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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Weer bak!!!



Weer bak! Horrayyyyy!!!!!!!!!

We got bak layte layte layte Therzdy nite. In fakt I think it waz mostly erly Fryday mornin. Enyway! Do yu kno, we wer in Ireland for 12 days AN IT DID NOT RAYNE!!!!!!! Arrr, tiz a mirrycoil, to be shor to be shor, eye.

Wen we got home we had a pile ov Crismoss cards to open an most ov them wer addresst to me an Dilly wich I waz very glad abowt as it meens Mummy an Daddy start to realize hooz important rownd heer. So, thanks very much, evrywun hoo sent us sum!

Daddy haz been a bit coffy for a long time an since we got home he now haz a full-blown cold, coff coff shiverry snotty, the lot. An now Mummy haz it too. She waz OK yestaday, an went into town for food an cold medsin. Then she got home an mayde sooper soop, wiv chiken an veggies an fennel an ginger an stuff. It sownds odd but waz yum. But I don't think it did her eny good, coz now SHE haz the cold bug too.

So, I am on rownd-the-clok tishoo-ishooin dewtees heer, an cud be kwite bizzy for a wile. I'm goin to sort owt all me fotoes as soon as I get a charnce an show yu lots ov good stuff, like the Crismoss puddin we had at Arnty Anna's, wich we set alite. Oh! An like the grayte truk I got for Crismoss!!!!

Meenwile, hope yu all had a good Crismoss an New Year! I'm off to see yor comments now...... sorry I dident get a charnce to blog from Ireland! I waz mostly up mowntens!!

Bye fer now!


Bear Naked said...

Welcome back Bob.
Nice to hear that you had a great time on your holidays and I can't wait to see your pictures.
Too bad that Mummy and Daddy have colds though. It's that time of the year for those nasties.

Bear((( )))

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Fank goodnes you are all bak safely wiv us! You was mist very much u no.

Hope 2009 is a grate year for us all.

Big new yar nose hug, GrannyK :o)

Julie said...

Happy New Year Bob! I hope you don't catch Daddy's cold. Well done you and Dilly for carfterin everyone and especially well done you for all the tishoo-isshooing. I'm looking forward to seeing all the mowntens. Don't forget your bloo pants tomorro for the Gills. I'm going to find mine now!

Celebration of Life said...

Welcome back, Bob!
Chuck's human sister (Lollywilly) made you a present because she feels sorry for you having to put up with two dragons. I will be sending it to you soon!
Chuck's Mawmaw

Calamity Jane said...

Welcome back my friends!

dEliRiuM said...

Welcome back Bob and family!! I hope you'll have a wonderful 2009 filled with love, joy, peace and lots of magical moments :)

Alex L said...

Glad to hear you had a nice time Bob. I had a good time aswell. Make sure you dont pick up the cold yourself.

BumbleVee said...

welcome home Bob...and a happy New Year to you too.....hope Mummy feels better soon....
My Mr. BumbleVee was totally down and out for well over a week with his cold before Christmas.....

i beati said...

Can't wait to see some holiday postings Help Daddy stay well. sandy

CherryPie said...

Welcome back, glad you had a great time :-)

Teddy and Pencil said...

Happy happy happy new year, Bob!

Stanley said...


We in GooberSTan are SO STINKIN' GLAD you're back, and that you had a bearnap-free holiday! Happy New Year, man!

Can't wait to see all of your exciting photos and hear all of you gut-busting stories from Ireland.

Please give your mama & dad some healing goober smooches from us in between all of your tissue issuin'!

Goober love & smooches,

Ms. Creek said...

I've missed you, BOB! I hope your dad gets better and it's so good of you to take on the tissue issuin' role! give my luv to chuck!

Bumpkin Bears said...

welcome home bob and Happy New Year - here's too a year of beary good adventures! Take good care of your Mum, I hope she feels better soon Hugs
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

If you want a good soup have you tried Gordon (f..ing) Ramsay's parsnip and chestnut soup what he cooked along with for Christmas? If your folks is feeling poorly you should make some for them. Yum

Stardust said...

Welcum bak Bob, an a Happy New Yeer. Me have been incredibly bizzi too! Help me thank mama fer the wunderful card that support the cancer society, I luv any movement wif dat good purpose. So I had a great Christmas, and I'm luking ferward to a happy New Year. Same to yu Bob!

CHEWY said...

Happy New Year and welcome back Bob.

T.B. Superstar said...

Hi Bob!
Me and mommy are just catching up on your blog. Hope you had a Beary Merry Christmas! Talk to you soon!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Bear Naked,

It is defnitly a narsty wun! Lukkily, we Bears seem to be imewn so far. I trust yu ar ok too??? Maybe, better keep yor fur on, huh?



Wa-hey! Thanks for yor Crismos Card! An for the nose hugs, tho if yu don't mind, I shan't pass it on. Too much snotty stuff rownd heer!


Thanks for yor Crismos Card! YAY! Thanks for the bloo pants, too! I'm shor it wud hav bin a mutch werse result if it wernt for trusty bloo pants. Eevn Mummy wor sum. She got up an dresst espeshly jus so she cud put bloo pants on!

Celebration of Life,

Hullo Chuck's Mawmaw!!! Well I'm glad sum wun realizes wat I'm goin throo! Wen can I send him bak?

Calamity Jane,

Thanks for yor Crismos Card! Nice to see yor foto agen :@}


Thank yu for all those nice wishes!! I notist yu wer followin me,btw. Thanks for that! Wa-hey! :@}

Alex L,

I'll be nippin over to catch up with yu soon as I can. Meenwile, I think we Bears ar immewne to this bug. Phew! :@}


Thanks for yor Crismos Card!!! Sorry Mr Bumblevee waz ill. Hope sum ovyor Bears ar trayned tishoo-ishooers. Or ar they too littol? Oh! Maybe they cud ishoo those littol pokkit pakkits? :@}

Hullo Sandy!

Luv the new foto!!!!
I'll do the fotoes soon as I can!
Nose hugs! :@}

HI!!!! Hey, I tryd to leev a messidge on yor blog a cuppol ov times but it kept crashin. Is it ok, or waz it just blogger, do yu think?

Teddy an Pencil,

Wa-heyy!!!! Thanks! :@}

Thanks for yor Crismos Card! An for the grayte fotoes- STINKIN grayte! HAHAHA!!! Glad yu liket yor pressie! I sor an eNORmoss Goober in Ireland an got a foto ov him! Carnt wayte to show yu! :@}

Ms Creek,
I've mist my blogger buddys, too. I'd hoped to blog from Ireland but it dident werk owt. Hey ho! Never mind. Chuck got yu sum mor salt an pepper pots! :@}

Bumpkin Bears,
Thanks for yor Crismos Card! I waz lookin at it agen today cos we took them all down an put them in a box. I waz seperaytin owt all the wuns wiv Bears on. I'm gonna tayke a big foto ov them!

Hullo my littol incognito cheffy frend! I hav dun parsnip soop, wiv blak pepper, but chestnut too? Hmmm... sownds like wun a Bear mite like, that. Thanks! :@}

Hullo Stardust!!!
I luvd the card yu mayde wiv the pik ov me an Dilly on it! Now that we hav tayken the cards down I am goin to frame yors! Glad yu liket ours! :@}

Thanks! Nose hugs!

I waz worreed abot yu!
I herd that yor Ma had to moov howse, an I waz scared that yu'd been put in a box! I'm glad to see yor owt an abowt!! Now yu hav to find ware she pakt the pants! Wa-hey! :@}

Ted, Spauld and Phil said...

Thank you so much! You ack-chul-lee fine-earl-lee reminded our Mommy to give Daddy Christmas presents made by our sons! Our sons made herb wreaths last October 19th, so they'd dry out by Christmas, and could be used for chicken soup! Daddy just got his other Christmas present from them! Kehehehehe

Mommy is useful for other things though. She wants us to tell you about something called "Mucinex." It is as bad as it sounds - medicine that's good for getting nasty, goopee stuff outta the lungs of sick Peoples! (We're so glad we don't get tissue issuing duties - that stuff makes us back away quickly! Ewwwwwwwww)

We didn't know Ireland ever had rainless days. It must be a very odd miracle! Did you get to poke nephews with your stick?! Glad your home and hope your parents recover.

We're still catching up on our journal, but getting closer and closer to our exciting news! Not gonna tell, but he wants to sign his name with us, so maybe you can guess. Kehehehehe

Your Exciteddy Abearican Buddies,
Teddy T., Spaulding T. and Phil T. Bear