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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gettin packt an off we go & HEY! Wat's that on the raydio? (Cor that rimes)

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: yes: we playd Milwall (Full nayme- Milwall Scum) an got a not-a-looz
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10 (got Mummy) /10
  • Day Score:7.056291/10


Well I'm not shor wat to mayke ov this! For 2 days it waz brite bloo sky an sunshine an Mummy waz doin gardnin an sayin stuff like "I'm plarntin gerayniums", an then today, the day we drive off on holidays, it's snowin!!!! It's mad, I tell yu!!!! It will be fun, ov corse, if I get to bild a snowbear on holiday but I had rarther hopet to be runnin naykid throo the trees an frolikkin in the bloobells. Hurumpff!!

Enyway. I'm packin for all evenchewalitys. As well as my big duffol coat an boots, this is wat I'm taykin:
TOP ROW: hat, scarf, hoody, big dungarees for muddy walks, nite shert for cold nites;
MIDDOL ROW: Dogcat, T Shert, push push car, lukky dukky, satchell (Phytheas's Mum mayde me that!) gluvs on string so I don't looz them, sun glarsses in cayse the sun comes bak;
BOTTOM ROW: shiney penny collekshun for sooveneer shoppin.

There! I rekkon that's abowt it. Now I hav to go an help Mummy pak. Larst nite, she got all the clothes she wantid to pak an put them in a pile so that all she had to do today is put them in a cayse wiv her toothbrush an laydy-stuff. (All laydys hav a littol bag ov stuff an nun ov us boys kno wat's in it.) Well! DO yu kno wat she sed as she was fallin asleep larst nite??? "Oh no!" she sed, "Bob! BOB! I didn't get eny pants owt!"

So as yu see, oviossly she needs help.

Behayve yorselfs wile I'm away!!!


If yu hav a few minits over the next few days, hav a lissen to this!!!!!!

If yu carnt see it heer, it's on YouTube here.

This issent reelly a video it's a recordin off the raydio, but Mummy cuddent mayke a sownd file so she stuk it to a video file insted. I just put sum fotoes ov meself on it for yu to admire wile yor lissenin.

PHYTHEAS alertid me to this grayte event this mornin- on BBC Radio 5 Live they did a report abowt peepol sendin petishuns to the Downin Street Website. Yu may remember, I sent wun to try to stop thoze fiends at Charmin maykin toylet payper wiv pikchers ov Bears on. Well! My petishun waz rejektid but it's still on the website, under "Rejektid Petishuns". This raydio report larsts 2 1/2 mins an they menshun me an my petishun at the end!!!!

WOW! I got a mench on the BBC! Yeeeharrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the tip off, Phytheas!!!!!!

Bye fer now!


Mousie/Paisible said...

your mum is so happy to have your help...and you'ra all so happy to go to the new forest...I went camping there with some of my pupils at Easter, 40 years ago...it didn't stop snowing ...was great though...much love to all...thanks for your messages...I'm back now...enjoy your trip...

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to reading all about it when you get back.

Phytheas said...

Hello Bob, we've got snow here too - lots of it! Did you hear you were on the radio this morning! Really, you were.

Have a great holiday - do lots of naughty sutff!

You'd better pack a shovel.


i beati said...

Have a ball.. See many new sights for us. I see you packed wisely.. I'll be passed out when you return - too much work ha ha ha

CherryPie said...

Love your snowy pictures and the interview made me smile :-) :-)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oooo Mousie! It's good to heer from yu! We wer gettin worreed bowt yu!

I bet the forrist is pritty in the snow. It will mayke good fotoes eevn if it duzzent mayke good pikniks!!!




Thank yu Lynda! Keep warm!


THanks Phyth!!! I've now added it to the post!!! Issent it exsytin??? Wa-heyyy!!!!!!!!!!
Keep outta the deep bits ov the sno. Yor ownly littol!!



Tayke care ov yorself an don't werk too hard. Hav lots ov cups ov tea it will keep yu goin!



B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Whoah! Yu sneekt in wile I waz typin! HEHEHEHEH!!!!!

Thanks Cherrypie! Nose hugs!


Meanie the baby dragon said...

Hi Bob!
Hop yo twip iz uh dood wun an u hav yotz ov fun! Mee an Mawmaw weow bee don foh uh week wiffowt a kumputow taykin kaow ov ah nu baybee. Taow Dilly hi foh mee!

Maggie May said...

Blimey! How did I miss this blog?!!!!!!
Came via David's.
Hope you all have a lovely holiday.
Will be back :-)

Animals with Opinions said...

hahahaha oh that's funny getting mentioned. i laughed and laughed!! boy you should get some traffic from that!! how fabulous!!


Stanley said...


All I can say is, it's 'BOUT TIME! The BBC was bound to discover you eventually. But, if they try to make an offer for you to start your own TV show, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING! Be sure to have a good lawyer look over the contracts first.

Your mama is so lucky to have a bear like you looking out for her. Hope she has plenty of pants for your holiday.

Can't wait to hear about all the trouble you stir up in New Forest.

Goober love & traveling smooches,

Teddy T. and Spaulding said...

Why did the BBC think your petition was silly?! THAT's silly!!! Anyway we can make it become a serious matter? Can Abearicans help. or do we simply not count a'cuz of location?

Ack! Have fun, and enjoy snow and no snow on your holiday. When you get back, we need to talk -- you certainly don't take enough! Of course, we don't either, but that's a'cuz Mommy and Daddy remove half the stuff we NEED! Peoples can be tough on bears in so many ways!

Ms. Creek said...

i will miss you and dilly!!!

i listen to NPR a lot and part of the time, i have the opportunity to hear bbc. HOWEVER, i didn't hear this report and i'm so glad you put it on here, it's AWESOME! lmao congrats for being broadcasted!

No Cool Story said...

Your trip is going to be so fun!
I love your lucky duck and your hoodie.

You are so famous! I heard your name!!! On the BBC!!

BumbleVee said...

way to go Bob! Your few seconds of fame!! whooooo!!

Alex L said...

BOB... YOUR FAMOUS. I really enjoyed that Bob, somehow I dont think they were taking you seriously though.

Harry said...

Enjoy the New Forest Bob, look forward to hearing about your adventures. Hope the papparazzi aren't hising behind any trees now that you've been mentioned on the radio!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Anonymous said...

A spy is always prepared. Have fun Bob.

Stardust said...


Ferst, I think dat yu're amazing to send dat big petishun dispyte yure size. Good job Bob!

Den, my my, what meni starff yu own! Oh I think dat dae luk purfectly nyce on yu!

Hairf a great holidae!!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

That talkin man sounded as tho he didn't think you were real - ha! littol does he no!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I hope yor havin a good time!



How did I miss yors???? Hehehee. I've jus bin vizitin yu. Hope yu like things rownd heer enuff to vizit agen! Chek owt my strip video. I'm ashord my bare bear bottom is kwite smile-indewsin. HEHEHEHE:@D



Daddy larft too- he larft so much his asthma startid an he waz still weezin on Chewsday. HEHE!



Trubbol I stir up? Wy, I don't kno wat yu meen! Hehehe. I sor a dog like yu. CUddent mayke owt wehter it waz yu or Harry. He waz goin into a pub at the time.



I agree wiv yu compleetly! I had to travol lite wile THEY took a big sooootecayse eech. AN ruksaks. An Mummy still fergot her pajarmas. Akchewly that waz reelly funny, that waz. HEHEHEEE...



Yor pikcher haz chaynged agen! I wonder if I shud chanyge mine... wich do yu thiunk is my best side??:@}



They akchewly left 2 full size dukkys in our barthroom for us at the hotel, so my lukky dukky had sum frendly cumpany :@}



Wa-heyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heheh! It mayde all me beads go tingly!!!



Funny yu shud say that cos I got the sayme impreshun meself. Wat did he meen by sum peepol don't tayke petishuns seeriosly? I do! THEY'RE the wuns hoo dident tayk it seeriosly not me! Huh!


Hullo HARRY!

I sor a doggy that lookt jus like yu! Was that yu? Goin into the Royal Oak pub the other day? I took his foto. I'll show yu! It was a very fine likeness!



Ah yor so rite! We spys ar always prepared for all evenchewalitys. As evinced by our wun ear forward an wun ear bak starnce, ov corse :@}



Wy thank yu! I am partikewlarly fond of my hoodie as it duzzent restrikt my tummy so it's handy for Very Hunny Days. Thoze ar days wen yu jus kno that the ownly thing that will help is a lot vo hunny. Lots an lots ov it.
I also luv my satchell that Phytheas's ma mayde speshly for me!



He duzz now cos I emayled him an told him off for not taykin The Bear seeriossly. HAHAHA!