WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Monday, July 07, 2008

Piknic Fotoes

Weekend's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: no, but we sor Family Guy an thare wer lots ov pants on it!! Hehehe!
  • Tesco: yes, wiv Granny, wich is grayte, cos she goze rownd twice cos she fergets sumthing.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10! Ha! Got all the Bears at Granny's howse befor they knew I waz thare/10
  • Overall Score: 7.8963150002/10


Glad yu liket my pant shadow foto. Maybe we cud all start a new art form: pant shadows. See wat we can prodewce. Let's fayce it, modern art is mostly all pants enyway so we may as well. Wa-heyyy!!!!!!!! Jhee jhee jhee.


Enyway, we had Friday's piknic wiv Arnty Jo an Hazel. This is them:

Heer is a kwik clip from wen we wer settin up the piknic:

We had: choklit muffins, cheez stiks, chiken drumstiks, sossidge rolls, crisps, jelly an creem, ham samwidges, cheez samwidges, mini Scotch eggs an lashings an lashings ov ginger ale! Wa-heyyy!!

It waz hot an me an Grayum mayde hankercheef hats layter on:

Dilly thort this cheez stik lookt like a bow:

Arfterwoods we walkt rownd the park an I shared a Brown ice creem wiv Hazel. That red bus is an old London bus that waz vizitin. It waz a play bus. The children wer goin on bord to collekt payper an pensils an then sittin on the grarss an droring the bus an the trees.

Dilly preferd Arnty Jo's green ice cream:

Then we went into the town an did sum shoppin. I got this grayte hunny an nut bar:

Dilly got a new owtfit:

Then in the eevnin we went to Tesco cos Arnty Jo had sum "mummy off vowchers" to spend. She haddent been in our Tesco befor an sed it's bigger than the wun neer her howse. We went rownd an rownd an it waz grayte. We wer thare neerly 2 hours. Daddy sed "I knew yu'd tayke ferever that's wy I dident come!" But I had a grayte ride in the trolley. Dilly rode in Hazel's bag wiv her snowt stikkin owt.

Befor they left our howse we drank tea an ate toaste an they had a look at our blogs on the compewter. They enjoyd my strip video most ov all! Hehehee!

It waz a grayte day!

Bye fer now!


BumbleVee said...

I love your strip video too! When I need a giggle....I just click on that one ... or...or..or..... I have a cheer at my other fav... you "having a damn good frolic" ..love the dancing music on that one.... wheeeeeee!!!

Bear Naked said...

Wow sounds like you had a great day.
Didn't you get full from all the food and drinks?
Dilly's new outfit is very pink isn't it?


Becky said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love Dilly's new outfit - pink is her color. Hope you and Graham didn't eat too much. Nose hugs!

Sandy Kessler said...

What a spendid time- all the fun things to do in one day with special people .whahey!!!

Stardust said...

Bob, yu sure had a lot of fun! I realized dat I haven't got my own piknic yet an I'm lukin forward to wun.

Dilly got herself a COOL outfit! She lukes all girly in that. Uh... no pants fer yu dis time?

Ms. Creek said...

What a great day (starting with having to 2 around tesco 2xs because grammy forgot something!) and such nice guests to have your picnic with!

the reason why you were so hot and had to wear your headscarfs is because you were wearing LONG SLEEVES! lol they were cute, tho!

dilly, of course, is lovely in her new outfit. the bun that looked like a bow was funny on her long nose!

BumbleVee said...

Hey Bob....I finished my little "crafty" thing for your challenge...but it is midnight here....so I will take a photo in the daylight...and then post it to my blog for anyone interested....

BumbleVee said...

Okay...got 'em. Pictures of my crafty little guy. I would say little crafty guy...but he himself is pretty crafty..at getting what he wants so I said it the other way 'round instead.

You can see him here


CherryPie said...

That minty ice cream looks delicious!

bikerted said...

Karnt beet a teddie bares piknik eh Bob?

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh what a loverly picnic! Glad you had such a great time, I bet Hazel loved it all!

Alex L said...

Looks like a very nice day Bob. The brown ice creams are always better than the green ones, but dont tell Dilly that.

Anonymous said...

Some of the simplest experiences in life are the best! Picnics are one of them.

Bob, I'm drinking soda pop flavored, "Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale". Shrinky says us Americans are Philistines. (hee-hee)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Wa-heyy! I'm glad yu like it. Do yu joyne in wiv the strip? Hehehee.


Bear Naked,

I dident get too full cos thare wer plenty ov trees to empty owt behind.
Yes, it is VERY pink.



It waz grayte fun. We fed walnuts to a skwirrol, too. I like skwirrols. I like their littol paws.

Naah, Grayum haz a bilt-in sistem to stop him eetin too much- he falls asleep.



WA-HEYYY!!!!!!!!! An skworrols, too! An cayke! Wa-heyy!



No we left the pants in the car cos it waz a bit hot. Com to think ov it, we cud hav brort them an mayde a nice sun shayde. Hav to remember that next time!


Ms Creek,

Oh! I dident think ov that! But at leest I dident ware soks. Mummy got hot. She wor soks. She ALLWAYS wares soks. Theez wuns had Tigger on them. Then she moans that her toes get hot. Still, leest they don't whiff. Like Daddy's. He allways wares soks, too, but that's cos they ar glood to his feet. He has to peel them off to put them in the wash. Then Mummy throws them in the washin masheen. Sumtimes they hav to go in twice, becos wunce issent eevn enuff to mayke them bendy agen.





I shall hav a chek throo and get pikchers ov them all for a post. Yor the therd wun I kno abowt. Watch this spayce! Thanks!




Hmmm... well.... it SMELT intrestin, but I just cuddent risk the greenness ov it!



Yu sertinly carnt!!! An I bet it wud be grayte to go wiv yu, cos yu cud bring big fat HEVY caykes on yor bike!!!



Yes, we had an emayle sayin that Hazel sed it waz her best day ever! But it also sed that she sez that kwite alot! Hahahaa!


ALex L

I just did. HAHAHA. She sed no, but then she carnt hav much tayste if she likes pink enyway. HAHAHAHA!




Well I don't kno bowt Shrinky but I wud like to try that drink! Duzz it hav bubbols that go up yer nose???? Hav yu tryd it throo a stror?

I like strors.


Stanley said...

Aunty Jo is just like my aunts... always feeding you good food!

Looks like a blast of a day with her and Hazel. (I LOVE that name).

Goober love,