WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Holiday Log part 5: the Bear Hotel and Spa! Wa-heyy!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: serspendid dew to genrol snottyness in the howse
  • Day Score:6.893250001/10


Daddy went bak to werk today but Mummy's virus is 36 hours behind his. This meens that today she haz moovd on to the lots-ov-poo-an-feelin-percewliar stage. Next will be a dry coff an then feelin hungry. Then the urge to go an teech lots ov 7 an 8 yeer olds. Second thorts, that bit mite jus be Daddy. Hehehee. I've spent most ov me time on the windosill wiv the Windosill Bear Familee, owt ov the way. I gave Mummy an Daddy self-ishooin priviledges over the tishooes. I hope they remember that that's a tempry priviledge. I am arfter all the trayned an designaytid tishoo-ishooer.

Ho hum.


Enyway, on wiv the final part ov my holiday log, the Bear Hotel an Spa!

This amayzin playse can be fownd in Beaulieu:

Thare ar sum playses in the UK that hav naymes that yu don't kno how to pronownce until yu get thare an arsk wun ov the locals. Mummy thort this waz pronownced Bowloo. Daddy thort it was Bewley. I fergot to arsk the local Bears, so I still don't kno. I hav herd ov Bewley tho. I hav never herd ov Bowloo. So I rekkon it is Bewley. This is an exslent playse for Spy Bears to hang owt tho, issent it? Cos eevn if peepol fownd owt whare they were, they still wuddent kno whare it waz.

Just rownd the corner we fownd this Bear Adopshun Centre. Can yu see that big Bear in the windo? That is the biggest Bear I hav ever met!!!!

Inside I waz introdewst to Bartie Bristle's Bear Hotel and Spa.

I dident chek in, I just vizitid. We wer lookin rownd the shop an the laydy arskt if I wud care to vizit the hotel wiv the uther Bears.

She showd me to a nice room, wiv a view over the New Forrist, an a bottol ov Bubbly:

Look at all the rooms! Look at all the Bears!!!

Peepol can chek their Bears in heer, an they can hav a steem barth (not blinkin likely, I told them), a fluff-up brush, an appoyntment wiv a Bear Doctor for eny new stitchin an stuff, an then sum relaxin wiv the uther Bears till it's time to go home.

I playd sum footie:...an a nice cup ov tea an sum hunny caykes:This big pot sed it waz a hunny dipper so I felt oblyged to dip for hunny:
The Cheef Bear is calld Bartie Bristle Of Beaulieu: Heer he is, sittin on the sayme sine as me an Dilly did! -he haz a page on FaceBook. I don't hav a FaceBook page so I carnt vizit it, but if yu hav wun, pleez pop in an say hullo for me coz apparently they hav lots ov fun there!

Bye fer now!


Asta said...

What a find!!!That is a vewy special hotel..I would cewtainly go fow aftewnoon tea and a little play..sowwy about youw pawents colds..Mommi is still sniffling too..you would be appaled at the numbew of tissues she used..Icouldn't stop hew
smoochie kisses

BumbleVee said...

Beaulieu is French Bob... and is said
"Bow"(as in a bow in your hair) and "leeuw" (but you almost stop the w part short... so it sounds more like "yuh"(a Yorkshire short "u" in there... as in "oop" instead of "up"...lol.... got it? ...

the Hautvillers part is [oh-vee-LEHR] and it is a little village in the Champagne region of France...wonder why all this stuff was imported to the New Forest? were the owners French way back? strange, but very interesting.... lots to see there... and you guys really saw plenty of it.

CherryPie said...

Wow that looks like a fantastic place to visit! That is one big bear in the window... is he friendly? Ted is so small he might find him a bit scary!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Issent it grayte????!!!!

I kno wat yu mean abowt them taykin advarntidge ov the self-ishooin-ov-tishoos!




Hullo! We kno how to say it in French but we don't kno how it is sed heer. SUmtimes naymes ar spelt wun way an sed anuther heer. Like Althorp is sed "Alltrop". Issent it odd? And Berkshire is sed "Barksheer". We now think that Beaulieu mite be sed "Bowly".

The New Forrest waz originerly naymed in French cos it waz wun ov the ferst Norman KIngs that edged it off as a Royal forrist so he cud go hunting in it. The Normans wer from France.

As fer town twinning, this happens all over. Colchester is twinned wiv Avignon. I think town twinning is just so the local cowncillers can get free holidays.



I THINK he waz frendly but he waz mostly asleep on accownt ov havin eeten all the pies.


Ms. Creek said...

HEY! Reserve a room for me and I'll play the piano in the bar while you play fooz ball!

Koobuss said...

Sorry to hear that you pawrents were sick. Hope your Mommy is feeling better soon.

I love your red coat.

That was a super place you were at. You pictures are beautiful!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Stardust said...

Hey Bob,

I'm so anvieus ov yu, dat yu can visit such a speshol playse! I woold luv to go dere!!!

Arn't yu glad dat mummi did remember to take you home from the hotel? An if yu were to be left behynd, which room will yu stey?

Ok, don't panic, I'm juz imagining.

Oh, I certainly hope dat daddy & mummi do get well very soon. Yu take care too, alright?

BumbleVee said...

ohhhhh, gotcha!!! okay then.....silly me..... hahhahaha

Alex L said...

Looks like an extremely full day Bob.

mrsnesbitt said...

What a great find..had you any idea it was there?
Great surprise I bet!

Luv to your mummy!

Sandy Kessler said...

sorry Mummy is sick I just was also- what a place all those rooms.Now I know where you will sneak off too when we don't hear from you . How are the sunflowers coming??

phaseoutgirl said...

Hey li'l bear,

Thanks for never forgetting... I loved your short messages... I will be back, I promise! HUGS!!!

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Wen Ant Ewee pwayd duh peeanno in duh DC cigar bar, dee pwayd weow pwettee! Mee wantz tu doh on vaykayshun wiff u!

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

You always have so much fun and post such cute pictures Bob! I hope your Mamma feels better, I have the same problem with a virus with lots of poop too.

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

Oh! please keep us updated on your Sunflowers!

CherryPie said...

If he ate all the pies now I can see why he is so big!

Shrinky said...

oh my, you are the luckiest of bears to be taken to such upmarket beary establishments - what a wonder your mummy is!

Yes, it's probably wise to suspend the nose hugs for a bit, it could get a little sticky by the sounds of it.. eeeuccck! Sounds to me you need to issue lots of tender loving care Bob, to nurse poor mummy better. Blow her a kiss from me, and give her a big comforting hug.

A.Bananna said...

That bear was HUGE! I wish I had a bear like him. That bug your mummy has is going around here too! we cought it when we went on holiday. YUCK! my youngest had it...that was even more YUCK! anyways....How are the sunflowers doing?

have a great day!!

Stanley said...

Hey, Bob!

That Bear Hotel looks like high livin' to me. Why didn't you go in for the spa treatment? It sounds kinda nice, except for the eye stitching part. Were there any other spy bears there? Was Mojo's dad there to contact you or other spy bears? (Just askin' - no need to kill me or anything.)

Please give your mama a big juicy goober smooch from me (it has healing properties and should get her over her cold). Hope you and Dilly and the other bears stay out of the way of that virus.

Goober love & more smooches,

Ms. Creek said...

your nose hugs suprisicity are suspended due to snottiness or snoutiness?

Asta said...

Whenevew Mommi weads book that takes place in england , she gets all confoosed about the pwonunciation...like ST Jon being pwonounced SInjin???weiwd, but then, what does she know, she's hungawian..they have the weiwdest language evew..twust me.
smoochie healing kisses to youw pawents, and wegoolaw smoochies wif honey fow you and Dilly

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Ah yes, Chuck tells me yor a grayte piano player! Do yu play from sheet mewsik? If so I cud sit up an tern the paiges for yu!



Hullo Koob! I do luv it wen yu pop by! I think Daddy is ok now but Mummy haz a bad hedayke an feels icky. Hed hugs ar a periluss thing rite now but I'm doin me best!



Hmmm that's a good kwestchun! The beds wer all kwite bownsy but I rekkon I'd hav stayd in the room wiv the hunny caykes an cups ov tea!



It's a grayte playse to spend a day tho!



NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea it waz inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It waz a fantastik serprize!!!!!!!!!



My sunflowers ar bein very nice an givin Dilly's a hed start. WUnce my speshol fertilyzer kiks in mine will be winnin!

Sorry yu wer sik. Mummy still is. Hope it all clears up soon.



Welkum bak!
I'm lookin forwerd to seein wat yu've bin up to!
Hope yor ok!
Nose hugs!



I do like yu but yu seem to hav a speshol thing goin for my sister an that's weird.



Lots ov peepol seem to hav this bug. Mummy's hed herts bad now. Her eyes hert. I hope she gets better soon.



Will do!
Oh, an don't ferget the boxers tomorro!!!



My sunflowers will soon catch up, jus yu wayte!



Aye, there wer kwite a few spy Bears there, an a few spy rabbits! I'll tell Mummy to com an collekt her goober-smooch from yu in person I think! Heheheh!



Hehehee. I hardly ever do them on DIlly as she has almost 360 degree vision (unless yu can get her from her blind spot but that's rite on top ov her hed on accownt ov her enormuss eyebrows.)



Yes that's a weird one. But only as a man's name. THere's a place in London calld St John's Wood, an that's just sed like that. It's Sinjin if it's a man's nayme. But I rekkon it's just weird. I wuddent worry abowt it.
Mummy has a doctor hooz nayme is spelt Beauchamp but pronownced Beecham. She duzzent like her so she always calls her bow-champ to wind her up. HAHAHAHA.



No Cool Story said...

You went on a really cool adventure there Bob.

These holiday logs make me :D