WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: yessserrreeee! We wun!
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10!!!!/10
  • Day Score: 8.32961/10


Hurrayyyyyyyy! Rememberin to arsk yu all to ware yer bloo pants on match days werkt- we wun!!!!!!! We playd Port Vale (full nayme: "Not even the nayme ov a reel playce so we mayde wun up that neerly rimes wiv Orfull Smell") an we wun 1 goal to nil. We dident eevn hav to werk hard cos they kikt wun into their own goal. That's how dum they wer. But HURRAYY! We had sellybraytory banarrnanas all rownd!

:@D :@D :@D :@D :@D

Mummy's bak is gradewly gettin better. She has been gettin mor an mor uprite eech day. In fakt, watchin her this parst week haz been like watchin that poster of The Evolooshun Ov Man playin owt befor my eyes- exsept that she dident at eny poynt look like a Manchester Utd player.

:@D :@D :@D :@D :@D


Good news re the hedgehogs! Remember that speshol howse we bort them? Well, wun has DEFNITLY moovd in!!!! Heer's wun, eetin sum corned beef-

Soo.... how do we kno for shor that wun of them haz moovd into the Hog Howse??? Eeezy! HEDGEHOG POO JUST INSIDE ITS DOR!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaa! Thro my arms up at him! Heez fownd it an heez claymed it!

:@D :@D :@D :@D :@D

I'm lookin for anuther candydate for my "If They Weren't Human" seereez at the moment, so watch this spayce. I THORT I had wun- John McCain. But I cuddent find a photo ov a badly stuffed camel to go wiv him. Hey ho. I'll hav to think ov sumwun else!

Bye fer now!


Stardust said...

Hedgehog! It'z a hedgehog!!

Dis iz so very wunderful don't ya think?!?!! =D I hope it brings a pal soon! =D

I didn't noe dat hedgehogs are ok wif meat, I thot they're herbivore... I'm obviously wrong! Khehehe...

Ms. Creek said...

you've had a great few days! your team won, your noze suprizicity is a whopping 10 and hedgehog poo poo in the house! how could it get better than that? (you could probably use a pic of that poo poo for the "if i weren't human" pose of McCain!) shhhh i didn't say that!

Alex L said...

Hey that's a coincidence Bob, I saw an echidna on my ride yesturday. Glad to hear mums getting better.

Stanley said...


Mr. HEdgey has moved in FOR GOOD I bet. Who wouldn't want to live at your house, what with the corned beef and the great architecture.

I would have liked to see John McCain on your next installment. Too bad it didn't work out.

Goober love & extra healing smooches to your mama,

CherryPie said...

oooh! I am so excited about your new residents! And I am so glad that mummies back is getting better xx

i beati said...

love that hedgie - careful on the Mc Cain hahaha blue pants all the way !!!

Bear Naked said...

Glad your blue pants worked for your team.
Mine didn't work for mine last week here in Canada.
This weekend I think I will take your advise and wear them on my head.

Bear((( )))

San said...

Bob, I didn't know Mummy's back was hurting. I've been away for a while. Give her a hug for me.

Stuffed camel, hedgehog poo, the most hulking picture from the Evolution of Man--either of those would work for McCain.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey, Stardust!

Yup, hedgies like a nice bit ov meat. Altho, we tryd him wiv a bit ov ham wun nite, an he dident tutch it at all. Fussy beggar.

The reskew playces tell yu to feed them tinned cat food, but not the fishy type, cos hedgies carnt eet fish.

But we tryd him wiv cat food an he dident like that iver. See? Fussy beggar.

He duzz hav a pal, a bigger wun, so we ar wundrin if it's his Mummy.



Ms Creek,

Hey thare! The hedgie poo waz in the hedgie howse, yes? Not in heer! Ha! I hav a territory to gard as well yu kno! HA!


Alex L,

echidnas ar very odd. Mummy sez she soe wun yeeers ago wen she vizitid Ostraylia. Did yu kno that they lay an egg, an carry it in a powtch in the middol ov their belly, underneeth them? Weird stuff!


Hullo Stanley!!! We ar reelly enjoyin the book yu sent!!! Wa-heyyy!!!



Yes, she is still tayking sum tablets that look big enuff for a large cart horse to be taykin, but sheez gettin better eech day :@}





Bloo pants on thoze wee doggys ov yors too!!! hehehe!


Bear Nayked,

Yes! YEs! Yes! On yer hed!!! Wa-hey!!!!



I hope yor bein away waz a good way ov bein away. Sorry I havent been to the blogs this week. It's been hard to get online an thare's bin a lot ov stuff hapnin.
Nose hugs!!!




CHEWY said...

I have lots of catchin' up to do. Cool Hedgehog House! I'm happy to hear one has pooed in ...um... I mean moved in.