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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Singin in the rayne!!!!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: YES!!!! Weev won TWICE since I waz larst heer!!! All Hayle the lukky bloo pants!!!!
  • Simpsons: yes, an Family Guy too, wich waz kwite rood
  • Tesco: yes! I had a good ride in the trolley an wayved at the laydy at the cash till.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 20- me an Sam both got Daddy at the sayme time wa-hey!/10
  • Day Score: 7.93261/10


We had a bizzy weekend cos ferst we went to football AND WON! WA-HEYYY!!! an then we went to Granny's, whare Mummy dident get eny sleep cos Scooter-Cat darnst on her hed all nite, an then on Sunday we went to see Grand-dad.

We havent been to see Grand-dad for yeers. This is partly becos he livs so far away an partly becos the laydy he livs wiv is Mummy's Wikid Stepmuther. She duzzent hav eny sense ov hewmer an never duzz enything becos she is the sayme size as the chair she sits in an tharefor carnt moov.

Mummy handols this by bein silly wiv her dad. In fakt, we all enjoyd bein silly wiv her dad. Her dad haz sum grayte Bears, too, an they like doin silly stuff as well. All in all we all had lots ov silly fun. Heer is sum ov it- this is me an Sam darnsin wiv Granddad's singin dog-
in the bakgrownd yu can heer the cat goin mad wiv a newspayper that Mummy haz just spiket wiv catnip...

If yu cuddent play it thare, try heer!!

Heer ar sum fotoes from the day, too-

Heer we ar, meetin Salty The Saylor Bear. As yu can see, Chuck cayme too!!!We Bears soon fownd sumthing intrestin to reed-Heer Granddad is introdewsin Chuck to Cola, the wun-eyed mad poodol-

Heer Cola is sayin, "HEY! THAT DRAGON'S FROM WYOMING!!!" -Heer is Mr Pepe in mid pownce on an invisibol fiend (invisibol, but serprizingly catnippy)-
(See that cat's toze? He haz extra toze on eech foot!)

Heer is Mummy havin a larf wiv Granddad-Heer we ar havin a larf wiv Granddad-Heer is the remaynes ov the new toy we took for Cola the wun-eyed poodol- he allways goze for the eers! We hav to bring theez decoys for my sayfety!!!Time fer a groop foto an a kwik cuppa tea befor we sed goodbye!The FUNNYEST thing waz that Granddad kept sayin that Dilly lookt like a anteater! HAHAHA! Never mind, Dilly. Larst time we vizitid, he sed yu wer an ardvark, so he is jus goin throo the alfabet! HAHAHAHA!!!

Dilly haz sum pikchers sheel put on layter.
I'm offnow to arnser yor messidges from Friday. By the way, do yu prefer them in a new payge or in a pop-up? Blogger keeps chaynging it, but I can chaynge it bak if yu like!

Bye fer now!!!


Bear Naked said...

Looks like you had a marvelous time with your Granddad.
And your adventure this past Friday.
How did I miss that post of yours?
What a wonderful place to visit with all those bears up for adoption.
Today was the letter U on ABC Wednesday and I was GOING to blog about underwear but thought maybe I better not because some people might not like to read about or see photos of underwear (I think you bears in England call them underpants.)
Maybe the next time around though I will blog about underwear for the letter U.
What do you think I should do next time Bob?

Bear((( )))

Stella said...

Hey Bobby Boy! (Stanley said I better not call you that, but since we're friends I thought it couldn't hurt.)

Your mama sure looked happy having a laugh with her papa! I'm glad she didn't let the wicked stepmother keep her away from your granddad. He seems like a good egg and a definite keeper.

You would think, though, that he'd make sure he was a little better informed about his own granddragon. Still, he MUST be a good egg if he lives with a one-eyed poodle shnoodle!

Goobery love, hugs, and tiny kissies,
Stella Bean

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I LOVED the video, and your dansin!
What a cute grandad too! Glad you all had a good time.

Celebration of Life said...

Wow! Chuck got to meet Grand dad! I am sure he even enjoyed meeting Cola. I am glad that Chuck has learned to face his fears! :o)

Becky said...

What fun! I love your description of the Wikkid Stepmother - she sounds like loads of fun (NOT).

You made me laugh! Thank you - I needed that :)

Daddy said...

I've tried to explain to you before, you can't get 20 out of 10. 10 of those points were for Sam.

Julie said...

I'm glad you had a good time at Grandad's - I'm a not-wicked stepmum lol! I'm glad too that Cola didn't get any of you!

A.Bananna said...

That was so nice of you to bring chuck a long with you all! I bet he enjoyed it lots!!

A.Bananna said...
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i beati said...

you guys have the frolicin Christmasies I see!!love it - too many grouches around here.

Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

[Post by Quirky the Bear} Hey-oh Bob, you're a great dancer. I would like to take dancing lessons from you some day. Carol Jean had a black and white cat with extra toes too. (It's called being polydactyl which means extra toes, or extra digits.} The cat's name was Kidden and she lived to be 16 years old. Silly cat. She loved cat nip too. Great post, Quirky