WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pant frolicks an updates an stuff :@)

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: yup, we playd Bradford (full nayme: Bradford Sh*tty. Mummy mayde me put that start thing in there, but yu all kno wat I meen.) We drew 2 goals all.Wich must meen that THEIR fans wer warin an eekwoll number ov lukky pants as our fans.
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: yup, an I had a good ride in the trolley :@}
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9/10
  • Day Score: 7.462981/10


Well! I hope yu all enjoyd the ferst Internashnal Pant Frolick Day on Friday! I was so frolickt owt, I cuddent get to me blog! Wa-heyyy!!!!

Enyway, I must tell yu sumthing that happend the uther day....

All the uther Bears wer sittin alongside the laptop wile Daddy waz typin on it, updaytin artikols on obskure South American football players on Wikipeedia, an ENYWAY, he waz all happy cos he thort that them sittin thare ment that (a) they wer all intrestid in wat he waz doin, wich waz a ferst, or (b) that he waz suddenly very popular eevn tho he dident hav eny choklit on him.

Well! It took a wile for the trooth to com owt, but in the end I susst it, from the way they kept ternin abowt an reshufflin their pozishuns: they had fownd the fan owtlet an wer warmin up their bottoms!!!!!

WA-HEYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Cheeky Bears!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!


The car is still in the garridge bein fixt. We THORT it wud be reddy yestaday so Daddy took the Bob-car bak to the hire playce.

THEN, the garridge rang an sed that the car had been ok.... they thort.... but then they put it all bak together agen an it dident werk. D'OH!!!!!

So Daddy had to run bak an get the hire car agen. He got very angry cos they sed he cuddent jus add on extra days to the origgenol contrakt- he had to start a new hire contrakt, eevn tho they had ownly had the car reternd for 20 minits or so.

This cost mor pennys (wich meens fewer choklit peanuts) an he sed, thare is no sutch thing as customer serviss in this country. An I think I tend to agree as we dident eevn get the Bob-car bak. Pah.

The hire car we hav now is grey. This makes goin owt wiv Dilly hard werk. (Harder than yewzual.) Dilly haz this rool that if yu see a green car yu will see a grey car behind it. Well! So now she sez that cos we ar on a gray car, we shud follo a green car if we see wun.

As we liv very neer the main roades to London, Harwich an Ipswich, this meens it can tayke a long long time to get enywhare close if we hav to follo sumwun wharever we go. But the alternativ is Dilly doin a nagggg, naggggg, naggggg...... I think she gets that off Mummy.


Speekin of Mummy, she put 15 ov the cards she mayde into the Art Cafe over a week ago. They wer goin to look at them an let her kno if they will sell them. But they havent com bak to her eevn tho she haz emayled them. She is gettin worreed that they hav lost them! Oh no!!!

She haz to go into town tomorro to the hopsikol- she is gettin her bak X-rayd at larst!!!! So she sed, sheel nip into the shop an arsk them strayte. I mite go wiv her. I've seen enormuss carrot cayke in thare. I hope it's for eetin an not just an exibit.

Bye fer now!


Alex L said...

I hope its all good news for your mum Bob. I'm sure that carrot cake isnt just for display!

Bear Naked said...

You make sure that when you go to the Hospital with Mummy that you hold her hand and give her a gentle hug.

Bear((( )))

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I hope the hopsical is able to help Mummy's bad back. I really do.

An' I hope you find they're sellin' Mummy's cards in the shop. Hurry back and tell us how you went on an if you got any cake.

Cakey hugs.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


cakey hugs??

HAHAHA! Is that like wiv a jumper that's got crums all down it? Hehehe :@)


Bear Naked,

Naked Bear! Wa-hey! The Xray masheen waz fassinaytin but I kept well cleer ov it- remember wat happend to Grayum wen he went throo the xray masheen at the airport? Brrr!


Alex L,

Hullo buddy!!!! I don't THINK it waz just display, cos it waz a difrent shaype from larst time. But I still dident get eny. Grrr :@~

Amy said...

The pants frolick was fun! :) I ended up with Christmas pants! LOL

Tell them to get that car fixed ASAP!

Take good care of mummy, as TB is doing for me!