WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pooey Stuff (well, mostly).

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: serspendid dew to thunderry wether- it waz hot hot hot an muggy all day, an Mummy had a bad hedayke, so I jus KNEW it waz coming.
  • Day Score: poo/10


WELL!!! Arfter the luvly smiley wa-heyy! things I posted abowt the uther day, I now hav 4 things that REELLY MAYDE ME GROWL! I may be a cewt 8inch Bear, but I do ferroshus, too, yu kno, an yesterday sumthing happend that reelly mayde me growl. AN stamp my foot. An that's well seeriuss.

So gess wat happend. Or rarther, wat dident.....



An I had handid owt all thoze invitayshuns for a freshly-lornderd-pant party. HURRUMPFF!

NOW they say it will come tomorro.

POO. That's all I can say: POO. POO to them wiv flys on it.


NEXT! It thunderd- for abowt 4 or 5 hours, it jus went rownd an rownd an rownd us from abowt 9 larst nite till early mornin.

Mummy had the kertens open an wun ov the flashes went strate down behind the howse akross the roade an mayde us jump! I dived under my emergensy-hug-pants (number wun pair) an the uther Bears held me. I am brayve. I AM.



NEXT! Gess wat that pillock nex dor did this mornin? He cut his tree down! It was a reelly reelly big silver birch tree. Newton, the robin, yewst to sit on the top twig, cos that waz the hyest bit arownd heer, an he yewst to do his song.

We don't like peepol hoo ar narsty to trees. He cut bak wun ov ours the uther week, wen we wer at Granny's. He dident eevn yews a sor, an wun ov the branches haz a tare in it now.


Wiv EXTRA flys on it.


An finerly, sumthing REELLY not fair! I want to go an see the new Batman film but Mummy sez I'm too littol. NO FAIR! She duzzent understand. I'm an internashnol agent. I need to do reserch all the time. Speshly bowt sooperheeroes. An thare is stuff I need to kno- like, can Catwooman lik her own bottom like real cats do????


Oh, this will never do! I need to say sumthing happyer than theez things befor I go.

Oooh! I kno! Mrs Nesbitt sent Mummy a parsol! She sent her sum rubber stamps to mayke mor things wiv!

Mummy waz asleep wen the Postbear cayme, an me an Daddy took the parsol up to her. She waz all happy to see it, an then went bak to sleep. Layter on, she sed she drempt abowt the parsol, an sed that Harry waz in her dreem, sendin her stuff an drinkin tea wiv her an havin a chat.


I do worry abowt her sumtimes!

Bye fer now!


Asta said...

How vewy fwustwating fow you..POO on them indeed..I can send some of my POO if you wun out..I hope all youw fwiends will still be able to attend the fweshly londewed pants pawty!
Youw neighbouw sounds like a jewk!! Want me to come bite him??
I've neve bitten anyone, but he sounds like a gweat place to stawt.
I just heawd fwom Jackson, he's gonna have the suwgewy next week..the tumow didn't spwead..keep thinking youw pawsitive thoughts fow him pleeez
smoochie kisses

Becky said...

Now that is really agrivating news!! The trees are being chopped up, storms, no washing machine.... what a bunch of HUEY!!! Glad you said POO! Hope it gets better soon. Scooter says he wants to put a saddle on you and have a rodeo like you mentioned. He is going to be impossible to deal with until we get that done, Bob - LOL :)

Bear Naked said...

Wow Bob
You certainly had a lot of things to be grouchy about.
POO on that nasty neighbour for cutting the tree.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Did you notice the pink Care Bear I had on yesterday?
You-know-who would have been very happy to see it don't you think?

Bear((( )))

CherryPie said...

Oh no, that washing machine is taking an awful long time...

Julie said...

With all that thunder I would have been under the emergencee hug pants too! I hayte thunder!

Poo on the woshin masheen man! Duble poo!

Oh, and even bigger poo on the nasty naybor. I think the tree should have fell on him!

Stanley said...

Hey Bobber Boy!

Sounds like a very frustrating no good very bad day... until the parcel! Looks like you and Dilly and the other bears at your house have a lot of cheering work to do in the neighborhood, and I'm sure you are up to it!

As for your tree-cutting neighbor ~ just know that I ham sending him a big pile of steaming goober poo with a little pile of steaming goobette poo (Stella's) on top... like a cherry but not really.

Sorry I haven't been around for the last few weeks. Stella & I have MISSED YOU! My girl thought of you while on her vacation in the mountains, though. We have a little something to mail to you if you're willing to email me your address. Think about it.

Now, I'm going to catch up on all you've been doing these past couple of weeks.

Extra gooberlicious smooches and hugs for you, Dilly and your parents!

Goober love,

Ms. Creek said...

sometimes we all have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and that's what it sounded like yours was! rarely do they come 2 in a row, so hopefully you can enjoy your party tomorrow!

Velvet Ginger said...

I am really sad about the birch tree...I love trees too and I am sad for Newton. I can't believe you have to wait another day for that dang wash machine!!!
How old are you Bob? Kash went and saw the new Batman movie...and he did just fine...he is 4!!

T.B. Superstar said...

Awww! That all sounds BAD. Your neighbor sounds like he needs to be smacked by a bear or three!

Still no washing machine? What are you going to do? Your mummy will have to start making pants.

And thunder! *shake* I don't like thunder one bit!

Have better days, Bob!

Stardust said...

ARRGHH, AWFUL! Dun't keep those poo, Bob, and may the flys prosper! HOW COULD ANYBODY BE THAT UNBELIEVABLE? Poor mummy... I wish sum wun deals wif dat washeen masheen dealer!

Is yur neighbour alright? Do yu think dat yu can giv him some growling warning??

Now, yu've been a brayve Bear and I noe dat yu can pull things together. Be there fer mummy, Bob, and mayke things good agen. Tell mummy dat she is loved... I really hope dat things get better like melting choklit, sweet and smooth... Nose hugs.

Harry said...

Hello Bob,

Good to catch up with you. You do sound like a cross little bear!

The Batman film will soon be out on DVD you know, so maybe you'll be able to sneak it into the trolley when you're whizzing round Tesco in the not too distant future.

How funny that I popped up in your mum's dream. I do like a nice cup of tea. But, erm that photo is my little sister, not me. Yes I know, she grew!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh what a bum day. Werds fail me. A pox on the next door neighbour man. I hope your washing machine arrives and all is well again real soon. Check out the link to the sock puppet theatre on my blog, it might just cheer yous all up abit.

i beati said...

extra poo for that tree cutter !!!

Asta said...

Thank you fow hugging youw speshall emewgency pants fow Jackson..He will be having suwgewy on tuesday mowning, so I'll ask you to do a little mowe hugging then
love and smoochie kisses
pee ess hope youw wash machine awwived since then and you'we having a much bettew day!!! Kiss Dilly fow me pleez

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


HAHAHAHA! Oh boy, PLEEZ don't send me yor poo. Send it direkt to HIM tho. Hehehehe! He is the king ov jerks. I'm not eevn shor I'd let yu bite him, cos yu mite catch sumthing. I meen, he must hav sumthing rong wiv him to hav a serten orifiss so retentiv.



Scooter carnt do THAT!!! I'm ownly littol!!!!


Bear Naked,

I did sertinly notiss the brite pink Bear on yor blog. Waz it reel, tho, or just a teddy? (Did it hav knees? Sum ov 'em look reel, but yu can ownly tell wen yu get reel close, an then yu discuver that they don't hav knees an so arnt reel, an ar reelly jus spy devices put in to fool ya by sumwun.)

I dident menhun it to Dilly becas, well, frankly, sheez annoyin enuff allreddy.



It waz werth the wayte, I think, it's kwyeter than the old wun, so I can doze off wile on pant watch, an it's luvly an soothin an leeds into luvly pant dreems.



They sed on telly that the thunder is comin bak! I shall be prodewsin enuff nervuss poo to bury the nayber let alone cuver his bald patch!!



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA a steemin pile!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA oh boy I larft at that so hard my bum neerly burst! Hehehehe... hahhhh... ooo yes, thank yu! I've sent the address. The ownly condishun wiv sendin me address is that yu hav to inclood yors in whatver yu send, so I can send a thank yu or sumthing.

:@D (cor how eggsytin!)

I've mist yor gooberchops!!!!!


Ms Creek,

Yor rite! Mine got better cos the washin masheen cayme today! But Mummy's got werse cos she went shopping an lost sum ov it on the way bak. POO!


Velvet Ginger

He sor it an he is ownly 4? WOw! He mus be so brayve he must be neerly a Bear!

I'm abowt 8. So I shud be allowd to go twice!


TB Bear,

He sertanly duzz! Rite in the smakaroony! He had his pants owt on the line yesterday. I inspektid them throo me binokewlars an cud tell- they've never bin frolickt, yu kno, just a small, wizzend, grey pair ov wrinkly borin un-frolickt old man pants.

Yu can tell alot abowt a person from the cut ov his pant, yu kno. An heez a tree-merderin-pillock.



Like melting choklit, sweet an smooth... ahhhh... yu say the nicest things!



Hullo! I've mist yu! I'm so sorry abowt the mistayke wiv the foto! My, she reelly HAZ grown, hassent she? But yu still look yor hansum self!

Nose hugs!



A pox on him indeed! An may the ants ov a thowsand camels infest his pants!

Oooo hand puppets? I shall haff to hav a look....



i beati,

extra poo wiv steam!



I will defnitly do a speshol skweeze ov my hug pants for Jackson on Chewsday mornin, an I'll do a speshol darnce for him as well.

But no way am I kissing Dilly.