hav been carfterin her. I eevn gayve her self-ishooin rites over the tishooes. I'm a very helpful Bear. She is feelin better today but is worreed the rest ov us will catch it. Hope not.

The man on the telly sed weed get snow today, an I waz lookin forwerd to maykin a SnowBear, wat wiv Mummy bein vertikol agen. But we dident get a singol flake ov snow. I rekkon Mrs Nesbitt, up north, got it all. If so, pleez send sum down heer!

I hav to say "Happy Berfday" to my arnty Christina in Ostraylia cos it's her berpday today. Well, yesterday in Ostraylia. Well, 4th Janry. Wich is today. Well it's today heer. Over there it's yesterday allreddy. So I misst it?? But it's today where I'm sayin it, but yesterday where I'm sayin it to. Ohhh my hed herts. This is like Time Travol.

Enyway! As fer Crismoss, oh wow, I've got so much to tell yu all, it's tickerling the inside ov my hed! I'm gonna sort owt my foto's tonite an tomorro, an then come bak an show yu all.

Wa-heyyy!!!!!!!!!! Heer's to another grayte bloggin yeer, me fello bloggeroos!!!!!

Bye fer now!


Asta said...

Welcome back BOB!!!! I've missed you..did you see my pictoowes fwom NewyYEaws? and my twoopew outfit??since you have an aunt in Ostwalia maybe you could help with ouw find Beau mission too??????
If you want to entew Dilly in the beawd competition you have to tell Stanley TODAY!!! it's the deadline!!!!
she might win, you nevew know! I'm glad youw Mum is vewtical again, mine is still a little wonky.smoochie kises,love

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Heheheee! Hullo Asta! Yeah, I think I shud enter Dilly in the beard competishun! HAHAHA!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bob. We have lots of snow here. December's snowfall broke a record.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oooo, Chewy, will yu bild a snow bear for me pleez?

Dilly said...

Norrrrrrr! Dilly not hav beard! Dilly pwinsessy!


Asta said...

Dilly got all upset, she says she's a pwinsuss and doesn't have a beawd...well now i feel bad..I guess as a giwl I shouldn't have one eithew..booo hoooo snifff
smoochie kisses

Ms. Creek said...

hi bob! welcome back! i've missed your little nose! (unlike dilly's)

asta, it's okay to have a beard if you are a female dog or a turkey.

Ms. Creek said...

we don't have any snow either, bob. the northeast coast seems to steal it all!

A.Bananna said...

hey there you are! we have missed you!! I am glad mummy is feeling better!! hope you have a great weekend!!

Dilly said...

Asta not be sad! Asta pwitty an sessy too!

Bob be norty Bear, upset peepol.

Mayke Bob sleep in car!


Ms. Creek said...

no, bob shouldn't have to sleep in the car, dilly. are you a naughty little sister?

Dilly said...

Dilly not be norty!
Dilly be good gerl!
Ms Cweek say Dilly not hav cewt nose.
Ms Cweek go sleep in car wiv Bob!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey Asta, don't worry. Mummy gets a beard sumtimes too. She pulls it out befor it can grow. But I've notist it there befor she gets to it. Hers duzzent suit her, but yors suits yu, so don't worry. I think yu look grayte.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ms Creek,

I don't think the snow is shared owt proply. I wonder if there's sumwun we can rite to an complayne abowt that.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Dilly I am not sleepin in the car. Wy don't croco-dragons hav a sense ov hewmor?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...



That's a very diffrent foto to the wun yu had larst yeer! The Crismoss holiday oviossly did yu lots ov good. HEHEHEEE!

Nose hugs!

Dilly said...


Dilly DO hav sense hewmor.
Dilly hide,
Dilly leep owt,
Dilly mayke Bob jump.



Ms. Creek said...

Sounds to me like Dilly can dish it out but can't take it! Just wish the little princess would find some snow to dish out to us! We've been in the 40s, supposed to be 50 tomorrow (fahrenhite).

Please tell Mummy I'm glad she is feeling better and continues to heal up. Ask her if she wants some homemade chicken or turkey soup?

Asta said...

Bob thanks fow saying it looks OK on me to have a beawd,Mommi yankes stuff out of hew chin too..heheh
Dilly thank you fow saying I'm pwetty, I'm not cwying anymowe, but I don't think Bob should sneep in the caw..it's too cold! Dilly has a pwetty nose!
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...


SO Happy you are back, buddy! I have really missed you and our little chats. Glad you had some great holidays, and I can't wait to hear ALL about them.

I'm sending goober smooches to your mama (they have healing powers). Please be sure she gets them.

Word on the street is that Dilly wants to enter the beard competition? If that's so, please peemail me a photo of her beard. She could still be in the running for longest beard. (My peemail address is AireStanley (at) mchsi (dot) com )

Goober love & New year smooches,

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wahayy! Such a releef to no that Mummy survived the 'plague' (that's what I think it was). Peeple goin about shouting 'unclean' and 'stay away' ive got 'germses' everywhere. We've even got it up here in the 'grim north' where germs wear clogs and flat 'ats. I'm not going out this weekend, just in case. We have to eat up the 'Great Freezer Mountain'.xxx

Helena said...

"Great Freezer Mountain" -LOL!!!

Bob and Dilly,
It's not even a week into the new year and you're arguing! Quit it! And come and help me take down the decorations.

Thanks for the smoochies!

Dilly said...

Ms Cweek!

Dilly AM abol tayke!
But Bob be too narsty!
Today Bob arsk Daddy,
"Will Daddy cook an eet Dilly wen Dilly die?"

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I ownly ment arfter yu die enyway. I wassent sayin kill yer or enything.

Harry said...

Sorry to hear poor mum has been feeling so rotten. I hope she's on the mend now.

Look forward to hearing about your Christmas.

You were brave watching those fireworks on television. I went to hide in the bath, but I turned on the taps by mistake and gave myself a bath grr!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Ms. Creek said...

ahhh, dilly and bob...you two sound like healthy siblings! but you gotta give your poor mum a break. when she's sick, you have to be on your bestest behavior! and arguing about cooking up dilly after she is gone isn't a good idea. (snout and all???)

help her take down the decor and play something quietly@

Audrey said...

Happy New Year Bob and Dilly and hugs to mummy,sorry she is not feeling too well with the tummy bug. Some of my family had it too ugggggggggh not so good.

We have no snow here either,so no snowmen at the moment.

Do you like fireworks?? all my furry friends are terrified of them but then they are just dogs and cats not big brave bears like you

Hope you have a wonderful 2008 and be nice to your sister xxxx Auds

A.Bananna said...

yes... I changed my picture...I am not a naughty little monkey anymore. I am just me. lol.

it is raining here I will blow it your way so it will turn to snow! how bout that??

btw...my children loved do the advent calander and my daughter told me to tell you thank you! she also thinks you are a cute bear!

Pope Terry said...

Good to have you back Bob, maybe mummy should stay away from horses of all sizes, even if they are just metaphorical. Did you have a little nip of something on new years eve to make the celebration complete?

i beati said...

Send me a Snow Bear photo soon !!I'd love to see that and have a most blessed New Year you bring blessings to me you know. Mummy get well !! me aussi

Celebration of Life said...

You shouldn't tease Dilly about Daddy eating her when she dies. Dragons are sensitive that way! Chuck had the scare of his life when Ms Creek's dog, Gus had Chuck in his mouth! Talking dragons are few and far between, let alone dragons who blog! Take good care of your sister dragon because someday when she grows up she will be able to take care of you!

Basically Bears said...

Hello Bob

Nice to see you back. Glad your Mum is feeling so much better.

My fellow bears and I missed your daily blog update so we are all excited to see you back and read what you will get up to over the next year.

We have made a New Years Resolution to update our blog more regularly. Did you make any resolutions?