WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Monday, June 15, 2009

Taykin Dorothy to Granny's

Weekend's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: yes: took Dorothy on her ferst ride on a shoppin trolley. She liket it. Her fayvrit part ov the shop waz ware the biskits ar, wich she calls cookies.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10! Still hav to teech Dorothy this gayme/10
  • Overall Score: 8/10


The weekend waz grayte!
It waz very hot an at ferst it waz too hot for us to sit up frunt in the car. So heer we ar, all strappt in in the bak. Henri is in the foto cos he waz goin home to Granny's.On the way to Granny's thare waz a big traffik jam. At ferst Dorothy thort this ment taysty snaks, so I had to explain to her that it ment sittin in traffik watchin the heat-monitor on the dashbord cos Daddy's car overheats if it has to sit a long time an then it goze smokey.

Then Daddy had a grayte idea- "Let's just go up that roade over thare an see whare it goze!" he sed. An we endid up at Brentfords Park. It is 215 acres of grassland an woods. Dorothy waz pleezd to see the woods.
We went runnin rownd an rownd an playd Hide-An-Seek-Der-Bear! Heer Mummy cort us on camra just as we wer runnin past her:We rang Granny to say we wud be layte, an stoppt thare for tea...The park waz on a hill an yu cud see London from it. Heer Dorothy is lookin at the Millenium Dome in London. I hav drorn an arro poyntin to it.

We went for a walk a spottid sum deer. Yu can jus see them in the field behind us heer...Heer they ar!Dorothy arskt if peepol huntid them.
No! No! No! Thare is no huntin, heer!
She waz relleevd. "Not eevn Bears?" she arskt.
No, ESPESHLY not Bears, I told her.Inside the visitor sentor they had a hive full ov beez. It waz all behind glass so yu cud see them! We Bears find beez fassinaytin. Bears like beez cos they mayke our hunny.We wunderd how they get in! Then we spottid this tewb, leedin from owtside to the hive! Yu can see the beez' bellys!They had uther stuff too. Like theez tadpoles. Mummy rekkons theez gro into frogs! She maykes me larff sumtimes!!!Look at the size ov this cone, Stanley! I bet yu'd like to chew that!Dilly waz mostly intrestid in the exampols ov berd nests they had:We herd on the raydio that the traffik jam had cleerd, so we got bak to drivin to Granny's.
To get to Granny's howse we hav to go over 2 bridges.
Heer is Dorothy watchin as we go over the ferst bridge, the Queen Elizabeth 2nd bridge, at Dartford:Heer we ar comin up to the secund bridge, the Sheppey Crossing:Heer we ar goin over the bridge an that land in frunt is the Isle ov Sheppey, whare Granny livs:It waz very hot an Dilly gayve up navvygaytin an startid barskin insted:Wen we got to Granny's Dorothy fownd Miss Fluffy sleepin under a chair cover. She waz a bit confewzd. She sed sheed never seen a hedless cat befor:Thare wer lots ov Bears at Granny's to meet an Dorothy had sum grayte chattin:This is Bean. He's ralaytid to Mr bean's Bear.Granny had sum speshly Bear sized tarts for us. I choze coconut an Dorothy had treacle. YUM!On Sunday Mummy cookt dinner for evrywun. We had chikn casseroll, bayked swede an dumplings. Skrum!I showd Dorothy the hat that Unkol Roy had sent from Mexico. Unkol Roy is werkin thare, as a teecher. He gayve Granny this sooveneer but it's too small for her. It generally fits Bears, tho, an Dorothy tryd it on:Dilly showd Dorothy rownd Granny's garden. She sez she wil put her own fotoes on her blog layter abowt it. Meenwile heer they ar spyin on Mr Scooter from behind the tomato plarnt:Heer they ar waytin for berds to come an eet from the berd feeders in the tree:Wen we got home we rememberd that wun ov Daddy's neffews haz a berfday this week, an we need to send a card.
Mummy arskt me to chooz owt ov lots ov a box ov cards that sheez mayde. I choze this wun:
Dorothy agreed that the cat on the card duzz hav sum exslent pants. I wonder if I cud get her intrestid in a good pant frolik???

Mummy sez we shud try to teech Dorothy abowt the histry ov our town but I rekkon sheel get enuff lessons on her travels an wat she cud reelly do wiv is a good frolik!

I haff to go now cos it haz gon dark an is startin to thunder an so we Bears need to get upstairs to the pant cubberd er... I meen Thunder Shelter. Wich is ware brayve peepol go wen it thunders if they don't like thunder. But eevn tho they don't like it they ar still brayve. If yu wer never scared ov sumthing how wud yu kno yu wer brayve? See? So if yu don't like thunder it duzzent DUZZENT meen yor not brayve. An I am brayve enyway cos I'm a Bear.

Bye fer now!


Julie said...

We have had thunder here today too :o( and now I know I must be brayve too becos I am scared of thunder and lightning!

Wow, you had a lovely visit to Granny's with Dorothy. She is learning loads with you and Dilly

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wow Bob! You have had a very intrestin' weekend sure enuff and all that food looks de-lish, it's making me hungry! Nose hugs all round. GrannyK

chicamom85 said...

Holy cow, you had a big day. First thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad to know I am not alone on the whole thunderstorm thing. Have a great day and next time can you share some of that food?

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Feronia said...

Looks like you all had a great weekend, Bob! PS All the bears here have a special thunder shelter under the bed.

i beati said...

Glad you guys are all seat belted intogether. Glad you had such fun and the great pictures.. Remind m,ommy that I need a supply of birthday cards and everyday cards..tell me when she's ready and I shall send the money ok??Cheer sDorothy

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey Bob! We are home from our holidays! The Duck has started his own blog so when things are quiet he may travel down and spend a couple of days with you when he gets bored!

Stardust said...

Now arn't yu kids havin a grayte time! ;) Thunder shelter is nice, I wish I have wun too.

I remember Dorothy by her jacket! Chic!

Have fun at granny's!

Stanley said...


Boy, I have missed you, man! My girl is one lazy hooman to not get me around to all my friends in a more timely manner. You have definitely been one busy bear.

Thanks for showing off that pinecone. It's not pincone season here and so seeing one on your blog is the next best thing to having one to chew.

I can't believe I've never met Dorothy before, seeing as she's from Kansas and all (and Kansas is right next to GooberStan). I bet she'll have all kinds of things to write about in her journal while she's visiting. Any chance she'd be willing to show us some of the things she's recording there, or maybe give us a reading from her journal?

Hope you had fun at Granny's house. Did Dorothy ever solve the mystery of the headless cat?

Goober love & smooches,

Dreadnaught said...

Hey Bob

Any plans for a facebook page?

Big nose hugs..


Ms. Creek said...

BOB! What a great blog and stuffed FULL of very interesting things for Dorothy to do and see! Mr. Scooter looks just like my black kittie and my other kittie...George Dog the Cat is scared of thunder, too. I loved seeing the deer and the tummy of the honey bees! and the bridges are really cool! your deer look a lot like ours and good thing they aren't hunted! what part of this day did dorothy like best? the tarts? the dumplings? yum.

Shrinky said...

Wow, Dorothy must be having the time of her life! I loved the photo's. Brentford's mention made me smile - hubby was born in Essex and his nearest footie team his dad and him followed were "The Nylon's" (Brentford). He took me there to watch them play once (they lost). Smile.

Rosey Pollen said...

How fun for you to visit Granny! And So glad you wear a seatbelt! That hunny looks yummy!

Alex L said...

Sounds like you were really busy Bob. And we know you're still brave.

The Duck said...

Hiya Bob!
Travelling in a car looks warmer than on the back of a motorbike! lol!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Yeah jus cos yu ar scared it's ok yu ar still brayve cos if yu wernt scared how wud yu NEED to be brayve?

An yeah, Dorothy is lernin loades. Sheez gonna miss me.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


It's allways a good bet for yummy grub, is Granny's howse!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Wer thare anuther 84 ov yu?

I shall go an see yor blog agen soon. Just as soon as I've finisht trimmin my toe nails. (They ar startin to get cort on the keypad).

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Under the bed is a good palyce too, but it's a bit dusty under the beds in this howse an I don't like gettin dust on me ferr cos Mummy starts talkin abowt barths.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mrs Nesbitt,

Ahhh it's so nice to see the goose pikcher agen! I hope yu had fun at the TT rayces!

Arnt yu scared that Jo will get jellus if the duk gets his own blog?

(Is Duck a gerl or a boy?)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Oh I think she tryd to contakt yu abowt that. I'll tell her to do it agen. She wants to kno wat sort ov cards yu'd like and then sheez goin to mayke them speshly. :@}

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


yes it's an exslent jakkit that Julie mayde her. I rekkon she rememberd that bloo waz my fayvrit culler!

Don't yu hav a large cubberd that cud be yor thunder shelter?

Miss Fluffy yewst to run owtside an up a tree wen she herd thunder, but I don't recomend that.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I'm not shor if she ever did solve the hedless cat mistry as Miss Fluffy spent most ov the weekend under thare!

I'm glad yu liket the cone. I knew yu wud. I rememberd how yu like to chew them, tho I do worry that it'll choke yu.

My hewmans get in the way ov me blogging an vizitin too! Theyer pritty yewsless as a speesheez, arnt they?


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Hullo! I havent seen yu for aiges! Hehe!

As for Facebook, I don't think so.

Mummy had wun for abowt 10 days an then deleetid it. She jus dident hav time to it. She sed she preferd to yewz her time on her blog.

I think I wuddent hav time for both iver. I reelly shud blog mor offen. If I had a facebook paige I wud hav to mutch to do. Wat wiv all my uther sponsibiltys, like spying, tishoo ishooin, etc.

Sayme wiv Twitter, wich Mummy duzzent eevn understand yet, so I wuddent eevn get eny help wiv that wun!

But thanks for arskin!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...



Wy wer Brentford calld the nylons? Did they hav stokkins on theyer heds from robbin banks?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Rosey Pollen,

Yor nayme sergests that yu mite kno alot abowt bees an hunny :@}

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Alex L

THANK YU! I kno I can allways cownt on yu for a vote ov confidence!