WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dorothy at skool


Az promist, heer ar sum fotoes from wen Daddy took Dorothy to skool wiv him.

Daddy is a supply teecher, wich meens he covers for uther teechers wen they ar away. This meens he goze to lots ov diffrent skools an can be in a diffrent playse eech day ov the week. But for the larst cuppol ov munths he has been at the sayme playce wunce a week an that playce is calld Earls Colne Skool. An so cos he goze thare most ov all, he desydid to tayke Dorothy to this wun.

Dorothy waz a bit overwelmd as it haz 420 children in it, an she sez her whole town ownly haz 400 peepol in it! But she soon settold down an had a good day.

I carnt show fotoes ov the kiddies so heer is Dorothy in an Art Class wiv a hedless boy calld Callum:
Heer she is wiv the Class Mascot, Roo:
The children helpt her mayke postcards to send bak to kansas.
Sum ov thayer drawrins ov Dorothy wer reelly good!
Well we hav to help her get pakt today, an send her off to Scotland tomorro.....
But do yu remember wen she ferst arrived, we plarntid sum flowers for her? Well look! The flowers hav come owt this weekend!We reelly hopet they wud come owt befor she left an they did!
(Dilly keeps poyntin owt that the plarnt I pooed on hassent flowerd yet an the wun I dident poo on haz. But it just meens that that wun is strong an taykin it slow. It'll soon be best ov all, yool see.)

I don't kno wether to spend all day wiv Dorothy or not. If I spend all day wiv her then maybe I will be sadder wen she goze cos I will miss her but if I don't spend all day wiv her I mite regret it wen sheez gon. Wat's a Bear to do? I rekkon we shud all jus go an hav a good pant frolik. Yeah! If in dowt, hav a frolik.
Bye for now!


Denise said...

I love Dorothy, love your posts, love your blog :))) Have a wonderful week ahead.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

THank yu, Denise! I was just enjoyin yor blog, wiv yor brillyent fotoes!


Julie said...

I love all the postcards the chidren made from Dorothy. They did grayte drorwings :-) HOw grayte that your snapdragens flowerd. I knew that poo wouldn't do any good hehehe.

CherryPie said...

Sounds like she had a fun day at school :-) and she is going off on another adventure.

Jackie said...

Tell your daddy I have nothing but the deepest respect for him. I used to be a supply teacher. There were no bears in my schools. I must have picked the wrong schools.

chicamom85 said...

I am going to miss Dorothy, I hope she has a safe journey. Be strong Bob and do spend as much time as you can with her. I don't think you will regret it.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Bob, i've enjoyed reading about Dorothy's adventures and specially the darnsin to the band in the park, and now Dorothy the Artist's model. Wow! I bet she's got plenty to tell em when she eventually gets home. Try not to be too sad when Dorothy has to leave, maybe she'll visit you again sometime soon. Hope so! Nose hugs, Lynda

Lori said...

These are WONDERFUL!!!
We so look forward to receiving the postcards and reading them all once school resumes. Thank you so much!!!

Asta said...

Sowwy I've been awol again fow a while..it's all Mmommi's fault of couwse..can't wely on some hoomans..anyway, I think dowothy was pwetty dazzled by all those childwen, but towawds the end she seems to have cleawly won them ovew. She's lovely. I'm glad you had a big pant fwolick, that way thewe is nothing to wegwet.
Smoochie kisses
pee ess I'm suwe youw flowew will be pawfect

The Duck said...

Oh wow Bob! Hey, what great artists the kids are!
Do you ever go away for a holiday? You could come and stay with us for a few days if you wanted to! You could come out with me on the motorbike! I know you like Whitby so do check out my post today! Think about having a little break here! You'd be very welcome. We have a spare bed.

Feronia said...

Bob, you've done such a brilliant job in helping Dorothy to have a happy stay with you! Bye Dorothy - wishing you more great adventures and safe travels!!

Ms. Creek said...

spend the day with her....better to miss her than to regret not being with her! you can think about the fun things you do!

Textile Art Showcase said...

Reading your blog is just such a treat and always makes me laugh. Hope Dorothy has a safe journey and that Bob doesn't miss her too much!

Sandy Kessler said...

Flowers loook great . I know one thing You are sweet on Dorothy !!Sandy

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Thank yu for all yor messidges evrybody! I feel a bit odd since Dorothy left. Like I swallowd a hevy brik. I hope I'm not catchin a cold or sumthing.