WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I don't like thunder, I don't like it. An I don't like Mummy Bear in that hat.

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills:restin
  • Simpsons: yes- it waz a Crismoss Speshol. "Go figure", as they say over the pond.
  • Tesco: yes, HURRAYY! Got to ride in the trolley an go to the petrol stayshun. We beat it! Hehehe! We bort our petrol an then wen shoppin, an then wen we drove parst the petrol playse on the way bak they wer out at the sign, puttin the price up agen. We beat it! Ner ner na nerrr ner!
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Day Score: I don't kno, cos it waz good, till I went to bed..... /10


Today we ar goin down to Granny's howse an we won't be bak till Friday nite. It's still all grey an windy an rainy. I waz hopin for a erly berfday piknik wiv Granny an sum ov her Bears, but it looks like that's off the menew. I hope it warms up agen for my aktual Berfday on Saterday!

Yestaday the laydy on the telly sed it wud be sunny agen but she lied. It rayned an rayned, all that sneaky drizzelly stuff. Yu kno, the stuff whare yu look out the windo an say, "Do I need my bloo hat?" an desyde that no, yu don't need yor bloo hat cos it issent raynin enymor. An then yu step owtside an TADARR! it got yu! Coz it's that drizzelly stuff that yu carnt see owt the windo, but it maykes yu soakt. Speshally wen it haz jus trikt yu into not warin yor bloo hat.


It waz a T day so the Windowsill Bears wer down off the windosill, an Dilly went off an playd wiv Mummy Bear. Mummy Bear treets her like her littol gerl. It's reelly, reelly irritaytin.

Dilly tryd her "Medeevol Prinsess" hat on her. I think it's jus disrespektful to Bears, I do. No Bear shud hav to go throo that.


Layter, at nite time, we wer all in bed, exsept for Mummy an Dilly, hoo wer owt in the garden watchin the hedgehog. Then abowt 2 in the mornin Mummy cayme upstairs an sed she thort thare waz thunder in the distance. She sed that wen she waz hog-watchin she saw the clowds lite up, but wassent shor if it was litenin or if she had just blinkd.

But harf an hour layter it was raynin hard an thare waz th...thu ..... th.... THUNDER.

I don't like thunder!!!!!

I don't like it!!!!!!!!!

It afears me, it duzz!!!!!!

Daddy sez it's jus God moovin furnitcher arownd, an Dilly sez it's dragons playin football. But I don't kno. I jus kno it's scary an lowd an an an scary an I cuddent find my Number 1 pair ov Emergensy Hug Pants an had to mayke do wiv my Number 2 pair.

Mummy sed I waz a very brayve. An Grayum remindid me that jus cos yor scared, duzzent mean yor not brayve, cos if yu wernt scared, yu wuddent need to be brayve, an eevn if yu wer, how wud yu kno?


Off to Granny's then. I'll tayke me pants wiv me, just in cayse.

I'm ownly littol.

Bye fer now!


Ms. Creek said...

Ahh, BTB, i really like what Grayum had to say, it's so true! And you are a brave little bear and dang cute, too! We've had cloudy and rainy days for the past week! But we need it!

Have a good trip!

ps. does mummy bear usually wear dilly's hats?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yup. She kwite likes the wun Chuck sent.

It's a good job I'm such a tolleront Bear, thare's so much silly gerly stuff goin on rownd heer sumtimes.


Anonymous said...

Thunder says, "Wake-up! Be on your toes!" because Lightning is the dangerous part.

Becky said...

Poor Bob - you are not alone in being scared by Thunder!! Scooter would be right by you shaking and shaking, but he's not as brave as you are. Maybe Scooter needs some emergency pants to hug for the next storm!! Go easy on Mummy Bear doing girly things - sometimes we female types need a day of girliness to keep our spirits up!

Cassidy said...

Have fun at Granny's!

Does you like Peter Kay? It's that fine rain that soaks you through! Everybody in it's spitting! Tee hee!

Cassidy x

Turbo the Sibe said...

I hate thunder. It's stupid!

CherryPie said...

It is the lightening that I don't like...

Ted thinks it's cool!!!

CherryPie said...

ps: He has chosen his favorite place in my new car ;-)

Julie said...

Have a good trip to Granny's, Bob. I hayte thunder too. It's horrubel! I never thort about emurgencee pants to hug. What a good ideea!

Asta said...

I don't think you awe not bwave at all..Thundew is vewy scawy and it's agood thing that you have youw emewgency hug pants to comfowt you..have a good time at Gwannies..I've been tewwible about witing lately, It's been upsside down hewe wif deafs and illnesses..now Daddi is sick..but I think of you all the time..pleez know that
love and smoochie kisses ..and some fow Dilly too

Stardust said...

Oh Bob... cum heer. Cuddle.
Yu ar brave, Bob! To confess dat yu don't like thunder is one bravery itself! Maybe nezt tyme, yu can imagine dat's God's hunny pot dat fell off the tayble?

Dat hat didn't really look too good on Mummy Bear indeed. But if it pleased her?

Enjoy yurself at Granny's!

No Cool Story said...

Sorry Bob (remember I am NOT a bear + I'm a girl) but Dilly and Mommy Bear look kinda cute! ;)

But seriously, I hope the thunderstorms are over and that you have a happy time at Granny's.

BumbleVee said...

Have a great visit at Granny's place.... no hanging about on the streets either.... be careful.

Alex L said...

We havent had a storm for a while actually. Everytime Gibbo, the weather guy says its going to rain it never does.

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

Your Granny gave you good advise Bob. I hope you are having a fun week at her house!
(i don't like hats either bob...you are not alone!)
You should come see the "hogs" on my sight.

Stanley said...

Ahh, Bob!

My girl said I should give you some of my love of wild weather. Whenever it rains and thunders and is blowing stuff all over the place, I love to go outside and RUN WITH THE WIND! I bet you'd learn to like the wildness in the weather if you could run with me a few times.

Glad you're taking your #1 pair of Hug Pants to your Granny's, but take that #2 pair as a back up just in case.

I think Mama Windowsill Bear is very sweet for playing with Dilly Girl. She probably wishes she had a daughter. Just go with it, man. Evidently Mama Bear doesn't give a flip what anybear else thinks about her wearing Dilly's hat.

Can't wait for the report from Granny's! I hope your birthday pre party lasts until Saturday!

Goober love,

i beati said...

have fun at Granny's and please please send me just a little rain. You CAN share some right?? I know how you love it but hee hee

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wahayy Bob! Hope you had a good visit at Grannie's and that the sun shines for your birfday.
When it thunders you could try puttin on some Very Loud Music, like Status Quo or suchlike, to cover the noise and having a dance? I do. My case comes up next week. Hugs ;o)

Stardust said...

Hey Bob!

It'z Saturday heer! I've cum to wish yu a HAPPY BERFDAY, with lotsa nose huggs... ...

Luv ya, Bobber! Have a FUNtastic day!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Ermm..... but the litenin comes ferst, so it's snot much ov a good warnin!



I don't mind them bein gerly reelly. But I wish they wud be it in anuver room! Hehe!
Ah por Scooter. It mus be the nayme. Granny's cat, Scooter, is also not very brayve at all. He is very big but very afeard.



Hav yu chaynged that foto? It's a goodun! Heheh! I've ownly seen Peter Kay wunce, wen he waz on stayge (on telly) doin sumthing abowt weddin reesepshuns. He waz doin an ampreshun ov a littol boy runnin abowt doin plane impreshuns!



I knew I cud rely on yu to kno wat I meen!



Ted thinks it's cool?????? Good Lor! He did look like an owtside adventurer type in that foto yu sent, tho. Or maybe he is jus a bit def? HEhehehee! Ownly jokin. I rekkon he haz a seekrit hoard ov emergensy hug pants.
Wat seat did he pik in the end?



YUP! They ar an eggslent idea an allways reliabol. Yu can allways depend on Emergensy Hug Pants.

Best to hav mor than wun pair tho incayse Daddy puts them on. WIch he duzz, occayshunly. An eevn if yu say "Hey thoze pants ar my Emergensy Hug Pant!" an he givs them to yu, yu then hav to hug wuns that he has just had on. If heez ownly had them on for harf an hour, that's ok, that'll jus warm them up an giv them a nice hugged smell. But it mite be that he had them on all nite. AN the preevioss day too. An yu just don't want to hav to go there, do yu? No. So mayke shor yu hav mor than wun pair.



Oh! I am so sorry yu an yor hewmans ar havin such a hard an sad time. I hate it wen my frends ar sad. Wy not pop rownd layter? I'll sayve yu sum berfday cayke. It's nice an eggy.

Nose HUgs.



Over heer, wen they ar diggin up the road, they put owt traffik cones to warn yu there's a hole. Well, that hat looks like a traffik cone to me!

I like the idea ov God havin a hunnypot. It meens that bees go to Heaven.



It is becos yu ar niver Bear nor boy that I understand yor comment.

I trust yu ar compensaytid for theez impendiments by havin a fully layden pant dror, wiv lots ov intrestin pants ov varioss desine, shaype an size.




B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Hangin abowt on the streets????
I may be gettin older but I'm not a teenager!!!!



Alex L,

Then I think he shud be sakt!!!


Velvet Ginger,

I shall be over soon to chek owt yor hogs!!!



Yu ar like my Mummy- she likes to go owt in the garden an jus stand an look at the sky griining, wen there is thunder. She duzzent care abowt the rain or if it's the middol ov the nite. SHe sits on a chair at the open dor sumtimes an watches it. I told her she shud be careful wen she duzz this in cayse the men in wite coates ar driving parst...


i beati,

I will try to blow sum rain yor way!

Nose hugs!




But the mewsik yu listid is mor to Dilly's tayste than mine. She like "metal". SHe sez it's "wagon mewsik". (tsk).



THANKS!!!!!! Teehee!!!



CherryPie said...

Or maybe he is jus a bit def? HEhehehee! Ownly jokin. I rekkon he haz a seekrit hoard ov emergensy hug pants.
Wat seat did he pik in the end?

I think he ignores the noise because the lighting is so pretty ;-)

He chose the front pot by the gearstick as first choice but he does have a second choice. I will have to try and get you a picture! We are going on an adventure at the end of next week, so I will see what I can do :-)