WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The nonsense ov wagons

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score:7, but I'm shor Sam cheetid /10
  • Day Score: 7/10


I'm jus poppin in to tell yu abowt the kind ov nonsensicall nonsense that I hav to put up wiv rownd heer. (Onnistly, I'm a Bear ov hi kalliber an a fully traynd spy graduate from the Federayshun ov Internashnul Furry Agents (FIFA) an yu wud expekt that I wud be spared sutch nonsense as wat wagons get up to.)


Enyway! Today is St George's day heer in England, an he is the paytron saynte. If yu kno abowt St Patrik's day, well wat St Patrik's iz for Ireland, St George's day iz for England. Exsept wivowt the paraydes, the beer, the greenness evryware (exspet rownd heer) an the peepol dresst up as hippy green elfs smokin pipes an wearin mad clover-shaypet hats.

BUT!!! It is ALSO Dilly's berfday.
If yu reed her blog (an if yu do yu oviossly hav too mutch time on yor hands) then yu will hav spottid sumthing odd abowt this- in that it waz ALSO her berfday a few weeks ago. So how duzz she mannidge this then? Well, becos she is Dilly, that's how.

Yu see, the Kween haz 2 berfdays- she haz her reel berfday, wen she waz born, and then she haz her offishul berfday, wich is wen they hav offishul sellybrayshuns and stuff. No matter hoo the kween or king is, that offishul berfday duzzent chaynge. But oviussly, their reel berfday duzz. So they end up wiv 2. This meens our Kween is akchewly approachin 180 yeers old. An now that yu kno that, yu can see she reelly duzzent look as bad for her age as yu ferst thort, duzz she?

So enyway, Dilly haz 2 berfdays too. She had her reel berfday a few weeks ago an she haz her offishul berfday on St George's Day. Wich meens she gets 2 berfday teas an 2 lots ov pressents.

I did arsk Mummy wy this shud be, an Mummy splaynd that Dilly jus likes the number 2. In fakt she carnt cownt hier than 2, so it duzzent reelly matter how menny berfdays she haz. So I told Mummy that I kwite liket the number oooo, I don't kno, how abowt number 49? Yes, 49 haz allways been a grayte number in my books. So can I hav 49 berfdays a yeer? No. Dident think so. Pah!

Nip over to her blog an see wat prezzies she got, if yu like. But remember, yu will never get thoze minits bak!! Heer is a canny croco-dragon compass I bort her, for wen sheez navvygayting for Daddy in the car. Let's fayce it, the better she gets at that, the mor I can sit bak an enjoy the view, an cownt the bunnys in the feeld.

Bye fer now!!


CherryPie said...

I think I will stick with just the one birthday, I don't want to get to much older... I think I would like to take a few year off ;-)

Ms. Creek said...

the queen does look very good for her age!

and 49 is a fine number of birthdays! are you going to pick the days and let us know so we can send you birthday greetings 49 times a year?

Ms. Creek said...

btw, i laugh every time i go to koobie's blog and see all the little pictures of her followers. they are all dogs except yours!

i beati said...

It seems you've made the gift into a kind of muzzle hmnnnn sandy

imac said...

ewo Bob, Bob shud av 2 birfdays 2.

Fancy A give-away? then pop to

Julie said...

I think 49 berfdayis a good idea espeshly if you only get older on one berfday a year!

Joe Stains said...

We totally checked out Dilly's birthday fun, even her flying movie! You guys sure do know how to have fun over there!

Ted, Phil, and Spauld said...

Hi, Bob! ltns, but that's on us! We've been trying to make a new blog, but the instructions make no sense. Anyways, just stopped by to say, "Hi," got reading your entry, and gotta ask - are you sure Dilly only has two birthdays? Seems like she or George are always having birthdays! Just saying!

Your Abearican Buddies,
Spauld, Ted and Phill

Alex L said...

Happy birthday to Dilly. Your mums feeling better now isn't she?

Life With Dogs said...

I like the sound of sitting back and counting bunnies. Where do I sign up? :)