WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tayke THAT, stoopid bug! Wa-heyy!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no, but they did play on Saterday and win, so they're probly restin up arfter the shok!
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: yes- Daddy bort mor PANTS!!! An then me an Sam an Grayum had a grayte inorgeral frolick.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10 got Mummy AGEN!/10
  • Day Score: 7.2160003/10


I've bin doin a bit ov carfterin cos Mummy's bin feelin a bit bloo. Normally bloo is an grayte culler, but not to be it.

So I hav had to stay in, an put to yewss an old motto that I pikt up from sumwhare. I'm not shor whare. It was just lyin arownd sumwhare. An I pikt it up. Heer it is:

"Wise is the Bear hoo finds joy in littol things, for he shall always be happy."

An, bein as I am a Wise Bear, this must upply to me! So off I went, rownd the howse, looking for littol things to be joyful abowt.

An I fownd 3:

  1. Ferst, I overherd Daddy say the new washeen masheen will finerly com tomorro, so I happily handid owt Pant Party invitayshuns to all the uther Bears!
  2. Sekund, I fownd a choklit peanut in the pokkit ov my hoodie. I'd fergotten all abowt that wun! It waz all diffrent-shayped, yu kno, like wen yor choklit melts an moovs arownd an then sets in its new place. It waz a bit fuzzy, too, but this jus mayde it intrestin.
  3. Larst but DEFNITLY NOT leest, Daddy killd a moskeetto. Hehehee. Wat's so grayte abowt that, yu arsk? Well, it waz the WAY he did it. It waz buzzing rownd in the barthroom wen Daddy waz havin a wee ,wich mayde him rarther nervoss, akchewly. (Gosh, that's kwite BRAYVE, issent it? Gettin yor doobry-watnot owt wen thare's a mokeetto in the visinity?) An just as he waz thinkin, "Oh dear, i need to be kwik- I'm in daynger heer." an "Wen is this goin to stop?" down the littol beggar flew an sat himself down IN the toylet! HAHAHA! An Daddy sed (he sed ALL ov this, ok? I meen, I waasent in thare wiv him) that he yewsd him for targit praktiss!!! HAHAHAHA!

Now, I want yu to do 2 things.

Ferst, I want yu to look owt for littol sumthings that mayke yu larff, or say, "Oh goody!", an then tell us all abowt them, heer, or on yor blog.

Secund, nex time yu see a pesky moskeetto, I want yu to remember how Daddy delt wiv it.


Bye fer now!

(Sorry no piccies, blogger playin up. An it taint personal, no matter WAT Dilly rites on her blog abowt it.)

(Hehehee Mummy jus sed, it's a good job thare WERNT eny fotoes! HAHAHA!)


Bear Naked said...

You are a very special bear to look for things around the house so Mummy won't feel so blue.

My best special thing right now is my LARGE glass of chilled white wine that I am sipping while I read everyones' blogs.


Bear((( )))

Ms. Creek said...

LMAO, oh bob....i really don't want that mosquito killing expedition in my mind, but now i can't get it out! and i'm with your mum, THANK GOD for NO PICS! lol!

when you are a fuzzy bear...what does it mean when you eat fuzz on the chocolate peanuts!

Velvet Ginger said...

So ahppy your new wash machine is on it's way! So happy you found a chocolate covered peanut...I would pass on the fuzz...but if that's what makes you smile my friend...
and I NOT planting that bug killing in my mind...your Daddy Mac would be embarraced I am sure!!! (you are such a cutie)

Becky said...

Outstanding news on the washing machine front, Bob! I bet that helps Mum turn more towards lavendar then blue (I hope!). One of the little things I'm thankful for today is your blog - it always make me laugh and smile. Also, my husband just called to let me know he went out and bought my favorite ice cold beer and will have one ready for me when I get home - hurray!
And, when I get home, I always get the most wonderful excited greetings from my wee beasties... they always are glad to see me and yap about their day. :)

So - there are 3 little things that make me happy today. Go give your Mum a big hug and offer to rub her feet; maybe that will cheer her up a bit.

See ya later!

Stardust said...

FINALLY, the washeen masheen is here! I woold hav sent those invitayshuns iv I wer yu! Ha!

Sorry to heer dat mummy isn't feelin too good. =( Bloo is a grayte culler, but not so grayte to be indeed. Here's some white, send to mummy to mayke her feel better...

Now daddy got larffin, but I won't be larffing if my Bear at home dus the same an going after the moskeetto all over the place. (**)

Hmm... I'm into sweets a lot these days an they're showing on my thighs. My ballet teacher doesn't lyke them and glares at me a lot. LOL!!! I hope it mayke yu larff a bit. Synchronized sitting maykes me larff jelly... Nose hugs.

Asta said...

I'm sowwy I haven't visited fow a while..it's my loss cause you always manage to make me lawf and feel gweat, but sometimes Mommi just won't coopewate about witing fow me..sheesh..I loved youw thwee things..and I will twy to think of some too..I suwe know That you awe one of the things that make me go way hey!!!
smoochie kisses

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I'm at werk today Bob, but someone came down an said 'go on Youtube and search for 'Christian the Lion'. It's wonderful! but you will need to 'issue the tissues' big time to mop up all the happy tears that mummy will cry! We watched it in the office and the mascara was really drippin'!

CherryPie said...

Well I know how important bloo pants are but I am thinking maybe just to make Mummy less bloo that Pink pants are in order! Then she can feel tickled Pink :-)

Amy said...

Bob! I found a bear cousin of yours. I'll send you a picture of him later, but you most definately look like relations.
--Amy (TB's mommy)

Turbo the Sibe said...

You know what? You're right. Bugs are stupid!

Alex L said...

Well you gotta use the resources on hand Bob. Which reminds me with winter winding to an end the mozzies shall return here soon.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Bear Naked,

Yor allowd to drink large glarsis ov wine? No wonder yu ar skinned so offen! HEHEHEH!


Ms Creek,

It meens they linger on the tung fer longer! Hehe!


Velvet Ginger,

The mor yu try to get the pikcher owt ov yor hed, the mor it will stay there! Ha!



I luv littol doggys (but I like greyhownds, too, that's the exsepshun) an I rekkon if I cayme to stay I cud ride Scooter like a wee horse and we'd go "Yeeharr!" an entertayne yu goin rownd the room, rowndin up evrywun else. Hehehe! Thank yu for bein kind abowt me blog!



Wa-heyy! Mummy yewst to do ballet wen she waz a littol gerl. She sez she had a lite bloo tutu an pink shooz. Hehe! I'm all for Bears havin fun, but I hope yors haz a good sense ov direkshun! HAHAHA!

Larf jelly? :@D



I reelly went waheyy wen I sor the foto ov yor fridge an yu had my foto on it! That mayde me go "Wow!". Wat an onner!



Aww... Mummy waz neerly cryin an Daddy thort she waz funny cos she kept goin "awwwwwwww" over an over. It waz a luvly video tho. I kept thinkin it waz a trik video an that suddenly he wud rip their heds off or sumthing. HAHAHA. But it dident happen. But I waz prepared! (I'm prepared fer all evenchewalitys. THat's wy I hav wun ear forwerd an wun ear bak.)







Ooooo I'm intreegd! I do hav a lot ov cuzzins. An thare a lot ov Bears wiv flags on thare noses- we all graduaytid from the sayme collidge ov spy-issity. They have the badge "FIFA" on thare chests. Peepol think this sumthing to do wiv football, but reelly it's the Federayshun of Internashunal Furry Agents. ENyway, I'm lookin forwerd to seein hoo yoov fownd!


HI, BUDDY! whare yu bin? I'm so pleesd to see yu heer agen!



(sigh) I'd rarther be lookin forwerd to summer than tikkin off the days to winter! Still, it's sunny today. An winter heer meens Santa, at leest!


Nose hugs, evrywun!!!!!


Stanley said...


Tell your daddy we don't ever need photos of him doing target practice with the mosquito in the toilet. That, however, was a very resourceful thing for him to do to deal with the pesky fella.

I know that you are ferocious and that you do ferocious very well, but your little motto about finding joy in the little things is, indeed, extremely wise.

Here is one of mine. This morning Stella let rip a very nasty smelling gassy fart, and I was up-wind from her and didn't have to smell it. (I knew it was bad because my girl almost fainted. It happened right in her face.) For that, I'm very grateful and joyful cuz my girl made the funniest face I think I've ever seen!

Goober love,

BumbleVee said...

somebody must be very clever and have a great aim to use mosquitoes for target practice..hahahahha

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Stanley, mayte!

HEHEHE! THanks for the larfff!!!

An thanks for proovin that gerls fart cos Dilly sez they don't. I told her sheed explode if she dident but she wuddent hav it!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Wa-heyyy! Sumthing gerls carnt do! Teehee!