WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Presents from Chuck!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: Yes! We had a pre-seezon frendly gayme in France. Daddy an me dident go. He sed it waz too far to drive. P'ah! Calls himself a loyal fan???
  • Simpsons:yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10! HAHAHA! Got LBBBJ /10
  • Overall Score: 7.865/10

We had a serprize yesterday wen the Postman brort us sumthing from Wyoming! Look! It's from Chuck! He did a pawtrayte ov me! Hehehe! Issent it grayte???He rote me a messidge inside:Aw, that's ok, Chuck! Hehe!

He also did wun ov Dilly:(She went all silly arfter that.)

The cards cayme in a big box ov stuff:Lots ov pressies inside!
This wun for Dilly-
I like the drorin that Chuck did ov himself!It waz lots ov littol cups.
Dilly sez she can hav tea partys now, in her carsol.Thare wer things for Mummy, too:This is for puttin hot pans on wen sheez cookin.
It sez that Wyoming is calld "The Cowboy State".
Yeeeharr!!!!!!He also sent Mummy a new magnet for the fridge dor, so she can hang mor ov my grayte artwerk on it:Thare waz a book for Daddy. It's grayte. It's all abowt ware Chuck livs in Merryka, an it eevn haz picshers ov Bears in it!See that big hill thing on the frunt cover? He sent a minacher wun to Mummy. She sez it's a thimbol. But I think it lookslike that hill:Hey, is this the weird hill that that man mayde owt ov masht potato in Close Encownters???
I rekkon it is, or if not it looks a lot like it!! Better keep an eye on the vegetabols rownd heer...

Heer's my present!It haz a Bear on it, eetin hunny! Wa-heyy!!!
It's fer puttin pens in....................... but I pertendid that I thort it waz a toylet an shokt Dilly! HEHEHE!HAHAHAHA!!!!!!Don't worry I dident reelly. I took sum pensils owt ov my uther pot an put sum into my new wun rite away:AND! AND AND AND! Auther Bear! Look! This is from Chuck's cuzzin Lolly,Look! He haz a tayle! HAHAHA!Arnt they grayte presents?!

I put my card next to Daddy's. He got lots ov cards from children wen skool endid. They sed thankyu for teechin them an lots ov them gayve him boxes ov choklits too. An ORFUL LOT ov choklit, akchewly, so weev all be helpin him to deel wiv thoze.WOW! Wat a grayte serprize it waz! THANK YU,CHUCK!!!!!!!! It waz grayte to heer from yu an yor pawtrayte ov me is ace!

It all corzd a tempry truce in the marshmallow cannonball bombardment from Dilly's carsol. We Bears ar gettin a bit fed up ov that, to be onnist, eevn Sam, eevn tho he just eets the cannonballs.

Cowntermezzurs ar in plannin stayge....

Bye fer now!


Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Mee doh happeee u gotz duh pakug an u yikez aw duh duff me an mawmaw pakt! Mee miz ah ov u an hop u hav yotz ov fun an memohweez ov me!

DILLY said...

Nor, Dilly think Bob reelly do poo in pot.
Bob not abol help self.

Hewo, Chuck!


lolly said...

I'm glad you liked the bear I made you! The tail was my own idea. The pattern didn't call for one, but have you ever seen a bear with out a tail??? I think not! Hope he fits in with your clan...by the way...have you named him yet? Or is it a "she?" I don't know those kinds of things about bears. Let me know!

p.s. I am Chuck's sister, not cousin.

A.Bananna said...

that is so cool that chuck sent you all of that stuff! how sweet!!! Chuck is very thoughtful!

I think bob pooed too!

Feronia said...

Wow! You did pretty well there, Bob! What a nice bear Chuck is!

Anonymous said...

Chuck is a great artist. Perfect likenesses of you and Dilly. Lolly made a great bear too! Nice pressies from Wyoming.

Ms. Creek said...

wow! it can't get much better than that...or can it?????

chicamom85 said...

You got some really cool pressies. The picture of you is a very good likeness. Giggle I thought you were gonna go potty in your new pen holder. That made me laugh. Thank you for sharing that .

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Orso Bear, Esq said...

Some fine art works there. But I think we need to see a picture of the inside of that pot to confirm that you did restrain yourself as you claimed. I have heard rumours to the contrary.

Joe Stains said...

Chuck is a very talented friend, those cards are great. Wyoming is definitely a cowboy state, Dad wants to visit there sometime soon. We laughed at your toilet jokes, but Mom said boys always laugh at toilet jokes.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yeah it waz kwite fun wen yu wer heer Chuck! Thanks for awl yor presents!


It is an exslent peece ov Bear art! I'm sorry I calld yu Chuck's cuzzin. I find that peepol ar less offendid if I don't assewme they ar closely relaytid to dragons.

I did NOT!

Chuck is a not-a-bear. In fakt, heez a dragon. An green. (Werst tipe.) Hehe!

Hey yu chaynged yor photo agen!

Ms Creek,
Yeah it can, wiv choklit peanuts :@}

Thank yu for the liks an sniffs agen they allways tikkol! HEHE! No I dident reelly go poo. Temptin but my shorts wer still up. HAHA!

Yu shudent beleev evrything yu heer yu kno! HEHEHE!

Joe Stains,
yeah that's cos we hav the best sense ov hewmor! HAHA!