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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chop chop bizzy bizzy werk werk bang bang.


Good Lor!! I dident blog all week! Well that jus shows how bizzy I've bin! Er... yes. Sorry bowt that. I carnt reelly stop now to catch up, iver, as we hav to leev the howse at 6 to go catch a playne. Weer off to Ireland!!!!!

I'm a tad nervuss, but I'm goin armd wiv a poynty stik this time an a beerd (see pic, abuv) for a cunnin disgize. I intend to keep a low-ish profile. If I spot eny ov the herd ov nephews comin neer, I shall be reddy for them this time. Ho yes! No mor bear-nappin, thank yu very mutch! Enyway, Sam is comin wiv me, an heez well hard.

Chuck is comin too, heez never bin to Ireland, but we rekkon he mite hav a bit ov oirish in 'im as he haz a gingery bit on the end ov his tayle.

Well, I'll be shufflin off then. I'll be online over thare tho (they hav lektrissity an evrything over thare now!) so I shall be nippin in an chekkin on watcha all up to, an puttin in a few photo's ov stuff, an that sorta thing. Now I hav to go an pak.... hav a good wun, evrywun!!!!

Bye fer now!


CherryPie said...

Have a good flight :-)

Celebration of Life said...

Have a good trip and a very merry Christmas in Ireland, Bob. Please keep a big brother bear eye on Chuck for me. I am sure he will be good but can I count on you to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid? Thanks Bob!
Chuck's Mawmaw,

Julie said...

Ooh Bob I like your disgyze! You keep that Sam near you at all times, you don't want any of that bear-nappin goin on.

Have a lovely Irish Crissmoss and be nice to Dilly. xx

Alex L said...

Have a great time Bob, and don't get bearnapped again. I hope mum and dad have a good trip to, Merry Christmas.

Bumpkin Bears said...

have a gweat Cwistmas Bob :) I wuv Ireland, I'm part Irish so I guess my bears are too, Have yourself a beary merry christmas, Catherine x

i beati said...

Many adventures await me from Ireland - Have a blessed but adventurous Christmas Bob and see that Mum doesn't eat all the choklit. I posted a pic for her Dec 22 sandy

Stanley said...


I almost hate to say this to you, you being a spy bear and all, but DO BE CAREFUL! I know that those nephews are a different class from the bad guys with which you usually have to tangle, but don't be afraid of hurting them. They're tough. (I've been around a few of their type before.)

Remember that you do ferocious, AND you know karate! Ai-HAH!

Love your disguise.

Goober love,

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Have a great Christmas Bob and everyone! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Merry Hugs, Lynda and the Bears

Scala said...

Hi Bob....
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Portugal

Spaulding T, and Teddy T. Bear said...

Mary Krismus! We dont no how it werkz, but somewon namd Father Krismus vizitz dat side ov da oshun, Peoples on dis side getz Santa Klaus, but we Stuffies get Santa Paws. Santa and Sandy Paws live wif us, and sah dey vizit allllll Stuffies, so, dont be surprizd ifn ewe you getz prezants frum him, 2!

We hopez to katch up a bit on owr blog derin the holadays, but haf addeded our kard 2 da top for all hoo vizit! Haf fun in Eye-er-lin, and hope you poke sum nefews!

Ur Abearican Holiday Buddies,
Ted and Spauld

Bear Naked said...

Merry Christmas Bob from my blog to your blog.

Bear((( )))

Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

{Post by Quirky The Bear} Hey-Oh, Bob! I love your disquise. Your trip to Ireland sounds Loverly. Carol Jean has Irish blood from three of her grandparents, so she feels more Irish than American. She says to tell you she wishes she could tag along. We're all looking forward to seeing some lovely green photos. Do they have much snow there this time of year? We are covered with the stuff. I've been helping out at our blog, The Teddy Bear Diaries, decorating for Christmas. All of us bears, and Carol Jean, want to wish all of you folks a Very Merry Christmas! Have a Great One, and A Wonderful New Year ahead! ~Quirky The Bear~

Ms. Creek said...

Have a great trip to Ireland, have fun with Chuck and give yourself a huge holiday hug for me!

Poopsie Blue said...

Christmas Greetings from my HUG & me!
Hope the honey's flowing...

Mary said...


A.Bananna said...

Hope you had a great Christmas!!

Ms. Creek said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR bob, please tell chuck, too!

Asta said...

I suwe hope youw twip to Iweland was full of fun and you managed to outsmawt the nephewses.
I wish you and youw family a tewwific fwolicking NewYeaw!
smoochie kisses
to all of you

Molly and Taffy said...

Popping in to wish you a very Happy New Year Bob.

Hope you survived Ireland!

Molly and Taffy

Stanley said...


Happy Happy new year, man!

And... your package CAME and it is FABULOUSLY GOOBERIFIC! We'll be posting about it soon (I want to make sure you'll be able to read about the mini goober and how he's doing)!

Goober love,

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Wa-heyyy!!!!!!! WOW! So meny nice messidges! Thanks, evrybody! It's reelly nice to see so meny peepol leevin a messidge. It maykes me beads go all warm an fuzzy feelin. Teehehehee...