WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pantayshus advice.

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no: em, hope theyer doin a bit ov trayning
  • Simpsons: yes: Lisa waz eevn mor luvly than yewzal!
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: Grayum sed he got me an he dident. I sor him comin. I did. So thare. He dident get 10/10. He did not. It waz NOT a serprize at all. I knew he waz thare. So thare. So. Gayme serspendid dew to serten silly persons not gettin the rool, naymely, that yu hav to mayke sumwun jump. If they wer just abowt to jump enyway it duzzent cownt.
  • Day Score: 7ish/10


Hehehe!! Bumblevee haz sent me sum grayte pant fotoes! Looks like the Bears at her howse hav grayte fun! Hehehe!!! Carnt wayte for Munday's gallery. Don't ferget to send yor pik in!!!! Heer's my emayle agen.

Meenwile, heer is a pantayshus funny that all yu workers owt thare mite like to mayke a note ov. It mite come in handy in the fewtcher if yu ever want an extra day off:

Akchewlly, underpants-too-looseness is kwite a dayngeruss condishun. Did I ever tell yu wat happend to Daddy in the Tesco carpark wun day????

-The elastik on his underpants was reelly loose, an just as we got owt ov the car it finerly gayve up the goste an releest the sed pants on a slow but shor deesent. BUT! Daddy, ov corse, waz warin trowzers. So! The pants crept downwards as far as they cud, then they met up wiv the crotch area. Now, yu'd think that that's ware they wud stay, wuddent yu? But no! They wer enjoyin their littol advencher so mutch, they deesided to leev just their gussety bit thare, an let the wings carry on down eech leg. Evenchewly they got up sutch a momentum that Daddy's trowzers wer bein tugged downward as well.

I cannot begin to describe wat this tern ov events did to Daddy's walk. Think Charlie Chaplin wiv hemmeroydes, warin flippers an walkin throo thick snow.

But still, Daddy faythfully continewd wiv our trip rownd the shop. He brayvely held on to the shopping trolley an did the best he cud. All went reesonbly well, all things -an pants- considerd, till he told Mummy abowt wat waz happenin. At that poynt we had to call it a nite an come bak home, coz she cuddent stop giggling.

Kwestchun: Hav yor underpants ever let yu down??? If so I'd lov to heer abowt it. All in the nayme ov syentiffik reeserch, yu understand!!! Wa-hey!

Bye fer now!


Stardust said...


I HAD loose pants experence! I didn't noe it till I was runnin down the street, holding a cone at hand. An it was awful cos I cudn't hold dem, an I had to run to get the icecreem to anuther. Good thing I waz wearin jeens, not skirt!! =P

P/S: I wuldn't tuch the feeld too if there's buttercups. =) As for 'Sakura', it means 'Cherry Blossom' in Japanees, the most loved flowr of de nashun.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Wa-heyyy! That's so funny! Hehehe!!! Hope the ice creem waz werth the panik! :@}

imac said...

ello Bob, not shor if Dorothy would be amused at Pantis fallen dune.lol
Visit http://imac-photsfromthemindseye to see Dorathy arrive at Grantham.

Shrinky said...

Oh that is too funny! It reminds me of My Aunt Elsie - she was a big woman. Her knicker elastic went when she was in the middle of town, but she always carried a safety pin in her bag. She sidled up behind a parked lorry and fixed 'em - it wasn't until she was rearranging her skirts that a voice called out from the window of the driver's cab, "Are you done Missus? Can I go now?"


BumbleVee said...

Mine have never really "let me down", like...but, a spare pair did make an unexpected appearance and that could have been reeeelly embarrassing if I had gotten further than the driveway.....

I was in a hurry...put on my panties..... hopped into some slacks ..put on my shoes and off I went... then, noticed something in my pantleg was bulky and as I sort of smoothed it ... all of a sudden out dropped a pair of panties...yikes!! they got stuck in there in the wash I guess.....but, why didn't I notice they before that?.. All I can say is thank goodness they didn't wait til I was pushing my trolley to do that...ohhhhh... how would I ever have shown my face again in that shop!

Ms. Creek said...

do you have a crush on LISA from Simpsons?

Sassy Kat said...

Looks like your birthday is getting close, you mention 6 more days. Are you going to have a party? How old will you be????

ps: I am glad that you liked the show. If you are wanting to see more there will be a CCSI marathon this weekend. Also there will be free popcorn, soda pop, and a gift for you to take home with you when you leave. It starts Saturday!

i beati said...

That is hilarious and wish it were true for me ..sandy