WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Phew, that waz grayte!!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no (but we playd on Chewsday an won!! So thanks evrywun hoo wore speshol lukky bloo pants- they werkt!!)
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Day Score: 7.39628/10


Well weer bak!!!!

It waz ded exsytin at the mewseum. Yu had to hav a speshol tikket to get in to see the Terracotta Army, an evry tikket had a time on it. We bookt in Deesember, but alreddy lots ov the tikkets had been sold an we cud ownly get wuns wiv reelly layte times on! Ours sed 9.10pm!! So we had a layte drive to London.

Wen we got there we pozed owtside the mewseum wiv Granny. Granny waz reelly happy cos she haz wontid to see theez muddy army fellas since the 1970s, wen peepol ferst fownd them!

Then we wantid a pic wiv Mummy an we cuddent stop larfin cos Daddy told us to say "Pants!" to mayke us smile for the camra.

We wernt allowd to tayke fotoes inside so I carnt show yu the exbidishun. BUT! We did find theez! Hahahaha! Sum skool-children had vizited an wer tort how the army had been mayde. Then they mayde sum soldyers ov their own an heer they ar, all lined up like the Chineez Terracotta Army! We waytid till the sekurity guy went behind a pillar, an then Mummy got me an Grayum to poze in frunt ov them!

Dilly liket it all cos she thinks enything to do wiv Chineezy stuff is dragonny. (Or "wagonny" as she sez.) In fakt there wer lots ov feenixes, wich is a sort ov dragonny berd. Heer she is lookin at a big poster as we went in. She waz very exsytid.If yu want to see a bit mor abowt the exbidishun go heer (short video)

an heer .


Weev got a bizzy week ahed now...

It's Dilly's berfday on Monday!!! I had to go an get her a card today. Mummy sed it shud be a gerly card but I fownd a compromize- it haz a Bear on it wiv just a few flowers. I'm shor it'll be her fayvrit.

This Sunday weer all goin on holiday for a few days. Weer goin to the New Forrist. Heer's a link to the cottidge weer goin to stay at an heer's wun abowt the New Forrist. We Bears ar all exsytid as weev not pooed there befor. It's always a partikewlar plezzure to poo in a wood for the ferst time.

An on top ov it all, my Unkol Roy mite be howse-sittin for us, so Mummy is all bizzy gettin tidy. HEHEHEHE!!!

Bye fer now!


Calamity Jane said...

Waheyy!! Sounds like you had a great time. Have fun in the New Forest and watch out for the ponies when you're out having a poo.

Molly and Taffy said...

Hiya Bob

Your trip to London to see the exhibition looked really exciting. We hope you have a grrrrreat time in the New Forest and look forward to seeing your photos. If we were going we would woof at the ponies but as you are a bear you cannot do that, suppose you will be too busy pooing anyway!

Molly and Taffy xx

Cassidy said...

Oh, you will love the New Forest Bob! Remember me & big Harry went there and saw all the ponies, whee!

Cassidy x

Lynda (Granny K) said...

You lucky bear! Terracotta army AND the New Forest, how excitin'!
We are goin to Norf Devon in May for a week. Grate!

Stardust said...

The pikture wif those mud Terracotta army was CUTE! Glad dat yu anjoyed the trip. Have farn agen at de Forest!

Turbo the Sibe said...

That is a mighty army, that terra cotta one!

CherryPie said...

Sounds like good fun at the exhibition and it looks like you will be having some more exiting adventures too!

Stanley said...

Hey, Bobber!

LOoks like you all had a very fun and educational outing to the British Museum. (Glad you got a few photos). My girl used to live in China for several years (7, I think she said), and has seen the whole Terracota Army outside Xian. They don't let you take photos there either. HMPH!

Have a blast in New Forest! I hear Dilly is taking a gas mask so she can breath in the car on the way there (since so many of you bears are going). Are you guys always expelling your methane gases around her just to make her sick? hehehe I do that to Stella to annoy her, but she seems to like it. (BLAST!)

Can't wait to hear about your holiday. Please document your poo spots photographically. You could do a photo essay.

Goober love & traveling smooches,

No Cool Story said...

What a fun trip Bob :)

Hope you have lots of fun in the forest. We want to see lots of pictures.

i beati said...

i'm seeing the world through you and GRanhy Yay

Julie said...

Glad you had a luvlee time at the exeebishun with Granny. You are lukky goin on holiday again. Have a grate time! Look out for the nettles wen you poo!

Ms. Creek said...

I bet you wished you could take pictures for us to see! I'm sure it was an awesome museum...and dilly got to see the dragonny phoenix bird and chinese things!

how tall are you? what size bear clothes do you wear?

Shrinky said...

What a well travelled bear you are, little Bob. My sister went to see that exhibition, she tells me it was well woth going to.

Enjoy your next trip, and be sure to come back soon to tell us all about it. x

Teddy T. and Spauldin T. Bear said...

Bob, we have orders from our honeys to ask you a question 'bout the terra cotta army. They have given us orders to tell you that it is a BEARY important question! (We had our fifth wedding anniversary last Easter, so we are "properly trained husbands" according to our Mommy.) Our wives like to garden, too, and they love terra cotta! They have to know, "Did the terra cotta army have plants in each terra cotta?"

Ummmm, do you know how to tell our wives armies don't grow pretty plants, even if they are made of terra cotta? If we try any harder to s'plain, we might get in trouble, so we're hoping you can s'plain it better.

Now, as guyz, we gotta say, "Cool! A WHOLE lifesize army!" Must be fun to play Soldiers with soldiers that size!!! Can you imagine the size of the cat's eye marble needed to knock any of them down?!

(Mommy said that you might not know about playing soldiers with marbles, so we should s'plain. You get a bag of plastic green soldiers and set them up on whatever looks like a good battlefield, then you take turns seeing how many you can knock down with one toss of a marble -- sorta like a grenade! Lots of fun!)

Your Abearican Buds,
Spauld and Ted T.

PS Ummmm, what happened to the old forest?

Phytheas said...

Bob, Bob, I'm so excited I had to get the JCBinC up to fire up the computer. You've just been mentioned on the radio! Your petition it was talked about on Radio Five Live at 06:14 this morning (Sunday). You were mentioned and everything. Wow, you're a really, really famous bear now!!!!

I'm so excited I don't think I'll be able to get back to sleep.

Great trip to London, by the way.

Wow, Bob, you were on the radio. If you need an agent, just let me know, my rates are very reasonable.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Oh WOW!!! Wat did they say??? Wat did they say????? HEHEHEHEH!!!! I hope they wer respektful to Bears!!!!! HEHEHEH!!! OOO Phyth, I'm sooo exsytid! My beads hav gon all a kwivver!!!! HEHEHEH!!!!! Daddy offen haz 5 Live on in the car. Weel mayke shor it's tewnd in just in cayse they do a recap. HAHAHAHA!!! Oh Phyth, WOW! HAHAHA!!! THis is so funny! HEHEHE! Thanks for tellin me!!! HEHEHE!!!!

ENyway. I'll send yu a postcard!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Calamity Jane,

Good poynt. An eevn better poynt, watch owt for their poo! HEHEH!



Cheeeky! HEhehe! Whare weer stayin they say the ponys wander abowt the villidge! So eevnif it's too cold to go splorin weel still see sum!



Oh yes, I remember yor fotoes! I'll try to get sum good wuns too.



I bet it won't be snowin wen yu go!



I wish they had mayde an army of terracotts bears! Still, leest the wun we fowns waz bear-sized.



The big hewman wun waz a bit scary cos they wer all over 6 feet tall! My fayvrits wer the horses! They had eevn drorn in their eyebrows in the clay! It waz grayte!



I'm intrestid in discuvering wat the local caykes ar like.



HEHEHEHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah, we don't go pppfffftttt all the time. Dilly just rekkons that boys smell all the time wich we don't. An she sez boy Bears smell werst ov all. Huh! I likeyor idea ov a photo diary ov my pooes. HEHEHEH!!!


No Cool Story,

I hope it gets warm enuff for a Bear piknik.


i beati,

I shall tayke extra battrees for the camra for yu!



Good tip! Yes. Tho a dok leaf, I find, is the best wiper, an they yewsly hang owt by the nettols, so yu hav to way it up.


MS Creek,

I am an 8 inch bear. My waist is 8 inches, my bum is 8 inches, my chest is 8 inches an my hite is 8 inches exsept for wen I am angry, and then I gro to 9 inches. This also applys wen I'm gettin the hunny owt ov the cubberd, tho this duzzent mayke me angry in the lesst..



Duzz yor sister hav eny Bears?


Teddy an Spauldin,

I don't kno wat happend to the old forrist, tho if rownd heer is enything to go by, they probly bilt ugly new howses on it.

As to yor gals.... good lor! Where DO we start? HAHA! NO, there wer no flower pots. Altho..... a cuppol ov the soldiers dident hav eny heds an the bodys wer hollow, so yu CUD yews them as intrestin flower pots. Wud sertanly giv the postman a frite!!!!



Phytheas said...

They was talking about the important petitions that the Prime Minister gets sent. They waited till the very last part of the 'piece' mention you. That shows how important it was as everyone will remember the last thing he said. The reporter was very respectful to us bears. I think he must have been laughing at something silly someone was doing in the studio at the time (like standing on their head). So the BBC hasn't rung you for an interview then?