WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Day Score: 7.52687410/10


WOW! My Merrykan reeders hav all bin owt voting for a new boss-man. They hav to chooz from 2- either a guy hooz the sayme sorta culler as me (wa-hey!) or a man hooz so old his pants an soks ar haunted (wa-hey wa-heyyy!!).

I cuddent sleep so I've jus got up to see if they've sed hoo wun yet, but I think they're still not shor. Either way, given the abuv, it shud be intrestin :@D

*** *** *** *** ***

Mummy haz bizzy tryin to get herself a littol crarft space. She haz bin sortin owt a littol room that's nex dor to the kitchen. Thare iz a desk in thare an the printer/scanner. (Hey! That reminds me! Do yu remember the uther yeer, wen all us Bears wer scannin in pikchers ov our own bottoms??? HAAAAAAAAAAhahaha!!!)

Ooops I'm dygressin agen. Aha. Yes, so she has cleerd up the room an set up all her crarfty stash in thare, cleerd off the desk an put all her stamps an ribbons an stuff owt on the shelvs so she can see wat sheez got. Since then, she hassent dun enything crarfty much; sheez bin too bizzy admirin her room. Now, she sez, she needs better lites an a heater cos it gets so cold in thare.

Dilly duzzent kno how to tayke this- she likes the idea ov havin a "gerls room wiv pwinsessy ribbons an stuff" but she will miss havin lots ov glitter in the livin-room carpet.

*** *** *** *** ***

Mummy's berfday is Saterday!!!!! Me an Daddy hav sumthing grayte pland for her but I'm not allowd to say wat heer cos she will peek an sheez not allowd to kno wat it is befor Saterday. The thing itself issent taykin playce Saterday, but she carnt find owt wat an wen till then. HEHEHEHE!!!

I luv seekrits. I'm grayte at keepin them. Yu haff to be, if yor a spy. Errlier, Mummy tryd Tikkol-Torcher on me to try to get me to tell her wat we got her, but I held owt. Evenchewly she had to stoppit cos I had peed on the sofa larffin so much.

*** *** *** *** ***

Daddy cayme bak from Ireland larst Wendzday nite. Do yu remember Mulligan? He waz a Grayte Unkol ov the Windowsill Bear Famly, an he went to liv wiv Granny Ireland coz she duzz golf, an he fanseed that as a good retirement.

Well! It seems that he is havin far from a genteel time. Littol Yolanda, Daddy's neece, goze to see him offen an allways piks him up an carrys him arownd. Oh boy. Yolanda is an inkredibly pink princessy gerl. Dilly lovd her wen she met her. I'm worreed that she will try to dress Mullgan up in a ball gown or sumthing. Mummy sez that maybe he is in his secund cub-hood. That's all very well, but a pink tutu jus issent respektabol on a Bear ov his kalliber.

*** *** *** *** ***

Oh! Thare is sum cheerin on telly. Seems they think the Bob-cullerd fella may have wun! WOW! Imagin that! A Bob-cullerd man in the Wite Howse!!! Hehehe! An he haz rownd eers like a Bear, too! Hav yu notist? Hav a look nex time heez on. ROWND eers, I tell yu. Jus like a Bear!

Akchewlly he haz sum littol kids, duzzent he? Ah. Well that mite meen they hav Bears then. Bears ar offen adoptid to keep an eye on kids, yu see. WOW! Can yu imagin if they hav a Windowsill Bear Famly? An can yu imagin them all in the Oval Offiss, lookin owt the window?? Hehehee. That wud be a grayte foto, that...

Bye fer now!


Molly and Taffy said...

Hi Bob

We were up early this morning just like you waiting to see who had been elected. Feeling very sleepy now.

It all sounds very exciting in your house with your Mum moving all her crafty stuff. We suppose it will be better cos you wont have to look out for all those pins on the floor in the lounge, they reek havoc with your paws don't they?

We just cannot wait to find out what your Mummy's birthday surprise is. You will let us know wont you??

Molly and Taffy

CherryPie said...

Sounds like you have a really fun birthday surprise lined up.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Glad you are back postin Bob! I mist you!
I wonder if the new chappie is actually part bear? His initials are B.O'B. (B. O'Bear maybe?)
I think the White House windowsill would look great wiv bears on it, they could wave to the people lookin thru the railins.
Hope mummy's berfday is a grate success. Hugs.

Spauld and Ted said...

Mommy and Daddy avoided the election results all night. Two years of running for office is just too much, they say. (We couldn't care less, since they don't let teddies vote. Matter of fact, we snuckeded in and wrote in our names a bunch of times, but we didn't win?!)

The results were announced when the left coast's voting time was just ended. We guess that means Alaska and Hawaii's votes don't count at all. Anyway, "the kid" won. (Mommy is BEARY old, so thinks this new guy is still a kid. It's not the only name she calls him, but we don't understand beary big words well. She promises she is not using colorful words, so we cannot charge her money for her other names for him.)

Mommy keeps muttering the same thing over and over. We don't know what it means, 'cept she says it has to do with something the kid's Vice President said. He promised that some Peoples in the world are going to test the kid's mettle. (Yes, it's spelled that way, not m-e-t-a-l like we thought.) This will happen like it did with some REALLY OLD guy named Kennedy, who was President when Mommy was short!

So, now you know why she keeps muttering this, maybe you can help us figure out what she means. She keeps saying, "Peachy keen! JFK almost destroyed mankind when his mettle was tested. Whose lives will be destroyed simply because this guy wanted to be President?"

Do YOU know what that means? It would sound beary scary if she didn't include peaches and cream!

Now, since Spaulding is almost 9, he remembers when the last guy was President. We also hear a lot about who caused what and when, so we know what the other thing Mommy says means - kinda. "We survived JFK, Nixon, and Clinton Part 1, so we can survive this too." (She calls Mrs. Clinton, "Clinton Part 2," a'cuz Mommy knows we will have her for President some day, too.)

Our parents are not happy, but they knew they weren't happy with the BEARY OLD guy either. (Whoops! Mommy doesn't think he's all that old. Told ya, she is BEARY OLD. We sure hope your Mommy isn't 'bout to turn OLD! Axlerod, Mommy's childhood stuffed doggy, has a good solution for not getting old. He now celebrates anniversaries of his 39th birthday. He's had 4 now. Maybe your Mommy might want to do that, too.)

As for us, we're still having fun. We're trying to get Build-a-bear to make some outfits for the Teddy Olympics next January. We included our letter on our blog. Are you gonna compete, too? Our daughters want to make sure that Dilly knows it's open to all Stuffies, not just bears.

And, half of our garden is still living. We use containers, so carried in our pepper, smaller tomato plants, and Nasturtium to our unheated front porch. It hasn't hit freezing yet here though, so our flowers are still in bloom, too. We just replanted a big container with baby flower plants and seeds. We hope to have flowers throughout the winter. We've never had such a long growing season. We have fresh tomatoes and red peppers, some still on the plants! Our pea vines are beginning to bloom, too! Our gals are happy!

Will stop by again, as we slowly catch up on our blog. Don't feel guilty when you get behind. We do it most of the time. Kehehehehe

Your Abearican Buddies,
Teddy T. and Spaulding

A.Bananna said...

So..can you give us hints about your mums surprise??I bet she will love it!!

oh yes...big upset lastnight.

Sandy Kessler said...

hope Mumy gets a space almost finishe with my cards.. sandy

CHEWY said...

I like the idea of Bears in the White House.

Julie said...

I like the sound of bears in the White House too Bob. Maybe they would let you visit?

Ooh! I can't wait for Satdi to find out what your mummy's present is.

Bear Naked said...

You will have to get Mommy to take a picture of her crafty space.
Keeping secrets is very difficult for me so don't whisper what the plans are for Mommy's birthday because I will spill the beans for sure.

Bear((( )))

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Hi Bob!
Me kummin tu dee u doon!

A.Bananna said...

one more day! I wonder what you got her???

Poopsie Blue said...

First a very Happy Birthday to Mummy on Saturday.
Hope you all have a fun day together.

Now Bob, when you've a moment after the festivities I've tagged you for a fun meme called "A Snapshot of my Life!"


Stanley said...

Hey, Bobber!

First off, I have to tell you that we've been catching up on all of your news. STella can't get enough of that beefcake photo of you nekkid! She just stares at it then starts laughing! She's peed on the carpet a few times herself!

Second off, please give a boatload of juicy goober smooches to your sweet mama ~ for the healing of her back, and then throw in some goober hugs for her birthday, okay? We love her & want her to feel it!

Third off, since we missed your blogoversary and pant frolic day, we're going to have an entire weekend here in GooberStan of pant frolickin'! If I can get some photos I'll make sure you see them.

Glad you didn't go to Ireland with your daddy. I remember your kidnapping story and I'd hate to see you fall into the wrong hands. Glad your daddy made it back in one piece.

Let us know how the dragon training is going. Stella said she's willing to come over and give it a try, if you'll find her a place to stay. (I think she's just angling for a free flight to England so she can go visit her boyfriend, Taffy the Welshie.)

Goober love & smooches,

Rachelle said...

I must say my head is still reeling from your nekid picture...
I hope you didn't get reported to the blogging police!

Tell your mummy HAPPY BIRFDAY from all of us pronkin pacas in the USA!! :))
Take good care and I'll see you again soon my friend,

Ms. Creek said...

I am sooooooo glad we have a new PREZ and even GLADDER about the one that won! Gives us some HOPE that our wounded nation can heal from the past 8 years of h e double tooth picks. and i'm thinking the rest of the world is happy, too!

give your mum a happy birthday hug for me, please!