WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cold enuff to mayke a berd's beek fall off!!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: tsk!! We lost to Northampton (Cobblers) by 4 goals to nil cos it waz too cold.
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9/10
  • Day Score: 8/10

Well, Daddy cayme home yestaday an things ar gettin pritty much bak to normal agen rownd heer......so........ I went over to Koobuss an Asta an joind them for a wee skiing trip. Yu can see sum ace fotoes on their sites!!! Go an hav a look! Heer's wun ov them, but it duzzent com owt so well on my blog. I'm on the left, on a red sledge wiv a wee doggy calld Stella! I'm in my red parka coate, bloo scarf, an the cowboy hat that Chuck sent me. Good job too, as Stella wontid to chew me ears, an I waz abol to tuk them up underneeth it.

(foto by Asta)


Well, wen I got bak, Grayum an Sam invitid me to join in their Noise-Maykin-Contest. I got som ov it on camra. Play it, an see watcha think! HAHAHA!

The ownly rool waz that yu had to mayke the noise WIV YOR MOWTH. Hahaha! Well, Sam neerly wun, but then he almost followed-throo so we fownd owt he waz, er, erm.... well, cheetin. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Cos Daddy waz away on Valentine's Day, Mummy an Daddy deesidid to go owt fer a speshol Valentine Lunch today insted. So we awl drove to a farm that haz a nice restront. There wer peacoks owtside, snugglin:

Unfortewnitly we got there too layte fer lunch, so we went in the farm shop insted an bort sum stuff. Mummy carnt eet wheat cos it maykes her pooes go a bit mad, but she can eet a speshol wheat called Spelt, an in the shop they had pizza bayses mayde ov spelt! So she bort them an wen we got home they each mayde a pizza:


Dilly helpt wiv Daddy's cos he wantid it hot an she is good at pepper an chilly an stuff. Hiz iz the wun on the rite. So hiz waz a tad hot, an Mummy's waz a tad salty cos she had anchovys on hers. But they sed they wer ded taysty an ate the lot. Then Mummy fell asleep in frunt ov the fire till layte. They reelly kno how to enjoy themselvs, theez two.


It haz been cold heer but we hav had bloo skys. Mummy sez she duzzent care how cold it is, so long as it is brite.

Our back garden this weekend- cold but wiv a bloo sky. Brrr!

We Small Bears, tho, weer just grayteful for bushy-lookin pot plarnts this time ov yeer. Nippin owtside behind a tree evry time yu need a poo is no joke when it's frosty. An it maykes the leevs far too stiff to wipe wiv, as well. So, unless thare's skiing trips to be gon on, or snow bears to be bilt, I'd rarther stay in the warm!

Bye fer now!!!!


Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt said...

Cor Bob you were definately the winner!
Mummy and Daddy went out for a meal on Valentine's Night too, just to the local pub but they enjoyed themselves. Meal was served a bit late so Daddy had indigestion! He got up at 5am and went to work. He was very tired that night! I hogged the telly though! LOL!I found a program on exploration, made a change from his Police Camera Action stuff!

Cassidy said...

Those pizzas look yummy! It be chilly here, but me likes sticking big nose in frost and snuffling in it!

Cassidy x

Calamity Jane said...

Mmmmmm anchovies! Those pizza look really good. Was the garlic bread made with spelt as well?

A.Bananna said...

wow! I loved the movie! my children did too!!! :)

I gave you an award...so see!

Sandy Kessler said...

Spelt pizza looking delicious- I love what mummy said As long as its bright - for sure !~!!!!

Ted T. and Spauld said...

No doubt you won the noisy contest!

We feel sad though. Poor guyz! You have leaves on trees, green grass, and flowers growing, yet you think it's COLD out?! Poor guyz! Good thing you had a skiing trip! Sounds like you rarely get snow!

Of course, we do get snow -- so they say! We just haven't had a good snow in two winters now! They're talking 'bout snow showers later this week, but we don't want showers, we want BIG STORM! (Mommy is shaking her head "no", cuz she is OLD, and everyone knows OLD peoples don't like lots of snow, unless it's some where else!)

Your ski trip looked grand! You also went on it a year after our ski trip! Next year, can we go too?! We have 3 doggies in our family, so we'll fit right in with your group!

Also, looks like you need help on eating pizzas properly. Our "after" pictures of food never show food leftover, AND we rarely have before shots, a'cuz we eatz so quickly!

We just finished posting a beary important message on our blog on how to help the troops -- both in Abearica and in Beartain -- so, we're hoping maybe you can put the links on your site too. Maybe all of us bears and doggies can support our troops by spreading the word.


Ted T. and Spauld
who want some pizza now, for some reason

Julie said...

Good video Bob! I don't know how you mayde that noyse! You looked well cool in that skiing photow! I'm like your Mummy I like to see the sun shining too. I hope it shines in Yorksheere and Eest Anglya next week!

maxxo said...

perhaps you should wear some ear muffs and leg warmers.

Ms. Creek said...

1) You have quite an English accent, most excellent nose sounds.
2) Yummy, yummy looking pizza and bread!
3) You have green grass and green leaves on your bushes! I'm jealous!
4) Don't poo in your yard, the toxins get in the ground water and it leads to global warming!
5) You're so dang cute.

Alex L said...

Bob I never realised before but you kind of remind me of Noel Fielding from the mighty boosch.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wahayy! Love the video Bob! That is a very chuckly-chuckle you have there! It made me laff!

Casdok said...

I love it when its cold and bright, makes you feel alive! As does hot pizza!!
And thank you for your very touching comment the other day, brought a tear to my eye.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Wen MY Daddy haz indigestion he duzzent get up erly, but evrywun else duzz. HAHAHAHA.

Nowun heer watchis the police camra akshun stuff, but Dilly watches all the CSI stuff, an Law & Order.

Trubol iz, she thinks Law & Order is abowt a gerl calld Laura Norda an keeps arskin wich wun she iz.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

The pizzas wer so yummy I dident get much ov them. Look arfter yor nose in the snow: yu don't want to get frost bite on it!

Calamity James,
No, it waz jus normal garlik bred. Mummy haz tryd to mayke bred owt ov spelt herself, but it cayme owt like a brik. We havent fownd enywhare wiv spelt garlik bred yet. We did hav sum playne spelt bred, an cud hav had that wiv garlik, but they had allreddy eeten it wiv hunny! Ha!

THANKYU so much fer the award!!! I wazzent abol to do a post today, but I hope to do wun on Wendzday. I shall hav to talk abowt the awards I've had laytely then. Thanks! Hehehehe! It mayde me smile!

Yep! She sez that she duzzent care how cold it is if it is brite. She wud rarther hav it brite an cold than warm an grey. I think she jus likes the sunshine comin indors!

Teddy and Spaulding,
We don't hav menny leevs on trees, ownly the wuns that hav bin there all winter. The proper trees don't hav eny. Sum ov our bushes arnt bushes reelly, they're herbs- we hav a rosemary bush that looks like a littol tree but reelly it's a herb. It's bin -5c heer in the day an colder at nite, an we don't hav eny heatin exsept the fire an the oven, so we do think it is cold!
Alot ov playses hav had snow, but we dient cos we ar kwite neer the coaste. I want snow so I can mayke a snow bear!

Hi Julie!
I mayde the noyze wiv a mixcher ov nose, paw an armpit akshun. HAHAHAHAHA.

Ooo! I do hav a good woolly hat. I must dig that owt. I don't hav eny legwarmers tho. That sownds a tad gerly to me. Hehehehe. Grayum got woolly soks fer Crismoss, an the other day we shared them, wun fut eech. He wantid them bak befor we went owt, tho.

MS Creek,
I ownly poo behind trees. Oh, an on marigolds. Oh, an neer the roses. It's good fertilizer. It issent bear poo that's warmin the climate, it's dragon breath. See- they're always up to sumthing.

Alex L,
Hey! I LUV the mitey Boosh!!!! Did yu see the wun whare he gets infektid wiv the spirit ov Jazz an the other fella haz to be shrunk down an put into his body in a spaceship to go an find it an fite it? That's my fayvrit episode. Mummy likes the wun wiv the fermentid coconuts. I'm larfin cos nowun else is gonna understand this messidge HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wa-heyyyy! I'm glad I mayde yu larf! I like the idea ov makin yu larf! Hav yu been bak to the slide laytely?

Oh my, I dident meen to bring a teer to yor eye. I hope yu had a bear on hand to isshoo a tishoo. I'm sendin yu an yor boy a Bear-hug.

THanks, evrybody!

Helena said...


It's 28F here in the daytime, less at night! If you want to see pic's of the frost go to my blog at
Lucky I have lots of bears in the house to keep me warm, and a dragon on hand to heat my pillow at night!


Ms. Creek said...

where is your pic on the magazine!!!

Catmoves said...

Hi BT. I had to visit your site at lunch and drool over those pizzas. Sometimes us Not A Bears don't use our heads.

Asta said...

It was so gweat to have you along on that ski twip..you weally know how to fwolic..and that makes fow a gweat pawty!!!Those pizza's awe making us dwool allovew the pootew..don't scwatch youwself with those fwozen stiff leaves on youw bum..sheeshh..be caweful Bob!

I loved youw Video..I hope you won the contest
smoochie kisses

Chalkhills Collective said...

Bob, I go away for a week and come back to find you sounding like Basil Brush! What have you been doing!!